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    There's a huge storm right now where I live, its awesome.....like a winter wonderland!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8QZo4mybGA
  3. [quote name='JLP wrote: TSA']From hockeyleaks.com: Hockeyleaks.com has learned that a solution is pending in the Tampa Bay ownership situation, and that a new owner / co-owner will be announced sometime in the very near future. While I don't have exact names, it is said to be a very wealthy individual from the Boston area. Hmm...so, are you planning to move the team? From reading the article about the team being sold, It sound to me like the new owner is going to try to keep them in Tampa.
  4. Keep this in mind. If Rob doesn't retire and the team keeps him on the roster, than he's taking up, not only salary, but a spot that could be used for a number of reasons (developing a prospect, acquiring a suitable replacement, etc.). This is something that Rob should consider when thinking about retiring. Even if he feels up to playing, it would be selfish to occupy a roster spot when he's not playing the way he used to.
  5. I have to admit, I'm fairly surprised as to how well Leighton is playing in Philly. He's helped to put the team on a hot streak. Looks like Boucher's days as a flyer may be over.
  6. IMO, it's too early to make a statement like this. Yeah, changes will be made, and maybe a lot of them. But there is still half of a season left. I'm not saying that they're gonna make the playoffs, but 50% of the team is a big shake up.
  7. The McFarlane figures are AWESOME! They are a great collectors piece and look AMAZING. He really does great work.
  8. You people really don't understand how this CBA stuff works. 2 way contract means you get paid a certain amount for playing in the NHL and a different amount at the AHL level. 2 way also means that you DON'T have to clear waivers when going back and fourth between the AHL and NHL. On the other hand, if a player is on a 1 way deal, he gets paid the same amount of money no matter where he plays, and MUST CLEAR WAIVERS in order to go from AHL to NHL and back. If Leightonen clears waivers, he is expected to report to the AHL.
  9. Anytime firing the coach is suggested, my question is always.....Who would you suggest Maurice's replacement should be? Francis, AHL coach, Ted Nolan, someone else? No point in talking about firing Maurice, unless there is a viable replacement in mind.
  10. I mean, yeah, we're not statistically out of the playoffs yet. But that will only last so long. If we don't turn it around before the Olympic break, which is unlikely, we don't really have a realistic chance. When I say turn around, I mean winning 80% of games.
  11. AO is too reckless for his own good. I personally think that the knee on knee incidents are a bigger issue than some of the open ice hits or the big hits along the boards. As a player with the puck, there isn't a lot you can do when someone blatantly takes a run at you and sticks their leg out. This isn't the first time that Ovie has done this. Please punish him NOW! Although, it may not make a difference, because he's selfish and doesn't care.
  12. Oh that's a nice record to have to be able to say I am one of the better SO scorers in the league. Good for him
  13. Not only did i hate everything about VS before because everyone their is retarded, but now i have to miss some great games because of Comcast and their low blow to DTV. God I am just praying this will be resolved before playoff time because idk what ill do if I can t watch playoff games considering VS will broadcast a lot.
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