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  1. I however will give him that he does usually lead or at least is in top 5 in hits at the end of the year And i did look up facts erik cole has played 498 games with 322 points which is averaged out = 46 points a season so i wasnt off much
  2. of all the people you want to keep cole?? he has never truly produced consistently and he does the same "trick" every time he carries the puck in the zone. All he might do is give a big hit once in awhile with maybe 35-45 points a year. I dont think he was worth gettign back i was happy when he left.
  3. I see your points i am however very young (age 14) so im not totally used to haveing a new goalie..... we've had cam sinceeee like when i first started caring about hockey. so my badd
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