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  1. Ward just looks tired. The Canes have to remember that they suddenly have a capable backup who CAN come in and give Ward a rest now and then. I figured once they kept Legace up, he'd get 1/3 or 2/5 starts. There's no reason to play Ward for these long stretches. No sense of playing him into the ground before we even hit February. Rest him every few games. It'd help him stay fresh just in case the Canes do somehow pull of a miracle run in the second half. [And trust me, that can happen. Just see last year's St. Louis Blues.]
  2. That's why Manny was brought in. He took a team like STL, who was at one point in a very similar situation to what the 'Canes are in now, and raelly helped turn the tides there. Everyone's hoping he'll do the ssame for Carolina. The 'Canes have the talent to go far, they just all need to get on the same page. Right now they're spending way too much time trying to overcompensate for eachother rather than just playing their own positions and making the game a lot simpler.
  3. Keep in mind, he's going to take a few games to adjust. He has to get his reaction time back up to the speed of the NHL. You can have all the game you want down in the American League, but it's a much slower game. That's why Manny's been a bit slow on getting square to the shooters and playing the puck. Give him a few more games....he'll get there. He came into a very similar situation in STL when the Blues first signed him and he played a huge part in turning that team around. Everyone in Raleigh should be quite excited to have him in net. Once Ward gets back it should be quite the solid tandem.
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