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  1. I don't only endorse Russians , Aho , Turbo ,Ruutu , Joikenen , Pitkanen , and out side of Carolina , Barkov , Rantanen , Lundell , and in the near Future Puistola , Honka , Brad Lambert and Aatu Raty are all fine examples of great fins ! There is also a great Sweeds , Peter Forsberg , Rasmus Dahlin , Pekka Rinne , and in the Canes case Hopefully Nybeck , Gunler , Sellgren will add to that list . and no i dont live in russia .
  2. Has Alexander Nikishin played any games ?
  3. Im no mathematician so if i get this wrong which i'm i might , save your hate cause no one needs it cause your are not helping ! So a look at capfriendly im looking at the canes budget they have a total as of now 5 million in cap They have 2 players that have filed for arbitration that are still in the air . Fleury and Foegele . It is assumed that both might get 2 million aav . so that 5 is now down to 1 million in cap . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Following next year ( expansion draft included ) Either Skjei , Fleury , Bean or Gardiner might be selected . With Bean he would be a rfa next year with Skjei has a 5 mill aav cap with Gardiner has 4 mill aav cap Fleury will ( Assumed ) to have a 2 mill aav cap Seattle will pick one of those guys Best option for Seattle might be Bean or it could be Fleury . Gardiner and Skjei deals are unattractive . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HWSNBN 2 mill aav cap comes off so thats 3 mill so far from whats left over , Hamilton Dzingle Martinook Mcginn Mrazek Reimer all come off 19 mill in cap space -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is where it gets tricky Svechnikov Hamilton ( goalies ) Will be needed and then you have re-sign several rfa's and Sign several players that are unsigned ( this is where the math gets fuzzy if it has not already ) The following year RFA's that need contracts are Necas Keane Sellgren Matheos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How much cap will the canes have in a flat cap year after signing Hamilton , Svechnikov , Extending Necas the following season ? It's thought on these forums that Hamilton will command 8 million . Svech could go for a bridge deal for now and then sign for big money later on . Im not sure how much that Bridge deal would be ? with 19 million in cap space to spend . I think that the canes best option going forward is to try and find a trade partner to move Nino and Gardiner . Then after 3 years walk away from Staal if he wont take on a cheaper contract , somewhere in the 2 mill aav bracket . for a short time .
  4. You know the thing about cancer that is bad ? It destroys . Im not a fan of cancer and i think Cancer sucks ! I cant think of a single person that wants Cancer unless they have lost their minds . Say no to Cancer !
  5. It is hard to compare them over skinner simply off the base of Fleury and Necas are more complete over all players than Skinner . Necas and Fleury both want to improve their game to a degree that not only helps themselves out but their team mates . Skinner only focused on one area of the game and that is to pot goals . Id Rather have a guy who can kill a penalty or be dependable as a team mate instead of being Selfish like Skinner was / is .
  6. Teams that have a balance for top 6 bottom 6 on offense top 6 on defense and goalie win . Teams that are top heavy like the leafs struggle because they lack that crucial area on defense . Take a good look at the past 5 Stanley cup winners , ( i could go further but for now im just talking about within playoff window ) Tampa has a Balance of Offense , good Defense and a franchise Goalie 2020 St. Louis has a Balance of Offense , good Defense and Franchise Goalie 2019 Washington has a Balance of Offense , decent defense and had a mix of sub par year for Holtby ( they have a good goalie now in Samsonov as their starter ) 2018 Pittsburgh had a balance of offense , decent defense , and at the time a good goalie pair in MAF and Murray , 2017 and 2016 The Hurricanes Have almost all of the ingredients except 1 and that is Goalie . I've Talked to Bruins fans telling me time after time that if the Canes had a Goalie in the last 2 playoff runs the Canes might have beaten them . 2009 Canes Had a good offense and a decent defense but Ward was streaky . 2006 Canes had Good Offense , Good defense and Good Goalie . Cup Winner ! 2002 Canes had decent offense , good defense and decent goalie . Cup lost . We all know what it takes to build a Stanley cup winner , We have the blueprints , So why are we talking about Laine who is not a goalie and not talking about going after a goalie ??? Because Rumors ???
  7. If only talks about the Canes in on a goalie was as hot as all this talk about Laine ! I would be ever so happy .
  8. Kid plays a really good Two Way style of Hockey .
  9. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/28845972/canes-prospect-jeremy-helvig-detained-suspicion-battery-florida
  10. What has been reported with Helvig last year did not stop the canes from still keeping him . So who knows anymore . Up is down left is right , Canes seem perfectly happy with ignoring once again the Goalie problem .
  11. Canes top 2 Right Handed defense are Hamilton ( who needs a contract ) and Pesce ( who is on an amazing contract ) outside of those 2 who are on the canes roster , The other Right handed defense are Keane , Kaski , McKowen , and Honka . The Time table for when any of these guys would be NHL ready is still up in the air . It would be nice to know if one of those guys are close to ready to come in even if for an injury but instead Brind'Amour will elect to use a lefty defense man before giving any of those guys i mentioned time on ice yet . Case in point this year when Hamilton and Pesce both got injured and so the Canes went out of their way to get Sami Vatanen and Brady Skjei . If the Canes did deal out Pesce for anyone they had better be sure they can fill in that hole right away with who they have already drafted or else it will be a bad result for the Canes .
  12. It's not made up , It is actual fact . Whether you think so or not matters not .
  13. Their There They're Thank you Grammar police . BTW he was 20 , He was 18 in 2010 , the lockout happened in the 2012-2013 season and return to play happened in January 6th 2013 Skinner would of been 20 , his birthday is in may the 16th ( birth year 1992 ) , he would HAVE been 20 that year in 2012 .
  14. It was not his 1st year , It was during the mini lockout when skinns could of went . He opted out by saying no . What Rutherford had to say on the subject is irrelevant .
  15. Lmao But we are all in agreement that HWSNBN is a headcase ?
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