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  1. Interesting they would only do some back to back games during the play in round for some teams and not for others if it only goes to 3 games .
  2. All i know is training camp is coming soon and they will have some scrimmages .
  3. Big question i have that has not been discussed yet . How are the Games going to be formatted if there are only 2 hub cities ? And how will they be stretched ? obviously what would make sense is given the 16 teams for the play in round , you are looking at 4 games on one day for the east conference 4 for the west , and then on the next day 2 for the east and 2 for the west ? play in rounds have best of 5 , round robins would just be playing against their own conference winner takes top seating . that could take a week and a half to finish . after the play in rounds you would have normal procedures going forward for best of 7 in round 1 so that alone could take 2 weeks . Then round 2 could take 2 weeks . With round 3 being the final 4 that could take 2 weeks . and the finals themselves could be done late october . unless they want to go crazy and do back to back games .
  4. That is Some Bs if they can just take away a teams Pick . Id say HELL NO TO THE PLAYOFFS ALTOGETHER IF THATS HOW THEY WANT TO PLAY IT ! Then watch the egg on Gary Bettmans face come down cause they cant determine a team to award the 1st over all to lol
  5. CANES CASE ! those words can be key point .
  6. It's Funny how our team is not the only one that has a fanbase drooling over the chances of getting the number 1 pick and are thinking of ways of either taking the pick or selling it for a boat load of value . It's almost comical to a sense . In the likeliness that the canes will miss that opportunity to be so fortunate I think a better plan of attack for the draft should still be the main focus going forward . It's nice to think of what if's or what about's for entertainment purposes but reality is for the canes case lightning does not strike twice . With that being said I hold out hope that the canes could make a trade low enough to possibly pick of Askarov with a team that does not have him on their radar . So the question is who do the Canes give up in order to achieve that goal and to which team ?
  7. Lafreniere will be an elite / franchise player from what i have seen on him , Which is good no doubt to have . But given who the Canes already have I just cant see how adding another firecracker in the mix will help in the area of scoring when they are very well of doing that already . Askarov is said to be better than Spencer Knight who will be a elite / franchise goalie . Getting someone better than him ? Seems like a dumb idea to pass up on Trading to detroit would the canes best play . we would gladly take their 1st round pick this year for laffy and a 2nd round pick if they were willing to pay for it . we would then get Askarov and get Tim Stutzle ? or Marco Rossi ? omg wins !
  8. Being honest if the canes did manage to get the 1st pick , Id rather take my chances with Askarov then not do so because what people are saying about him is not the " to good to be true " kinda of shindig but more of prospect wise he will be a sure thing . and given Carolinas history the one area in need is a sure thing in net . if he turned out to be a bust then oh well at least we didnt rob some other team of laffy who could be a bust for all we know or might not . I just think Askarov would be perfect for the canes more so than laffy if we were that " lucky "
  9. Oh Dude , I would suggest if the canes did win the pick to just use it on Askarov . That would set up the canes for a good long decade and solve the goalie issues going forward . Adding Lafy would be sick and having Brind'Amour possibly mold him into a center would be killer . But the canes need a stud goalie more than a hot scorer .
  10. So , in the case that it's toronto's or carolinas pick given out of happenstance ? then the pick would be protected regardless . so the rangers would not get either one winning pick until next year . So the end result is if it was the toronto pick then that would go to toronto but carolinas pick would go to the rangers ? This is why i dont like trading that 1st for Brady more and more !
  11. Omg i just found out , so . is a cup worth it ? or nah ? for a slim chance of getting Laffy ?
  12. Hope they have a cam set up on wide just to film the practices and stream it lol
  13. Damn shame the HoF are still ignoring Brind'Amour . This angers the hell out of me .
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