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  1. The question I have is how fast on his feet will he be and would he able to transition to the Canes system effectively fast enough to warrant the teams hard edge play . The reason i ask this question is because there is not a ton of tape on him in different systems when playing defense . Being told hey we want you to play a 1-3-1 or we like you to use a European style trap , or another example , We need our defense to play 2-2-1 but transition into a 1-4 when the other team has the puck is easy to remember but to put it into practice is a whole another story . Obviously these questions have been answered if the Canes management feels comfortable to hand Priskie a contract . Im sure even Priskie knows he can handle to extra pressure . The spots are all open for the taking in training camp and that only leaves 7 weeks lefts until the drop of the puck . Man hockey flies by quickly when you have a shorten summer ! ! !
  2. Admittedly I will say his play away from the puck is nothing amazing or great but with time he will fix that up because it is something that can be taught . Where Priskie shines is when he has the puck on his stick and his shot is almost mirror for mirror Heavy laced like Phil Kessels when Kessel was a softmore in the nhl . That is what we are getting with this kid . A Smart two way defense man that has decent passing skills with an outstanding shot .
  3. He is a better player than Fox . More Goals on a weaker team to boot than any college defenseman this past season . We all saw what Cale Makar did for the Aves in the playoffs . The Canes Signed a player that is better than Makar ! Better than Fox ! Why on earth would Priskie want to come to the canes when the team is already loaded on defense is beyond me . It could be the area , it could be the Coaching staff , it could be he just really really likes what the organization is doing . and keep in mind the teams also pursuing him ? were The Canadiens , Lightning , Panthers , Maple Leafs , Bruins and of course Capitals from what i heard . It's simply amazing . This kid beat out ,Cale Makar , Joseph Duszak , Noah Delmas , Brinson Pasichnuk Among defense when it came to scoring goals . It's Crazy man .
  4. Don Waddell has proven me wrong and im so happy . I feel really really stupid . I know when to admit when im wrong and it's about time i admit it ! I was Wrong about Don Waddell !!! #HireWaddell ! new hashtag . The reason why im saying this now is because of what just happened ! Chase Priskie Signed with the Canes . he literally could of went anywhere and he chose Carolina ! Wow , Just Wow ! all that has been done this year all looks good on paper but lets see how it all works out in the end !
  5. Given the Circumstance , i don't blame them for not supporting . What happened sucked and yes Karmanos was an A-Hole ! But that same A-hole took a chance on a market that no one else would have and saw that Hockey in the south can work . At the end of the day a Non Traditionalist market shown it can and will support a team and even by nhl standards even if the attendance was horrible for years . It's just that the people here vote with their dollars as did people in hartford .
  6. You asked to each their own and i'm simply saying that made no sense , what do you mean by that ?
  7. I just don't see the upside of taking on a problem child when the canes Already have a great thing going . And to me Puljujarvi just SCREAMS he has a bit of an Ego that could go against the lockeroom and cause more damage than good . Keep in mind I believe his development has been rushed and because of it there is no upside to trying to tackle and already proven ego when who the canes have in the Checkers system has proven to deserve a spot on the line up more than a 4 goal scorer does ! Also side note I do like that people are thinking in terms of bringing in someone who can shoot right to play right wing and would have a finish connection to complement Aho and Teravainen !
  8. If the goal tending is solid this year then we shall all know why . I would of preferred someone better but it's not like i know who the canes could of went after .
  9. Everyone knows that the Canes to wear the whalers gear is first and foremost was nothing but a marketing ploy . If that does not convince you , later last season they sold " Bunch of jerks " T-Shirts and then upgrading to " Bunch of ^ Front running Jerks " All based off of Don Cherry's remarks . And it was 2 times they wore the whalers uniforms , not three . On Top of that from the start of the season they introduced the storm surge to lure fans to the games if the team won to incentive fans to " COME TO OUR GAMES " sorry i had to do a hurricanes man from urinating tree bit there . Money talks BS WALKS !
  10. The question then becomes why cater to the Keith Priemeau's of the world ?
  11. Lets all hope that im wrong ! I don't want to be right about this .
  12. Also I want to add . Adam Fox Would have been a Steal for the Canes if he had signed with the team but due to his ego the Canes traded Adam Fox and got back draft picks . The canes then went and turned one of those draft picks into 2 which could be said another STEAL for the Canes . And given the chances that Adam Fox plays more than 30 games this year that other Draft pick will become a 2nd round pick for next year. Don Waddell has been hitting it out of the park when it comes to the draft and it's only his 2 year as the Canes gm . Life gave him lemons and he turned it into lemonade .
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