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  1. I just thought of something that is insane , but yet plausible . So we all know Jeff Skinner signed his big money contract and same goes for EK . There is a way out for both of those teams on ridding themselves of either player next the future but that would mean either a stupid gm takes on a big contract so that the sabres or sharks can fix the mess they are going to be in years from now . come 2021 is when Seattle enters the fray and it is possible that seattle could go after skinner or karlsson if lets say either team chose not to protect them . Obviously the winning formula is to have reasonable contracts with great spread sheets for future pick up's so that a team can keep who they want and not have a over all suffer to their cap situation . It can be possible for a team like Seattle to swoop in and take a player if a team feels a need to let them go . I know im reading too much in the ole crystal ball but i think it's possible that skinner or karlsson or any other later regretful big signing like that is a way out because of a new team taking on those terms .
  2. I dont like this deal at all ! giving up way too much imo . also kadri is a scum bag . i dont want scum bags on the canes roster ! This trade would be a perfect example of what Failing teams do . say no to it !
  3. Gm's are going crazy with these big spending sprees . As long as the canes dont follow the trend the canes should be alright . Why do i get the feeling after what i just said is going to be " a few moments later " and the canes screw up ? lmao
  4. I would be awesome is Debrincat was 6'2 200 pounds . but he is a small fry .
  5. I often find people who wonder what they will do after hockey season is over and i deeply understand their remorse and need to see hockey again during the summer time . So here is a list of things i look forward to and do during the off season to fill in that void that maybe you might find would be an interest to yourself ! , this will be in no order of ranking . just a small list of things i enjoy during this time . 1. Watch the nhl award show 2. watch the nhl draft 3. visit these forums from time to time to check up on or to mention things in the world of hockey ! 4. pay close attention to the july 1st free agency market 5. go to the pnc arena to see the rookies practice during the canes fest summer outing . 6. Watch australian ice hockey https://theaihl.com/leagues/front_pageAIHL.cfm?clientid=3856&leagueid=11464 on youtube 7. watch the new zealand ice hockey https://nzicehockey.co.nz/ on youtube 8. watch the dabeauty league on youtube or nhl network https://www.dabeautyleague.com/ 9. watch the Tri City hockey tourny on the hurricanes site on the video feed , they do show it some times . The Canes rookies / prospects are on there . 10. come september watch the preseason hockey games on this site . 11. get a nhl video game and simulate how a new added player to the canes would do during the season . 12. go to some of the local hockey tourneys and watch teams compete . 13. watch Ned stream on twitch and talk to him while he plays fortnite .
  6. I came across some guy on youtube who thought that the canes would trade one of our goalies " probley ned " for James neal . and the funny part is this was coming from a preds fan !?!?!?!? What ?
  7. It was not a dispute on pay , was it ?
  8. If you can find a way to wake him up then yes Malkin ! Another would be Kopitar ! And another after that would be Couturier
  9. Possibly but that all depends on what he is looking for . I can only speculate what team would have need of his services in the nhl and not be used as just a 7th d-man . And last time i checked there is a few teams looking for a defenseman of his skill sets to play with them next season . The Hurricanes pretty much have those positions filled up .
  10. I've talked to some sabers fans on twitter and youtube comment section and they show they are happy to have skinner locked up but are unhappy the price they spent just to keep him
  11. It Truly is a sad story . So many things can happen in a players life that we as fans can maybe relate to but dont always think that these players who make the amount of money they do ever tend to go through personal matters or struggles in life . It's depressing but what does not kill you can only make you stronger . And in Scotts case im sure that he will have the safety net and support he needs to get by .
  12. Im head over hills in love with Geekies game . I think the Canes went above and Beyond picking him up and Recently signing That defenseman Sellgren . Deeply impressed with those guys . other notables are Roy , Poturalski , Kuokkanen , And of Course Necas . I think this year a few of those baby jerks become men on the canes roster . Everyone else i didnt mention might need more time in development . As for goalie ? well if Mrazek can be signed to a reasonable contract and also for McElhinney , then do it . But if not then this is the year the Canes really should consider bringing up Ned to the main Roster and letting him in as a possible Back up for who we can keep . I think it's in Mrazeks best interest to want to stay in Carolina and for a reasonable cost but i could see him checking the market out and possible signing a contract with another team if he is not happy with what we want to pay him . Would it hurt the canes ? It would sting but the canes would manage to get by . McElhinney seems like he wants a home to stay put and at his age he is not checking out who would be the highest bidder for his services .
  13. That should never be Carolinas market . Let other Gm's be stupid and Sign huge contracts and pay the price in doing so . I'd like the canes being smart with their cap space so they dont run into any problems in the future . And you are asking who the canes should be looking at for center ? Why not Anders Lee or perhaps Kevin Hayes ? I dont know why philly would waste a 5th round pick on a guy who is still a UFA and as for NYI who knows if Anders Lee stays with the islanders but he could easily be replaced from the islanders because of the talent they have there .
  14. No on Karlsson , Pavelski is staying with the sharks and he is 35 , No on Duchene and also Duchene is not worth 9.5 , are you serious ? lol and Maybe on Haula !
  15. I'M pretty sure you were talking about Karlsson . Nice try .
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