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  1. With Hall not playing that is a sign he is on his way out of new jersey . Devils want a kings ransom from what i heard .
  2. I want to make a poll on this topic .
  3. That is some nice number crunching right there. I Wonder if Forsberg has stepped up or Ned for that matter since we last saw either of them in preseason .
  4. If the Canes were not at cap and there was a slot for him to come in and help wreck some teams for the Canes and lastly BOUGHT into the system Brind'Amour is selling , then it would be a great deal , the problem is like @AWACSooner pointed is Cap . The Canes have zero means to get under enough or possible trades for that matter that would make sense to take in Hall. If things were different and the canes had the cap space and a reliable back up goalie then id do it in a heart beat !
  5. It's crazy to hear that New Jersey is opening up talks about a possible trade for Taylor Hall . what is really going on ?
  6. What are the lines tonight ?
  7. Welp , it's been a short while since the Canes had to play against a team and their hand picked refs !
  8. The Idea is for Svech and Necas to not only be able to handle themselves in their own zones but to play with each other in the future where as Aho takes the helm at Center and Necas be that Number 2 center if need be for faceoffs . This is why i love Brind'Amour ! he is teaching these kids everything he knows and getting ready for yearly battles they will have to deal with be it with the Canes or elsewhere .
  9. You are not saying the leafs are going to win the cup now are you ?
  10. With Babcock out of toronto , I only see this team playing worse now which is good news for the canes , That is depending if they end up just a little right above 10th in the standings among worst teams . or if they do end up getting that 10th slot this year and end up really bad the following year for 2021s draft that is a guaranteed high end prospect . All for just taking patricks contract and buying it out . WOW !
  11. I take it you don't like Trash from new jersey ? lmao
  12. Schneider is on waivers at a 6 mill cap hit. How much are the canes paying Reimer ?
  13. I honestly think Williams never wanted to be the captain . Im lead to this belief based on him wanting to step away from the game and the factor of when he came to carolina he stated he wished to just be treated as one of the guys . I think the only reason he took on the mantle was because Brind'Amour and Fans wanted him to and that he was still under contract . I might be wrong but this is just how i see it . Which explains why he wanted to step away . And also to think how Awkward it would be for him if he did come back nearly everyone still would look at him as the Captain despite the C on Staals jersey . and you know what they say , " to many chiefs not enough Indians " can cause problems .
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