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  1. It seems like some of the talent in the checkers need some more time to develop . How much time in unknown but rushing them to the nhl right away could hamper their development and you end up with Foegele's and McGinns of the world.
  2. It's times like these you wish Williams would step up and say hey , i know Marty is out for a while but im willing to come back and help the team until he comes back and who knows if i will stay or not . Just saying .
  3. man , a injury that will take martinook out of the lineup for 2 months ? That sucks . I was thinking he might of re aggravated his leg injury he had from the playoffs . good to see it's not that but also not good to see it's something serious .
  4. Svechnikov is becoming quite the Playmaker . I always figured him to be a sniper but with this much firepower on the team Im Hard pressed to not see him get close to 60 something points this year !
  5. I take it you dont listen to any Old School rap .
  6. What that panther want God?Word up, look out for the Refs (Don Waddell five finger shoot )(Cash Rules) Word up, two for fives over here babyWord up, two for fives them panthers got garbage down the way, word upKnow what I'm sayin'?(Cash Rules Everything Around MeC. A. N. E. S. . get)Yeah, check this ol' fly shoott outWord up(Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Take you on a natural point(C. A. N. E. S. get the money) Here we here we go( HAULA HAULA bill y'all) Check this shot, yo!
  7. Keys to the Game 1. push the panthers 2. skate fast 3. stay out of the box 4. Marley Girl Commercial mentions 5. Strong defense 6. score on the power play !
  8. Necas is getting a lot of blame for stuff that's not really his fault . if anyone needs to be blamed it's just the team chemistry is not in full season mode but it's getting there . Fleury has nearly been out there on every goal that went against the canes . I like him in his offense that he can bring but 1 little slapper is not enough .
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