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  1. He can do it . He will have the team tank next year trying to go after alexis lafreniere . That will be the wings corner stone
  2. It was Assumed when he stepped down earlier that he would go to detroit and become their gm . This is not good news for the eastern conference or the atlantic unless you are a wings fan . Steve Yzerman is the reason why tampa even has a team as good as it is . It's only a matter of time till tampa crashes and detroit rises . i give the red wings 2 - 3 years till they become a threat again .
  3. Svechnikov has balls of steel . It's most likely Svech is done for the playoffs but it was fun seeing him out there while it lasted . unless a miracle happens and the canes finds themselves in the finals i dont expect svech to come back . Ferland imo is as good as gone come july 1st . If he cant play under the pain then he is not the right fit for this team , If Brind'amour could lace them and fight through the pain or other players in the past i dont see why not Ferland . Ferland is a one hit wonder , he hits or gets hit and you wonder how long till he comes back , The Dude is False Advertisement , Flames fans were right about him not having it anymore .
  4. damn that sucks , Well maybe it's a caps homer . nbc tends to glorify the caps .
  5. are you watching the nbc broadcast ? if so turn the channel to fox sports .
  6. Major props to Svechnikov taking on ovie but bad enough its against a dirty player like ovie . ovie was head hunting for sure .
  7. Ferland is a one hit wonder , He hits and you wonder how many games till he comes back .
  8. If he is not back for the 2nd period then get rid of him in the off season . The Canes can find another guy with sandpaper and be a right hand shot . IM SURE OF IT !
  9. You mean to tell me the Canes took the caps in their own building in over time with a man down over a bs penalty ? yeah this is going in the canes favor for sure . canes in game 6 mark down your calendars people , and get ready for round 2 !
  10. Caps are going to need to score more goals if they think they can win this one with just 3 measly goals .
  11. The Canes have this thing called MAGIC , they tend to wait till it's time to turn it on and surprise teams . I dont know if it's in the water or in their diet but when the canes find their magic , NO ONE CAN BEAT THEM IN 7 GAMES !
  12. Even if it meant the canes SWEEPING that team ? You know that would be epic right ?
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