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  1. No GM in the league except maybe St. Louis's would let the coach stick around this long............................
  2. Well the coach couldn't possibly be the problem. Sign him to a contract extension.
  3. a good coach could get these guys playing together, they have some talent but are not showing it. It all starts with the coach........
  4. MO sucks! Remeber when he was fired all everyone on here talked about was what a great coach he was and how quick he would be rehired? That worked out real good for him, didn't it?
  5. Thee is only one problem that is directly correlated to the teams lack of success...THE COACH. He should never have been rehired and all of the apologists need to wake up and face reality. He sucked here for years and he sucked in Toronto. That is why he was stuck in the replay booth in Toronto and not hired again to coach in the NHL. He sucks as a coach, bottom line. If he isn't feeling the heat yet then he never will. Nobody coaches a team into ablivion this long and keeps their job. Fire him!
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