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  1. I agree. I'd rather watch the games on FSN with John & Tripp calling the games. Versus blows!!!
  2. Putting it back out there guys. Would like to trade my new Staal jersey size 52 for another current player jersey that's in the med to large range. This jersey still has the tags, and is the real thing, fight strap and all.
  3. What an awesome move! I sure hope the fans in Charlotte realize how fortunate they are. Sure wish I still lived in NC. I will make some trips to Charlotte to see the Checker-Canes, and hope to get to Raleigh a couple of times too!
  4. Since I've got family in Nashvegas, I'm going with the Preds in the west, PHX would be cool too. Reluctantly the Caps in the east due to the Stingrays being the ECHL affiliate, and Scotty & Joe, but I really don't care for the Caps or anyone else in the east for that matter, only the Canes. We will be playing this time next year, I can feel it!
  5. Being a former resident of both Raleigh & Charlotte, and now living in Charleston, it brings the Canes a little closer. My only wish is that the SC Stingrays were the ECHL affiliate, then it would would truly be a Carolinas team. That will probably remain a dream since Mr Karmanos owns the FL Everblades. Still very excited for all concerned!
  6. I have worshipped from afar since the beginning ('97), and came to my first game on 10/9 with a very old and dear friend. Of course we kicked butt and took names that game (Panthers), but my buddy and I felt we must've put the hex on them. If so, I am very sorry, but I can't wait to come back to the RBC, I had a blast!!! Better than any Carolina Panthers game I've ever been to, Caniacs are the BEST! BTW jeromeo87, glad to hear your mom is doing better!
  7. Ok,ok, sorry my emotions are getting the better of me. After last night & especially Friday night, I've just beeen so pissed about the 3rd period melt downs. You're right, a boycott would do more harm than good, and I'd rather have a cellar dwellar than no team at all.
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