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  1. Hell no! I wear the uniform so we all think alike...my way or the highway!
  2. Peace’s recovery time was supposed to be up in October. ???
  3. Read somewhere that the playoff officials have been named and Tim Peel isn’t one of them. So this is already shaping up to be a great playoffs!
  4. NHL’s logic in these “phases” and the entire playoff format:
  5. This...totally this. if it was truly about the players, then they would’ve called it and reset for October
  6. Whelp, it was fun while it lasted...
  7. You got B wrong...we move to Quebec after that
  8. Better than the magnesium sparklers the entire arena lights off before every game in the DEL.
  9. This one floored me...more $$ from Chicago I guess
  10. I’m secretly hoping a. We retire #14 b. He becomes Rod’s assistant (replacing Jeff) after this season
  11. Source: Williams to retire after NHL season regardless https://www.tsn.ca/1.1466613.1586977318
  12. BTW, DW came out today and said Dougie is ready to go...Reimer too.
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