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  1. It's so he can break the NHL games played record
  2. Dougie’s gonna get traded before we pay him that much... Also, memo to the other 30 teams: DON’T make any trades with Vegas! Let them stew in their cap overage...then pilfer the cabinet when they get desperate
  3. Not bad...he wasn’t gonna get re upped here anyways...not with Geekie coming along
  4. I’m probably in the minority here, but I think the same of Sarah Civian
  5. We’ve been saying that for a year now.
  6. Refresh my memory: wasn’t he knocked out by Skjei in game 1 of our series in August?
  7. Just stopping by to see how everyone is handling the boredom
  8. Mods, merge with other thread (or vise versa...since I called it a few months ago) (DONE)
  9. Wallmark wasn’t qualified by the SwampCats and will be a UFA. He deserved better...
  10. Tom Dundon probably would've fired DW on the spot had he picked another D-man
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