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  1. If it's 4-6 months then my $$ is on a SLAP tear (labrum or rotator cuff)...have had that surgery on my left shoulder (and probably getting my right done later this summer)...it's a 4-6 month recovery.
  2. NHL-N almost never shows AHL games til the Finals...although they did show a Gulls/Wolves game the other night.
  3. Same went with the guy who bet on Texas Tech to win the NCAA B-ball tournament...would've won somewhere around 150K...casino offered him 100K before the finals to cash out. He declined...Tech lost...he got nothing.
  4. Binnington isn’t a slouch either
  5. Well, I don’t know for sure, but I assume so
  6. Same points...we had more ROW, so we would’ve had #29 had the Sharkiez won
  7. With St Louis winning the WCF, it looks like we’re locked in at 28th pick GO BLUES...SWEEP THE B’S
  8. 6 is too cheap...and would send a signal to others that we go low
  9. I read the same thing...Ferls can want to stay all he wants, but if the managerial staff thinks they can go get someone better (physicality + scoring), then no hard feelings, best of luck to ya (or sign for a hometown discount).
  10. I know...and I got the chance to see him in person in his one game in Vancouver. Solid play, but still had a tendency to drift. He should be a solid backup role next season and get ready to start in 2020/2021.
  11. Seeing posts on the Canes Facebook fan group.
  12. Sad news for Mongo: social media reports his father passed away suddenly last night
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