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  1. Keep up the good work, JR! But can you please wreck the Evil Empire quicker?
  2. Zero help from anyone...except Dallas who denied the Bolts a second point
  3. I give him a month before he shuts it down for the season
  4. I feel dumber for just watching that clown show.
  5. And tonight’s loss was brought to you by the refs
  6. This game is a damn JOKE at how players are picked. Holtby? Really? His save percentage is pure 💩. And why do teams get more than two players while we get screwed?
  7. Al MacInnis had a slap shot that literally SHATTERED glass panels
  8. Aaah...got it. IIRC, the Vegas expansion draft had a stipulation that players with less than a certain amount of NHL games were exempt.
  9. What I’m saying is: if the committee is burying our prospects in Charlotte just to eliminate their exposure to the expansion draft, then they’re hosing both the prospects and the Canes in the long run.
  10. I have ZERO worries with the expansion draft. We’re going to lose ONE player. If the committee is hoarding prospects in Charlotte to protect them, then they’re just hosing us in the long run. Our cupboard is stocked nicely (thanks to Franchise), let em play
  11. I’ll be in Vegas during the game, but not at the game...Mini-me wants to see La Reve. Trade off is that we’re now going to Dallas for the game and I’ve got tix by John’s and Tripp’s broadcast booth
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