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  1. They knew that was coming, it was a mere formality...and I believe they stocked the cupboard accordingly.
  2. If this goes past next week, then it's a HUGE distraction. I think a trade happens this weekend.
  3. If we have a logjam behind him...and I really think he needs a change of scenery to have a chance at a good career
  4. While we’re at it...what’s the market for Fleury?
  5. Well here’s hoping it doesn’t drag on through training camp...that’ll hurt both sides
  6. At this point, I think the org wants to find Justin a place where he wants to go and on his terms as best as they can...obviously it’s still a business and he may not be fully accommodated. But if there’s a bidding war going on, it gives the org and he better leverage.
  7. Soooooo glad we got the Habs to do our dirty work for us and not be dealing with Aho the way the Leafs and Jets are dealing with their prima donnas.
  8. Extend Faulk and throw a late rounder at them for Kase and call it a day
  9. Their next hires will be Matt Cooke and Raffi Torres.
  10. I’m calling it now...Evil Empire misses the playoffs this season
  11. Well, sayonara Justin...it was fun while it lasted...but there's no way we keep him after that revelation. Not with the logjam...
  12. Problem is that almost all the teams have their goalie tandems settled...except Tampa, who seems to be snatching every goalie on the market. Hmm...how bout Reimer for Point?
  13. What if the Hurricane's name was Ditka?
  14. Rumors flying Ducks are going after Laine too
  15. TSN is reporting that the Habs also made a serious offer to Gardiner, but he came here instead. That’s twice in one summer we’ve bleeped over the Habs...GOOD!
  16. Nah...he’s done. Even if he wanted to come back later, I think us against the cap prevents that.
  17. I think we go with 3 A’s til Willy makes a final decision. If I had a choice based upon what I saw on the bench and the snippets from the locker room, I’d give the C to Nookie.
  18. Tix booked to Vegas for the game in Feb
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