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  1. I just want this to go to trial so I can see the courtroom sketches of Gritty
  2. Jets and BJ's exchange goals all the way through the period...then BJ's scored GWG with a few minutes left. Seriously, why can't the BJ's accept their role of being in the dregs of the division? The fact that other teams handle adversity in the division and we couldn't for the past decade just makes me angry.
  3. No witnesses...no video...no evidence. Looking for a payday, IMO.
  4. Well, as much as I’d love to keep him and he be happy, he either plays Rod’s way, or he sits and awaits a trade. Do I think he’s a legit 2C? Absolutely. But the lingering knee issue is handcuffing him from attaining that.
  5. Hope the fans were giving Malkin 💩 for his lecturing Evil Empire fans
  6. Amazing what a grey beard can do to have a calming influence on the locker room
  7. Delicious, ain’t it. Been feasting on it myself for awhile now
  8. Copp deserves a fine for that one...I’d want a suspension, but he took out the ref too, so that was a plus
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