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  1. Statistical trends vs what could be a one year aberration. If it turns out not to be, then it’ll be a whole new discussion this time next year.
  2. Interesting article about blue chips who need a change of scenery...and Gauthier was on it because of the logjam: https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/six-young-players-who-could-use-a-change-of-scenery-ahead-of-next-season I guess this is a good problem to have....
  3. Holy hell Brock! $2.7 million? I love your intangibles but your point production isn’t worth that much by far!
  4. TSN reporting Franchise will be Seattle’s GM...WOW!
  5. Hence why Disney continues to *edit* on their masterpieces and twist them into live action films
  6. Kevin Dineen hired as coach of the San Diego Gulls
  7. I think that’ll happen again this year
  8. I think NJ makes it in...and the Evil Empire is left out!
  9. Put him on the 4th line and mentor the up and comers
  10. I actually think that all three NYC teams make it to the playoffs next season...as well as the Craps and Canes. I think the Pens will be on the outside. Philly will barely miss as well...and the BJ’s will be a dumpster fire.
  11. Westy was the last real enforcer this team had
  12. Finally! An actual UFA signing that wasn’t our own UFA!
  13. He didn’t want to stay here and I’m sure Rod had issues with his durability (and possibly work ethic)
  14. Nah...we got a first for him and we sucked majorly that year. I was ok with it.
  15. Siedenberg was another one...but I’m happy he got his Cup with the B’s
  16. 4 years at $3.5 per? He walked for that? One of the two happened: 1. We lowballed him. 2. He never wanted to stay in Raleigh.
  17. One of the players I wish we never would’ve traded.
  18. Seems to be a disease plaguing teams in the vicinity
  19. Hence why I think we should go after Kyle Connor
  20. Could give em an ultimatum
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