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  1. So what's the news on Stillman, does anyone know? I know he was pondering retirement but has he made any sort of statement or decision?
  2. 1) Most improved player Erik Cole, hands down. Never thought I'd see him return to his level of play. 2) Biggest surprise this season Jeff Skinner 3) Team MVP - we couldn't have battled to game #82 without his contribution all season Cam Ward, no way we were going to be close without him and with our bad defense. 4) Unsung Hero - the guy who quietly did his job well and received little credit for it Jay Harrison. I still don't think Joslin is better than Harrison and Jay put a lot more heart into his play. I really liked his performance throughout the season. 5) Best game of the season Brindy Night 6) Worst game of the season Game 82. 7) Biggest reason the Canes didn't make the playoffs They weren't supposed to.The fact that they got close is thanks only to the amount of effort they put in. Also, we just couldn't finish when it mattered most. 8) The biggest piece the Canes are missing to get them over the 9th place hump is? More experienced D and more consistent offense. 9) If Paul Maurice is replaced as head coach, who would you like to see as his successor? Someone outside of the organization, someone new. 10) Which call up from Charlotte is most likely to make the team full time next season? Hard choice between Dalpe, Boychuk, orBowman. 11) Which free agent is the most unlikely to be re-signed this off season? Unfortunately, I think it's Harrison even though he's been very good. 12) Which free agent is most likely to be re-signed this off season? Erik Cole 13) Your favorite highlight/moment of the season? Brindy's jersey to the rafters. What an emotional night. 14) Your standout lowlight/moment of the season? Game 82 15) If you could choose any player to spend the day on a golf course with, who would it be and why? Joe Corvo, I just really admire him for his effort and his play. Even if it wasn't great for those last few games. **And finally, the Bruins have what they call the 7th Player Award. Its an award voted by the fans for the player they feel went above and beyond the call of duty and exceeded their expectations during the 2010-11 season. 16) Who would you vote for if we had this type of award? Cam Ward. Other than game 82, he was our rock.
  3. Isn't it obvious? They want you to give them money.
  4. This team was not supposed to make the playoffs. I just don't understand how people can try to place all of the blame on Maurice.
  5. Its hard to believe, but if the slumping Canadiens were to lose two of their final games, we'd have a chance of even passing them. Amazing how quickly the race can change. Before Washington, I was really losing hope.
  6. It's no wonder there are so many Sabres fans here in NC. Would YOU want to live in the dump known as Buffalo? This just doesn't make any logical sense.
  7. If it wasn't hard, every team would have a good powerplay.
  8. There are many, many, many reasons for why the Devils underperformed in the beginning of the season; it wasn't just the coach. Kovalchuk looked like an absolute scrub for the beginning of the season. It's not just the coach that changes a team so don't use New Jersey as an example. Considering what he's got to work with, I'd say Mo's done a decent job.
  9. It's not too great of an excuse, but you certainly can't deny the fact that we are still in the process of rebuilding. These guys, while not all rookies, are young and most of them have yet to experience the NHL playoffs. We have a number of guys coming through the system. This is a rebuilding time still. I don't understand really what expectations anyone could possibly be having right now that these canes aren't at least close to. Yeah they don't look great now but look to the future; this team is going to be really good very soon. I hope they make the playoffs so they can obtain some experience but I'm certainly not expecting a cup or really even a second round appearance. Never throw in the towel on a season, anything's possible still.
  10. Now that I know its for only Ryan Carter and a 5th rounder I guess this really isn't a bad trade. I did like Carter though, we had a stable 4th line with him. There better be a defensive trade coming though.
  11. How is this fitting our needs? Sure, we're getting a veteran but our problem is defense, not offense. And a 37 year old winger isn't solving that problem.
  12. You also have to remember that JR wants Mo to play that "we'll take a point" kind of late 3rd period play. When Lavi was fired, that was one of the main things JR talked about: games where we threw away one point in pursuit of two. So, that decisions coming from up top.
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