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  1. hahahhahahha i like your name. DOCTOR STAAL hahahahaa
  2. Gleason is amazing. I think you need glasses if he is on your bad list he is such a good player.
  3. You guys are so negative! Cmon were the canes!! we beat the penguins and should have beat the devils we were really close were making such a big turn around all ready! we are AMAZING
  4. That is the stupidest thing ever. So for the rest of the months you except the hurricanes to just skate around letting the other team score goals?? That would be embarrasing and lets fans would show at the games. They should always try their best and if we dont get the first draft pick that means WE DONT NEED IT.
  5. I have been a full season ticket holder (section 118) for the past 9yrs. Haven't been to a game yet. Nothing to watch and cheeer. gimme your tickets fool
  6. hahhahaha thats so funny. what an idiot. Who would want to break their stick on a goalpost?
  7. How do you enjoy watching a hockey game of your favorite team getting crushed? Especially when they are making stupid mistakes. That just makes me frustrated
  8. But i love him dont get me wrong I just wish things were back to the way they were
  9. I said towards the END of course I watched and loved him in new jersey even in boston he was good but it went downhill from there and now he hasnt even made a point.
  10. staal hasnt done anything good this season or the ending of last. Im not seeing where this superstar everyone is talking about is
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