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  1. I delayed buying my ticket so far, but now I finally did it, though it does not count as I am a native Finn. I really suggest experiencing the sauna. It's really not dangerous at all, and you will definitely know when you have had enough. One could compare it to drinking water: it's actually good for your health (especially skin), unless you end up being in WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS FINAL... This is probably restricted to EU-citizens only, but nowadays it is possible to visit St. Petersburgh without a Visa by taking a cruise. This is a pretty new option not too many people know about. Waiting forward to the game, also hoping to meet some of you overseas, let me know if you need a guide or so!
  2. While travelling in the Helsinki area, you can also use the Journey Planner: http://www.reittiopas.fi/en/. It is quite reliable. For example: http://tinyurl.com/yz8e2gg http://tinyurl.com/ykxdhbd Unfortunately they have not fixed the timetables for autumn yet. The ticket is valid about one hour and you can change as many times as you want between buses, trams, trains, underground and Suomenlinna ferry within the time the ticket is valid. There are different zones with different prices, though, but most probably you only need to think of that when you go to the airport. In your case you could use the same ticket for the bus to Rautatientori and for the tram to your Hotel. Taxi is pretty expensive in Finland for short distances. For traveling in Finland outside the Helsinki area, you can use http://journey.fi.
  3. You are absolutely right. However, because it is impossible to know how other teams will play, one can simply assume that they keep up with their points/game productivity and calculate the magic number that way. The magic number then of course is not the absolutely correct one, but one could argue that there is about the same probability that it actually will be higher than that it will be lower than the predicted one. Therefore it can be said for example that if they make 1.5 points/game, there is around 50% change to get into playoffs. Or then it can be used to estimate is it realistic at all or not (with no guarantee of course). By the way, Canes do not need to think about climbing. All they have to do is try to get as many points as possible every night.
  4. I guess most of you know this, and it's quite ironical that above all the players Oskar Osala mentions Erik Cole as the player he aims to be like: .
  5. Oskar has a huge potential and I know he will be very good in NHL. I have been waiting that he will be called up and I am very happy that he is in Carolina now! Also I would love to see him playing in Helsinki again next autumn!
  6. Basically 1.5 points / game should be enough (or maybe even a bit less). In other words a record of 12-4-1 would probably do it. A while ago they needed about 1.7 points / game. This means that if they get points like they have got recently, we are in the playoffs! And of course it helps a lot if they win the right teams, like Atlanta and Montreal.
  7. The Finnish style is not to tell you good things about our country, keep this in mind while reading. The weather in Helsinki in October is terrible. It is dark, 5-10 Celsius-degrees (40-50 F-deg.), you don't be seeing the sun at all. Also (as a native) I think there's not much to see in Helsinki. Everything is smaller in Europe than in North America and Helsinki is relatively expensive place (depends on the exchange rate between Euros and USD, of course). However, if you just want to discover the life in here, this is a very good opportunity. October is also a good time to see some landscape in Lapland (Northern Finland; one should probably go there in September already). There are also good things about Finland: The general infrastructure in Finland works very well, the customer service is good, people are honest and helpful (but you have to ASK for help if you need it). Everybody in major cities speaks (or at least understands) English, but if you know some words in Finnish, it is very much appreciated. If you happen to be a celebrity, you might be disappointed, because everybody gets the same service in Scandinavia. It may be hard to find real luxus stuff (service etc.) in Finland, but in general where ever you go, there really should not be anything to complain about. Finland in general is not a bad place to be. And yes, it is very easy to get to the arena, it's one train stop from the city center (all the trains stop on that station). If there will be games against Finnish teams, there will be some in Helsinki and then most probably in Tampere or perhaps Oulu, both nice towns (210 000 and 130 000 inhabitants, ~160 and ~500 km to North from Helsinki, respectively). Information about the arena can be found at http://www.hartwall-areena.com/ Information about Helsinki can be found at http://www.helsinki.fi/en/index.html Information about Finland can be found at http://finland.fi/ and http://visitfinland.com/ If you have any questions, I am glad to answer. Also I would love to meet people from this forum in Helsinki.
  8. This is a bit strange, but I am actually hoping that someone will get injured so that JJ can get into Team Finland. As with defencemen, this goes with JJ: If you don't notice him, he's probably playing well. Further explanation: The defencemen don't see him either. He's there, he does not make noise out of himself and to surprise of many, he does the goal that is needed.As the saying goes: "If Jussi scores, the team wins!"
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