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  1. Canes power play already in mid-season form it looks like.
  2. RE: Ferland signing... I don't know if I'm the only one that got this impression but from the moment the Canes traded for Ferland, to me his body language and the way he reacted to the trade seemed as if he was not pleased at all about coming to Carolina and most definitely did not want to be here. Now the guy is a pro and he's not going to out right say that to the media or fans and he certainly hasn't let it affect his game but I don't think he was all that great at putting on a happy face about it either (compared to say Martinook). I think back to that one on one interview he did with Maniscalco at The Pit and to me that was just one of the most awkward conversations I've ever seen (true of most Maniscalco interviews... ) because the guy did not seem to be enjoying any of it at all - the food, the atmosphere, the city, the conversation, whatever. Of course this could just be his default personality and I've read him wrong but my first impressions usually end up being accurate. I like the guy and the game he brings and would love to keep him but I think it was a foregone conclusion from the moment we traded for him that he was not sticking around here. I'd love to be proven wrong on this though.
  3. I don't see that as a hole but rather reinforcing the need to have plenty of stock in the development system. You are right in that they won't always be young and cheap but as long as the system is deep you can trade a known quantity and feel relaxed because you know you have someone that is ready to make the jump up. My point is that from my perspective we are not currently at that level.
  4. Here is more than you will ever want to know. And in regards to the rest of the post, I certainly understand the temptation. Both are fine players and Landeskog is young and as you mentioned, signed for 4.5 years. But I look at his production and while it is nothing to sneeze at, I don't see it as anything beyond the realm of what some of our still-developing roster players couldn't bring soon (looking towards Aho, Teravainen, Lindholm, Rask). Sure, add Landeskog to all of those players I mentioned and it looks amazing up front but the cost of potentially poking a hole elsewhere doesn't seem worth it if you believe that the org has actually turned a corner in its player development skills.
  5. For the two players in question, my answer is no. But I may just be a fan that values my own players higher than others. Honestly though, I just get more enjoyment watching the yutes we develop grow into successful players that can take this team where it needs to go. Those successes just feel more sweet and earned than buying a high-priced UFA or trading for someone else's cast-offs. Of course that also has its own share of risks, ie. Boychuck and Murphy but I feel so much better about the development we provide our prospects now that those cases feel like outliers rather than the norm.
  6. I may be in the minority on this but from my point of view, the asking price as it stands is where any hypothetical trades with Colorado fall apart. Our young, uber defense JUST arrived on the scene last season. I'm not so eager to give any of that up yet until we know what we have in Fleury, McKeown, or Bean and whether they are ready to take the next step if we did want to move one of our roster defensemen - even for an elite forward like Duchene or Landeskog. And given the struggles in Charlotte, I'd say Fleury and McKeown still need a little more time in the oven. I know this team has had offensive woes in the recent past and that we have to take the recent goal scoring with a heavy grain of salt but I think when you look at this season as a whole there has been a slow, gradual build up to the increase in offense. To me, it seems like Coach Peters is of the mindset that a team doesn't have to rely on one or two elite forwards for offense. He wants offense that is spread throughout the line-up because that makes it so much more difficult for teams to match-up against us. As a budget-minded team, that strategy negates any immediate need for another elite forward when you can rely on scoring from any of your lines.
  7. Long time lurker, first time (I think?) poster... Like everyone else, I am very pleased with the way this team has played recently and while I understand the excitement and desire to theoretically add that "one-last-piece" to put this team over the top, I see the proposed trades involving Colorado and I can't help but think of it all as premature and counter productive to the goals that Francis has set forth for the franchise in regards to drafting and developing our own talent. Yes - at some point in the future this team will probably need to make some trades but in my opinion that time is not this season. We are right on the cusp of having real, legitimate depth both up front and on the back end but that depth is still shallow, unproven, and tenuous at this point. This rebuild is still realistically another two years before it is at the point where our prospects become the level of "overripe" that Francis is gunning for, so that we can both make trades from a serious position of strength AND have another guy that is ready to jump right in and fill any potential voids. As fans, we don't want to hear that this rebuild has 2 more years to go and it is hard for us to be patient - especially when we start seeing signs of this team moving in the right direction. Many of us see our recent success and want to take shortcuts to jump ahead but we've been down that road before (hi JR!) and we know where it leads. At best you get a short boost but it usually ends up costing us future playoffs because you've traded away your depth. The goal for this franchise is to perennially be in the playoffs and be bursting at the seams with home-developed talent so that you either have guys jumping in and succeeding at the roles you acquired them for (because you actually let them develop - what a novel idea!) or you have other teams knocking down your door and offering the world because your depth is that good. In regards to dealing Hanifin, I think it is waaaaaaay too early to be giving up on this kid. Yes, you have to give up quality to get quality in trades but the criticisms leveled at Hanifin to justify him being expendable are in my opinion short-sighted and based off unrealistic expectations due to the strong successes of Slavin and Pesce (and potentially Aaron Ekblad). The kid is just 19 (almost 3 years behind Slavin and Pesce who were actually allowed to develop in college and the AHL first), was thrown into the NHL probably prematurely, hasn't even completed 2 full seasons yet, and has at times had a rotating door for a defensive partner. Let's face it, he is having the dreaded sophomore slump that soooo many players end up going through but even his slump has not been the worst thing in the world. He has had defensive breakdowns for sure and has not put up Erik Karlsson-like offensive numbers but I'm not worried about him not living up to his potential because you know why? We have Steve Smith teaching him and molding him into that elite defenseman he was drafted to be. The tweaks that Steve Smith has made with our defense are nothing short of miraculous if you've witnessed the defenses that we've put on the ice in the past. Noah will get there, us fans just need to temper our expectations. I think we are on our way to the promised land but we still have a ways to go and I personally don't feel that either Duchene or Landeskog is worth deviating from The Plan© at this point. Were we still early on in our rebuild, perhaps those trades would sound better to me. But I like the way this team looks and I would rather see the yutes in our system rise to the top and put us over the top for years to come. None of this is to imply that you guys shouldn't daydream about possibilities. But don't lose sight of the bigger, longer-term picture in your desire to pick apart Colorado's carcass. Of course, knowing my luck though, tomorrow Francis will turn around and do the exact opposite of everything I just preached for...
  8. [quote name='topshelfavry wrote: yggsdrasil'] http://podcasts.nhl.com/2...9_12_03_paul_maurice.mp3 Thanks for the link and welcome Not sure why I cant open it though. if you have quicktime installed you can just click on the link and it should load it in a new window/tab. if you're trying to right click and save as then i'm not sure why it won't open unless they have some sort of file protection.
  9. http://podcasts.nhl.com/2...9_12_03_paul_maurice.mp3
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