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  1. At least 2 hours before if you really want to get in. Also, Why during th day on Friday, i have to work all day 8:00am to 10:00pm NOOOOOO. I have a sad.
  2. Will Eric be going to Rex for this MRI? I will not be in the area, but if I were, I'd totally want to go stand outside with a group of fellow caniacs to cheer and wish him the best.
  3. OK, so I have created a Fantasy Hockey league for interested canes fans. Name of the league is 'Caniac Connection' Message here with your e-mails if you are interested! I will send you an invite! Draft is currently set for SUNDAY, OCT 7th, 8:00pm, but can be changed if need be. Head to Head weekly scoring, playoffs. This should be good! GET IN ON IT!
  4. I am going to give this a shot. I wonder if they'll let me take my trombone to the audition. Doubtful. I would rather the canes tix than a measly little check each week. Plus get to meet the whole team/organization and be a caniac legend. I need to start practicing!
  5. Suttsy was my favorite Cane as well. I'm unbearably sad he is gone. Pittsburgh really milked us on this deal, but that discussion doesn't belong here. I want to see him become a huge asset for the Pens and in a few years, we'll buy him back. Oh Alternate Captain my Captain! The real deal Penalty Killin' Breakaway scorin' Speed skatin' Shot blockin' Snipe Shootin' forward
  6. People are already calling this the Pack 'N Canes arena. I like the idea.
  7. I don't know quite how to feel about this yet, but here are my initial thoughts. Looks like this decade will see 2 more teams added to the NHL which will be really cool. We are a team on the verge of collecting a GREAT team. We need to develop our young guys and trade for a top 6 forward or two. I look forward to the next few years.
  8. yes yes yes yes. and yes. I second everything that everyone has said thus far. This is going to be GREAT for the years to come. Muller seems to be exactly what this team and organization needs. Maybe in 5 years or so we'll see a C on Sutter's sweater. New era of Canes to come, excitement abounds!
  9. I was fortunate enough to be part of an on-ice puck shooting promotion at the Blackhawks game late October. One of the prize packages I won included a signed Kaberle photo. I almost gagged. I'm pretty sure I couldn't GIVE it away as tinder.
  10. Okay so, as far as I'm concerned the jury is out on Thomas Kaberle this season. He is a waste of good organization funds that can be used to foster more young talent, or support multiple players, perhaps one being our old friend Joseph Corvo. I have been unhappy with Kaberle's play all season thus far, and after tonight's game at home vs Buffalo I'm sick. I miss Joe Corvo's intelligent play and strong shot. Kaberle has a whopping 0 Goals and 4 Assists through 20 games. Christ, I mean Jiri Tlusty has more than that. Stats aside, he is a lazy skater and atrocious puck handler in the neutral zone. Tonight alone three of Buffalo's breakaways and odd man rushes were in direct result of his sloppy play. We hire this 'star power play puck mover' in the off-season, overpay him, and now rank 29th in the league in PP%. I think 1/4 of the season is enough time to realize Kaberle is a flop, and acquire someone else *cough Corvo cough*. But enough of my ranting; I'd like to hear what my fellow Caniacs think.
  11. So Brindy is going to start (if not already) his downward slope into retirement. Hmm... Also, they should at least give Timmy an A. Much deserved. Give credit where credit is due. And I agree fully with fpsndiver's statements. I will contine to watch Canes hockey with pride, and excitement for what is to come. All good prospects.
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