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  1. I love hockey and have a disability a heart problem. I have heard of this program after watching a NCTV program on youtube. It looked like it was just right for me! I was wondering if there is any parents out there who have kids of their own in it and know what the ages are for it? I am 27 but I want to play hockey up here in Boone where I am located there are no ice rinks and the ASU team plays in Charlotte lol. Where they would have the practices at Winston Salem would be the easiest for me to travel. If your a parent and experience this with your child can you tell me what you think of it and how does it work for you and your family? I am very much looking forward to getting to play hockey any way I can. Send me some advice would be great. Thanks, JD
  2. Well I'm doing this so that my profile is updated on here so I can be able to post new topics lol. I was here last year on the same name. I have been a canes fan since they've moved to Greensboro and always grown up watching hockey. It's my favorite sport. I am going to the Predators Vs Canes game this Friday can't wait!
  3. Mayo83


    Even if I was Brind AMour and at his age. Only scoring 3 goals this year so far. I wouldn't retire even if my team would wanted me too. I would like to keep that 1 million dollars my self.
  4. I wonder if Brind AMour doesn't it do it on his own as in retire after this season he'll more than most likely be put on waivers. What do you all think?
  5. I think your right because I remember seeing him on the ice during that point after I saw Carson. But I did get Yelle's autograph to. I can't remember what session he was in. I was in Green Group.
  6. Hey Keith sorry to tell you but the Hurricanes suck more than the Oilers do right now.
  7. Check this out I made the slide show for skate with the canes on the website. My photo is of me shaking hands with Chad LaRose. As you can tell from the other photos my # is 83. Check it out. http://hurricanes.nhl.com...lerylanding.htm?id=11756
  8. I say sign Ray Whitney and Matt Cullen and trade Scott Walker and Stephane Yelle.
  9. [quote name='Appstatecanesfan wrote: Mayo83']What about #27 or #57? According to the roster he's going to be wearing 67 I had him wear 71 because it's 17 reversed I guess because you said you liked it if he would wear #71 lol. Why we're talking about his number selection, I don't know
  10. On that link it said “Nonstopoulos” that's totally different from KANTSTOPME. I mean I can see the similarities but anyways. I'd just thought it was cool saying it like that.
  11. Seriously? Because I've just now started calling him that. I never knew that Montreal called him that.
  12. I know what you mean. I have a lot of friends name Ryan lol.
  13. God I hope not. After skating with the canes and getting to meet him and get his autograph. He's been my favorite new cane player since Tuomo Ruutu.
  14. Why is everybody wanted the team to loose and get the first draft round pick. I mean it's not like their wont be a player like Crosby, Ovechkin, or another Staal in it? That I know of. I mean I want our boys to win!
  15. Hey I didn't know how to skate and it was my first time. But I wanted to be out there to meet them. I didn't fall down once! I was so proud of my self lol. It was hard at first that's for sure. But I got use to it after that. Being out on the ice as the same guys as the pros it was a awesome experience. The organization did a great job too I agree with you on that. They did a super job on it!
  16. Well after the way how this season has been and the players with all their injuries. I think anyone of us fans could be the "C" of the team.
  17. When Cole comes back I am sure he'll be with Staal and Whitney.
  18. Sure thing. If anybody else has any please post them. I would like to see yours too.
  19. Hey guys here are some more photos that I took at Skate With the Canes. Enjoy.
  20. I've notice that too. I thought that was interesting because I was like aren't they still hurt. Maybe their traveling with the team for practices on the road games?
  21. Thank you very much Fkelly. I really appreciate it. I had a feeling that the second picture it was Yelle. If anybody else wants to see more pictures let me know. I got a bunch. It was such a fun night.
  22. Hey guys. I had a awesome time for my first time with skate the canes. But cane somebody please help me with these pictures. The one player beside my friend Johnny in the locker room. I am wearing a canes jersey. The other was a player beside Brett Carson. We were with the Green Group. It was so much fun. Please help me I can't tell these AHL guys names by just looking at their faces with out a number or their last name. At that time I didn't get a good look at them lol. But anyways if you tell me I would very much appreciate it.
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