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  1. Allow me to retort. It's true I come off a bit negative in my posts here and I apologize for that. I just sometimes get annoyed with how unmitigatingly excited people get about moves the organization makes that some folks have little up-front knowledge about. However, since you felt the need to dig up year-old posts of mine to try and diminish my credibility, let's review the underlying concepts of those posts and go from there: 1. "We're one skill player injury away from being in REALLY bad shape": this rang true last offseason and still does. Because our cap is so damn near maxed, we can't afford to spend on what we desperately need most which is another top-notch scorer to help Staal. 2. "Erik Cole is expendable...": again, this was true when we dealt him for Pitkanen and is still true, evidenced by the fact that his recent signing was certainly no "slam dunk" and was not handled matter-of-factly as if we couldn't have gotten along without him. 3. "I've seen a lot of Pitkanen and his defense has not impressed": I stand by this because although he is gifted offensively, the guy's a defensive turnstile and is not worth what he's paid. The Philly and Edm organizations would echo that sentiment. Don't give me "oh but his +/- is good" nonsense either because there are 4 other players and a goalie on the ice with this guy at all times who help clean up his defensive zone messes. 4. "John Graham stink, period...": He was a standout in college, then stunk in Boston, was marginally better in TB and went on to stink here which to me, was clear-as-day going to happen, yet a lot of people were flat out EXCITED about this signing and lauded Rutherford for it. *Don't take my word on Alberts though; you'll have plenty of time to sit back and watch his play for yourself. Then you can decide if he's worth the $$ he's being paid. I'm just saying, I would (if I were a betting man) bet that this guy winds up on waiver or spends half the season in street clothes as our #7. Just saying...
  2. Uh, no. Horrendous signing. I live in the Philly area and get to watch all Flyers games, all the time. This guy is an absolute nightmare with the puck in his own zone and takes foolish penalty after foolish penalty. I remember saying all last season that he doesn't even deserve a two-way contract, let alone to be in an NHL team's top 6 Dman corps. This was a waste of cash, no matter how little he costs. -Ryan
  3. Any chance the Canes might take a flyer on Brendan Morrison? He will come cheap, has upside, and could help strengthen us up the middle. I understand this probably a secondary or even tertiary concern behind finding a scoring winger and Komisarek/Ward-type Dman, but it's still in the realm of possibility, right? Thoughts??
  4. I will go on record as saying that would be a fantastic signing which is exactly why it won't happen.
  5. Well, if you're all right (and you probably are), I'll be one of the first to say I'm not the least bit excited about this team. We're one skill-player injury away from finishing 2nd or 3rd in the worst division in hockey since the Norris Division of the old days.
  6. Living in the Philly area, I've had an opportunity to see a lot of Pitkanen over the years. He's an outright lousy defenseman, totally underachieving his level of promise. He's very soft defensively and has been getting hurt quite a bit in recent times. While I think Cole had done as much for us as he ever was going to and have no problem with seeing him dealt, I think Pitkanen was a lousy trade option. Chalk this up as another in a string of bad GM moves over the last 2 yrs of player movement which began with the John Graham signing. -Ryan
  7. I'll be there in section 102 (I think), I'll update that later when I have another look at the tickets. I'll be wearing my classic Kevin Dineen road Whalers jersey- just look for the Green and you won't be able to miss me. Oh, and I'm from Philly but hate cheese steaks and am not a Flyers fan, somewhat of a rebel I guess. LOL
  8. I do feel kinda worrisome about our defense in the upcoming years with this deal, especially with Hedican and Wesley most likely gone at the end of this upcoming season... You hit the nail on the head- Cullen's a nice little player, but this sounds like a Flyers contract deal. I don't like it...
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