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  1. A series of a ton of defensive breakdowns, inability to put the Puck in the net, Ward not looking his normal Play Off self, weird bounces and way too many late goals at the end of periods. Momentum Killers. Maybe we were beat up and out of gas, but most Teams are at this time of year. The Pens just had too much for us to handle this time around. I wish them well and hope they win the Stanley Cup. I think it should be a great series because I think Detroit will have alot more for them to deal with. We looked tired by Game 4 and although I think Detroit might be the better team Player for Player ( considering both Teams are Healthy ). The Pens looked pretty impressive in their own right. Which brings us to the Goaltenders and this is where the Winner in my opinion will be determined. Whoever plays the best between Osgood and Fleurry. Fleurry was great against us. Sure lucky at times but that's part of the Game. My apologizes for ruling out the BlackHawks at this point. I would sincerely like to see them make a magical run and come back to beat Detroit. But with a 3 to 1 Lead and two Games at Detroit that truly would be magical feat. Again great Season Canes. You gave us some of the greatest moments ever in those first two series and good luck to the Pens. May another Staal's name go on Lord Stanley's Trophy.
  2. Score on a 4 on 3. How bout a shot on Net? We took one shot to the best of my memory and it was from the point and missed the net. Not too hard to cover us when our guys just basically stood there and passed the puck back and forth. No cutting. Anything. I can honestly say our Power Play was horrible last night. The Pens had more chances on our Power Play then we did. What's up with Eric Cole? He's playing hard but can't throw it in the Ocean from the Beach. Whew... And has anyone told Eric Staal that this Series has started? Not only is Malkin and Crosby outshining him. His brother seems to shutting him down completely. Brindamour, Cullen, Whitney, Samsonov, Walker is anybody going to help Jokinen and Larose ( MVP of Series so far for the Canes ) score? Use the Fourth Line more. They are atleast out there hustling. Our Defense looks slow and soft ( Hit someone in front our net ) and Cam has looked mortal at best. Never seen him give up so many shots that he gets a good look at and the breakaway the other night he got embarrassed. Well now that I got that off my chest I still think we can win this series. The Defense has to play Defense first. We have gotten chances. The Offense needs a few breaks and someone to put the puck in the net. Cam has to be a better Cam. Sure with a bounce here and there we could be tied or even up in this Series. But we can't wait on the breaks to finally go our way and we have to shut down there big Scorers. We pretty much did Game One but Malkin went off last night. If I have to see a shot of his Parents one more time this Series I think I'll puke.. Take two at the RBC and Series back on if not could be a very short Eastern Final.
  3. First of all what a bunch of Tick Tack calls to start the Game. The whole series they've let things go and then when the Bruins are on the brink of elimination we get a whole different way the Refs call the Game. It's like the NBA bringing in the Series extenders. I thought it really took us out of our Game early. Amazing. Then the Scotty Walker punch. From Game One A. Ward has been going after Cullen and Staal. Walker had simply had enough. Ward got his stick up high on Cullen again. He had also sucker punched Cullen with his free hand Game One after a check. So Ward had to know Walker meant business. He had already dropped his gloves. Ward should have atleast defended himself. Walker will get a suspension in my opinion but not sure if he deserves it and it didn't bother me any seeing him deck Ward. We had taken his and their *edit* long enough. Plus Conboy also got hit before he dropped his gloves by Thornton in the first fight. So if Walker goes. I'd say Thornton goes. On the Jussi Slash. I thought it looked alot worst the first time also. Great embellishing on Chara's part the more I watched it. Let's leave that one in Boston and put them away tomorrow night. Go Canes.
  4. I take back every bad word I've ever said about Tripp. Especially if the current trend continues. Game 7. All we hear about is Marty Brodeur. The Shark smells blood. He is feeling it now. He was in a Zone. I thought it was going to be impossible to score on this guy. Brodeur totally tanks. Gives up two late Goals and we are on to Round 2. For almost Two periods last night I actually thought Chara had turned into the second coming of Ray Bourke. But a Bionic version. They had built him bigger, faster and stronger. Then near the end of the second period he too became Mortal. In Over Time Samsonov undresses him the Juice grabs the rebound and he SCORES. Canes up Two Games to One. I love the Tripster. I hope he goes off on Tim Thomas tomorrow night. They will have to pull him by the Second Period. Go CANES.....
  5. I'll tip my hat to Forslund last night. I thought he was exceptional and even took our part when his Side Kick ( whoever that Dude was ) kept making it seem early like we were completely overmatched. John reminded him a couple of times that we had the same start against the Devils. Huge win. Series On. Didn't mean to get the wolves out after Tripp. I personally just get a little frustrated with him when we are losing and he goes overboard on the other Team's players. I felt he was sliding there in Game One. But he seems to have a lot of loyalty towards him on this Board and yes I know and have known he is not going anywhere. So maybe I should have nixed the post. Not that Bruins players didn't deserve alot of praise Game One. We played a pretty soft and lack of passion Game. Even Ward looked a little off. Last night entire different Canes Team. Cam Ward ruled. He was awesome and does any one else think Aaron Ward is kind of cheap. The only hard hit I saw in Game One was him on Cullen which I'm cool with but looked like he semi sucker punched him after the check. I've seen him go after some of our other players in Games past too. Not that he should play any different against us but seems like he gets a little extra chippy.
  6. Caniac97. So what is the purpose of having Ron Francis on the Bench with Maurice? Nobody can say for sure unless they are JR's paperweight ( how do you know I'm not? maybe closer ) but what is the rational thinking? I never said it would be Ronnie Francis if things went bad. I just can't imagine him being what appears to be groomed if we aren't at least giving that consideration for the future.
  7. Points all taken. I'm still picking Tim Thomas as his man of the next series. I realize I can turn the sound off. I can go to the Games which I do when they are home. I haven't heard alot of other announcers so maybe I don't realize how good we have it and I still can *edit* that Tripp drives me crazy. I don't mind the food conversations and he actually is funny at times but when we have just blown a three Goal lead or I'm frustrated because we are fighting for our Playoff life and can't seem to get one by Marty Brodeur. I don't want to hear about the Molson Miracle, or how great Marty Brodeur is. That's just me. Just voicing MY opinion. You all can love Tripp. I'm not asking you not to. I just think he could be a little more pro Canes and a little less PRO every other Superstar in the League. Kaiton does get excited when the other Team scores I can't imagine calling a Game and not. Just would like a little more energy on our side of things when Forslund and Tripp call our Games. Is that really too much to ask? And yes I know Forslund announces for VS from time to time and does a great job. He knows Hockey. Whew. You would have thought I started a post to fire Paul Maurice. Whoa. Just Joking. Let's not go there. I remember all you Canes fans never going to another Game if we hired back Maurice. Probably the same ones giving me hell because I posted that Tripp must go. Anyway back to Hockey. I don't think I've ever seen a better series of Hockey even if I had to listen to the Tripster.. And no you can't turn down the sound and put on Kaiton because the Radio is on delay and it messes with your head. Tim and Jackie Gleason. Tripp and *edit* Tracey now that guy or girl was funny.
  8. You may have a point there Ice Froggy. Maybe it's just my hostility when we are losing and I am unfairly blaming Tripp for it. Must of been the case. Every Game since 2002. And who is big bopper or the assistant that popped up on my Computer. If you don't like my post delete it. Don't make Rookie or Research comments. How lame..
  9. Not trying to make anyone Defensive. Ease up. And no. I don't want complete Homers either. Just not so much lavished on other Teams Stars. It gets old. We all know how great Oveckin and Crosby are. Hey Forslund is a good play by play guy. Seems like he's auditioning for a better gig though. Just not enough Homer for me and that's just my opinion. Three disgruntled people on Tripp. LOL. Love to see a poll on that one. Hey. I've met him and he's a good guy. I just personally think he is a terrible Color Commentator and obviously others do to. On to Boston. Where Tim Thomas will be the next greatest Goalie in the World. I just happen to think we have a pretty good one playing for us that was nothing short of amazing in the Third Tuesday night. That kind of sounded like the Tripster. Maybe I'll ask JR for the job.
  10. Well I guess I'm not alone then. If year after year someone starts this post. I guess it was my year. LOL
  11. Awe the Mo haters. Eat some more crow and then admit the guy deserves a new contract. Come on. What does the guy have to do? He took a job nobody in their right mind would have due to the Circumstances. This Team had partially quit on Lavi but Hockey has changed since 2006 too. It has slowly gone back a little in the direction of the 2002 style. Now don't jump on me and say it's not even close. You're right. But it's not even close to how it was called in 2006 either. Lavi's style wasn't working. Maurice's has. Give the guy a contract. He's deserved it. The style he Coaches works the way it's being called right now. If we start to stink next year then we all know who's waiting in the wings if he wants the job but for now they make a hell of a Combo. Boston's up next. Not sure you can top last series though. Go Canes.
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