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  1. Hope you guys don't mind the plug but one of my colleagues did a feature on Eric Staal in the last issue of PuckLife, thought you might enjoy it. Keep in mind it was written back when it didn't look like the Canes were going to push for a playoff spot.
  2. I hate to say it but social media seems to be king these days. You just need to cipher though what's fact and what's fiction.
  3. I have to agree with you on this one. I think the whole resting the goalie issue is a bit of a myth. There's a big debate around the league about this, especially in markets where the starters play a lot of games. I'm sure not many goalies over the past couple decades started 70 or more games in a season so for the few that did the odds of winning the cup aren't great (1 and 16 chance each year). That statistic is destined to be low. I agree goalies need games off but the physical tole isn't overwhelming, as someone said above, it's probably more mental than anything.
  4. I'm a little surprised Atlanta pretty much gave Bergfors away. From a far it looks like he has lots of upside but maybe there's a reason he keeps getting thrown in trades.
  5. I think Boyes was a steal and agree a change of scenery could help. He played well when he first got to St. Louis from Boston but kind of faded. You have to wonder about that trend though. You'd like to see him be more consistent. There's a reason some of these guys get traded, especially ones that have the talent of a Boyes.
  6. Agreed. Not to mention he's a UFA next season so there is literally no risk involved. I imagin he'll get a little more motivated playing at MSG vs. whatever the building they have in Florida is called.
  7. I'm not sold on McCabe and I'm not sure I would label him a steal. He's really fallen off but maybe the trade to NYR will re-energize him.
  8. We(PuckLife) do a lot of profiles on kids at the minor hockey and high school level and I can tell you there's 4-5 kids on the Jr. Hurricanes that are pretty decent prospects, Charlie being the top. I think you'll start to see Carolina kids making waves at the college and junior levels and hopefully in the NHL soon rather then later. Just look at what's happening in california.
  9. I had a chance to talk to Dave Stubbs this weekend, he covers the Habs for the Montreal Gazette. He brought up this incident and reaffirmed it was a francophone who wasn't able to pick up on some of the subtlties and tone because of the language barrier. Montreal is a difficult place to play for any player, nevermind a young player with as much personality as Subban and to a lesser extent Price. I actually think it's almost too perfect having those two in that city. Makes it 10x more interesting than if they were in a smaller non-hockey market.
  10. Agreed but there's always a sleeper or two in every draft. I'm sure more then a few late firsts, 2nd and 3rds will turn into decent NHL'ers. It is a crap-shoot though. Feels like I'm the only one on the planet that thinks Versteeg can be a top 6 forward.
  11. I gotta say I'm pretty shocked the Preds gave up a first rounder for Fisher. He's a good addition and a great guy to have on your roster for the playoffs but that seems a bit steep, even though it'll be a mid-to-late first rounder. Love the Frolik acquisition for the Hawks. I think he's got the potential to break out big-time for the Hawks.
  12. Burke definitely set this kid up for failure from the get-go. Even if he didn't have to give up much to get him, which he did, Kessel never had the right demeanour to be successful in Toronto. Add in that Burke mortgaged the future to get him, he never stood a chance. I know it was just an all-star game but he certainly didn't respond to being picked last either.
  13. Did you guys catch the audio of the interview today? He sounds like an awkward 12 year-old kid talking to adults instead of a professional hockey player who should be better at dealing with the media then he is right now.
  14. Cooke is a dirty player, there's no secret there. Unfortunately for him, any borderline play will come under scrutiny because of his reputation.
  15. Giving up any part of the future to get Iginla doesn't make a lot of sense. He's the type of player that can put a team that's on the cusp over the top. That's not the Canes.
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