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  1. Before everyone bashes me for saying this, and yes you have every right too and I won't snap at you or troll you for doing so, I just want to say that I needed to vent. I love this team, I bleed for the Canes and a lot of my spare time (and income, which there is not a whole lot of as a college student) goes to this team. I really don't care if we win another game this year. What I do NOT want to see, is that traditional Carolina Hurricanes run at the end of the season when we win a bunch of games down the stretch, finish 10th and end up picking 14th in the draft and getting a mid level prospect. You cannot play the way this team has played for the last 6 weeks, in a season this short, and expect the season to be anything short of what it's become, a lost cause. Let the young guns come up and play, seeing Blanchard for a bit tonight was a pleasure. What will bother me is if we magically come together as a team, rally around this corpse of a season, and rail off 8 straight wins and screw ourselves over more. I'm not saying roll over and die and insult the fans who will still pack PNC to watch the games, win or lose, but will it really hurt to let the young guys get more minutes? Am I crazy for thinking the way I am? I thought I was, but this is a trend, every year we don't make the playoffs, we do everything possible to compound our misery. I wouldn't mind seeing Seth Jones as a Hurricane, would you?
  2. He responded well, offered me a lot of insight. When discussing the continued financial investment in the team, he pointed out that we get a new television contract kicking in next year that may add somewhere around 10 million to the operating budget, which will hopefully be put back into the on-ice product.
  3. Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to get back on here, had a busy week. I met with Mr. Rutherford as I mentioned, and we discussed a wide variety of topics: The team, fan relations, community relations, just general fan perspectives of the team on and off the ice. I took some of the concerns off here and incorporated them with my own to create a "pulse of the canes" which I provided Mr. Rutherford as a sort of cliff notes for the meeting. The biggest thing, and I made sure to do this first because it meant something to me, was that I stood up for us as fans. I'll (basically) quote: The opening week blitz is great. really. its probably the best thing the team could have done coming off of all that negative attention. And despite what I, and many fans felt during the lockout, we are going to come back. We love this team, Caniacs are die hard and passionate, and we will always come back. I'm not saying the team has to go all out like this, all the time to keep us around, but I'd like to say, continue to show that appreciation. Thank you fans was painted on the blue lines last lockout, show us you care, because we suffered the most, and it wasn't our fault
  4. Pepcane: That's the biggest point and the first thing I'm going to address. We don't want to fall into a cycle of have a decent season and then start losing because we can't afford players like the Marlins do in baseball, we want to make sure that this offseason is going to be the culture, not the "flavor of the month" as my friend put it.
  5. Thank you for all the replies everyone. My goal is to maximize this meetings potential on behalf of all of us, thats why I came and posted on here in the first place, because I know that everyone here has true opinions and cares about the team, I didn't mean to stir up any sort of animosity. But I will take points I've seen here down, and will continue to check back on this thread till I leave tomorrow for any new ones, but I like what I'm seeing so far, this is exactly why I asked.
  6. I'm hoping so, I'm hoping to provide him fan insight that is concise and objective, let him know what's on our mind.
  7. Hey there folks, Long story I can get too later nutlike it says, I'm meeting with our GM for a little Thursday morning, just as a fan talking to the GM. My plan is to ask for as many different opinions on the team, etc. in these next couple days to make sure I maximize the opportunity I've been given to voice fan concerns. I know people who post on these message boards are true fans whose input I would value in coming up with what I'd like to address, I'm hoping to speak on all of our behalf. So with that in mind, post your thoughts on the team, what would you tell JR if given the chance?
  8. Let me start off by saying no I don't know if we're going to win the cup or if this team is one for the ages, but I can smell at least a chance at the playoffs again, I don't know about all of you, but I miss the playoffs. I just want to thank the organization for actually going out and giving us something to be excited about, instead of signing more "hard working, team type" third line guys. Please don't get me wrong, you need those people to win hockey games, they're the life blood of teams. But you need third line guys playing on the third line, not three lines full of them. I'm just saying it's great to see six top six guys in our lineup as opposed to the three to four we're used too. I came on here a couple years ago and said I never want to hear this team complain about a budget when all of us who are dedicated enough to be on message boards probably dump half or more of our disposable income to the team. And I'm willing to give the team credit for going out and making a statement, THE CANES ARE HERE TO PLAY!
  9. does it HAVE to be justin peters? I mean I don't know about you guys but if I head to a game or watch one on TV and see justin peters between the pipes I just chalk up the L, and I'm right most of the time. Half decent backup so Cam doesn't have to start 75 for us to have a shot at the playoffs... that's all I ask
  10. Sadly I don't, but this needs to be said sometime
  11. Dear Jim Rutherford, Let's be honest, both of us, Jordan Staal is there to be had. He turned down the penguins extension, and he wants to come here and be reunited with his big brother, tear up the league, win a cup together if they can. We've ALWAYS been that big time second line center away from having an incredible, playoffs EVERY year not just every few years type of team. This is our chance, the ball is in our court, we have all the leverage here! Although you're a smart man and you already knew that. The fact of the matter is, nothing we do with the number 8 pick is going to have as much of a return as acquiring Jordan Staal would be, we're not in a "rebuilding" nonsense phase anymore, we're RIGHT THERE, on the cusp, one piece away. It's time to pull the trigger, make the right decision, because you know more than any of us that one good phone call will get it all done. Regards, Caniac Nation Spokesman
  13. If he wants to stay, pay him, and keep him here. Someone with clout in the organization probably reads over these message boards every now and then, hear me out... We're already a top six forward short of the team we need to compete in this league. So trading away a legitimate top six forward that we already have would be a bad decision, to top it off he's a fan favorite, all the energy he gives to this team and a crowd can't be replaced with a decent draft pick and a bag of pucks. For all the money I (and im sure many of you because lets face it, who posts on message boards? the hardcore puckheads and i respect every single one of you) spend in regards to this team, if Ruutu wants to stay here, I don't want to hear the word "budget" in the explanation for why he left, I won't stand for it.
  14. I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong place and Mods please move this if it is... I don't know if anyone with any clout in the organization reads these message boards or ever will, but I could think of no other modus in which to post this, my heartfelt plea: Please Please Please Do Not Trade Tuomo Ruutu I've heard Ruutu's name in so many trade rumors recently and I'm pretty sure at this point I hear them almost yearly and it's starting to get a little tense. I have been a Caniac for as long as I have loved the game of hockey, before the first trip to the cup finals against the Red Wings, and Tuomo Ruutu is one of my favorite Hurricanes players of this or any other era of our team. He brings a presence that can score, he can check, he brings energy to the team and the crowd, and he's not just my favorite player, he's a fan favorite, with a great personality to connect with Caniac Nation I have put up with all of the disappointments and heartbreak associated with the Hurricanes as well, throwing away the playoff berth last year, the years we go without playoffs between our incredible runs, the lost season that is this year (But I know Captain Kirk will bring us back to the promise land, please don't start thinking I'm a Hurricanes basher, I'm a fan and a very passionate one) Management, you have already screwed up this season by waiting so long to fire Paul Maurice and leaving us a hole that's seemingly too big to climb out of. Please DO NOT Make another huge mistake and trade away Tuomo Ruutu, for the sake of the betterment of the team and the soul of the fans who stick by you through thick and thin and those of us like me who can attribute most of our disposeable income to Carolina Hurricanes expenses, No Matter how well or how bad the team is playing, we'll always be there. Please do the right thing, Ruutu is a Hurricane and should continue to be so Sincerely, A Lifetime Caniac, and President of the Ruutu Regiment
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