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  1. As much as I don't want them to win, I think the crapitals will take it this year.
  2. Agreed that pork is NC's food. It'd be nice to throw something on the ice like the squid. I do think one of our greatest traditions, so to speak, is that we have the loudest and most loyal fan base in the league during the regular season, and then more during playoffs. Especially only after having the sport in the area a little over ten years.
  3. I doubt Gary Buttman buzzkill bretthittman oh excuse me Bettman would come down to announce Brindy's retirement. I'm sure it's either to give us the news of the ASG in Raleigh or that we're leaving Raleigh...I'm certain it's not the latter - don't take it out of context ;-)
  4. Canes, NHL to Make Major Announcement Thursday News conference to take place at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, 04.07.2010 / 3:41 PM / News By Paul Branecky RALEIGH, NC—The National Hockey League and the Carolina Hurricanes will make a major announcement at a news conference on Thursday, April 8, at the RBC Center at 12:30 p.m. WHAT: News conference and media availability WHEN: Thursday, April 8, 2010 * 12:30 p.m. WHERE: RBC Center South Lawn WHO: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, Hurricanes Owner/CEO/Governor Peter Karmanos Jr., Hurricanes President/General Manager Jim Rutherford, others Hurricanes fans are also invited to come watch the news conference, as it will take place during the “Caniac Cookout” on the South Lawn. Speakers will be set up for fans to hear the announcement, as well as the media question and answer session. For more information on the Caniac Cookout, please visit: http://carhur.com/850. Thursday’s news conference will also be available on the team’s web site, http://carolinahurricanes.com, streaming live. I bet they announce the All-Star game for Raleigh.
  5. Legace all the way - especially if we can keep him at a low salary. Peters is too risky. Once he gets into a slump, he stays there and can't pick himself up and when he's on his game, it's not spectacular. Legace is always the same player and a lot of times is fantastic. Also, he can pick up a game at any time. As long as the guys in front of him play well, he will.
  6. Anybody think McBain looks like Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?
  7. I agree with the Pitkanen thing, not the Cole trading ;-P. I think he's a pretty lazy player and I don't think he's about to change that work ethic problem. I do think we will acquire a good defensive mind in the summer with all our assets and cap range. I'd like to see McBain in a game where he's actually practiced with the team.
  8. What could be better? A Canes win on your birthday!...and a hat trick by Manny Legace!... and BTW...noticing your Forslundry - I rode with him in an elevator Game 1 of the Edmonton series in '06. I was lucky enough to work the Hardee's booth since I didn't have tickets.
  9. Keep Pothier - he's been huge for us so far, much more than Corvo, I think. As for his age...we need some vets. If we resign anyone that has left, I'd say Cullen. Even then, I'm redisent to bring back any players traded this season. Build off what we have - it's been fantastic so far. If we can use our assets for picks and for trading, we'll be in good shape. The cap - I don't think we'll have trouble with that - it's not like we have two 9 mil players, or one for that matter.
  10. Dreger today: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=309944 Ray Whitney is still a member of the Carolina Hurricanes, despite talk of a possible trade leading up to Friday's Olympic deadline freeze. The Los Angeles Kings still have interest in the 37-year-old, who has 45 points this season, including 17 goals and 28 assists. Carolina believes they will get a first round pick and a prospect inreturn for Whitney, who wants an extension and would waive his no-tradeclause for a two-year extension. Originally, when this trade was proposed to him, he asked for a three-year extension and Los Angeles countered with one-year. If the Kings were to give the extra year, this trade would likely happen. It remains in a holding pattern and will likely be a deadline deal. --------------------------- I'd love to see Whitney stay with the core.
  11. Wasn't the shot a slap shot? From what I remember her was in the corner and one-timed it.
  12. I understand Joni is many fan's favorite. Cole is mine and he's injured a lot so I understand people ripping on him. This isn't intended as a bash; simply an opinion on one of the influential players on my favorite team. I've always had beef with Pitkanen because they traded away my favorite player, Cole, for him. Putting that aside, I'm still not convinced of his playing ability and his choices on the ice. It's probably mostly the coaches fault keeping him on the ice for so long; if it effects his game, he shouldn't play that long. Also, he is a defenseman. First and foremost, IMO, he should protect the goal and then support the forwards and, last, drive the opposition's goal. Because he pinches so much and tries to go in, there have been many times that I find myself yelling at the TV because Joni's not getting back and goals are scored because of it. Joni has 3 goals this season and a bunch of assists. Assists are great especially for defense. I believe Joni should go back to basics of defense and stay conservative in the neutral and offensive zones. His rating is the second lowest defensive at -16 while Andrews, Carson and Gleason are even or above par. IMO, and it's not worth much, this kind of performance doesn't deserve 4 million, which is the second highest pay on the team (per NHLPA.com). If I were JR, I would think of freeing the cap with this defenseman.
  13. You're not the only one. I've kept my faith quiet from my co-workers to avoid ultimate humiliation, but I still believe.
  14. Great first game for a upcoming talented goaltender. If he makes it to the backup position behind Cam, I hope they play him more than they let Leighton play. I attribute Leighton's lackluster performances for the 'Canes due to not playing in enough games.
  15. The only reason Pitkanen isn't a forward is because of his lack of an accurate shot, even though he plays like a forward and lets the opposition into our zone. Just my thoughts; probably not worth the penny.
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