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  1. You misunderstood what they were saying xray, I was listening to the same thing. They said he had a torn "heart-ilage", meaning they think that he just doesn't care. That's something that Matt B always says about guys not trying hard enough.
  2. I'll be there Monday, July 15 at 7:30. I'll wave to you Iguana and *edit*!
  3. For those worrying about AT&T, I think you are fine depending on your package. I see both the season opener and home opener on my channel guide now. I didn't see them until today. I live in the Raleigh area so I don't know if my channel numbers are the same as yours, but for me the season opener is on channel 1726 (FSHDa2) and the home opener is on channel 1728 (SPSHDa - which is Fox Sports South). Check your guide again. As I mentioned above I didn't start seeing the listing for the games on the channel guide until this morning.
  4. I liked Evenstrength's answer, but to be different... 1) Record for the remaining 10 games: 4-4-2 2) Will the Canes make the playoffs? No
  5. Total points = 79 Total wins = 35 1 EC finish = 11th place 1 Most points = Eric Staal 1 Best = Tom Kostopoulos Tie breaker - Jussi points = 63 Total = 3 points
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