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  1. I'd say a 6x6 deal for Oshie is a very fair price. He is a skilled player that has some grit and should have a lot left in the tank. His shoot out prowess alone should be a major reason to target him. We always need help in that department. (Hopefully Darling will get us a few more points in shoot outs also.) I also see Oshie as a leader and potential captain for this team. He has way more winning seasons and playoff appearances under his belt than any other current player or potential acquisition and we desperately need a leader. Roddy was around the same age when we got him and we all know what happened there.. Landeskog would be my other preference as a big name to go after. Like Rem mentioned he may be had at a bit of a discount (I say first rounder and third rounder and grade A prospect, thus keeping our lineup intact, to help jumpstart the Av's rebuild.) But we get skill and grit NOW. He could help open up our undersized yet highly skilled guys and also add leadership in the form of a young guy who has been in that role before. pipe dreams.... I know.
  2. I use an Amazon Firestick to stream the games with the Fox Sports Go app. I borrow the login and password from my sister. It works great. There are also streams available from different add-ons using the Kodi App on my Amazon Firestick. You could also stream the games from NHL.com if you want to pay for it...
  3. Chantel was horrible. No way around it. But what was worse? How about Tripp Tracy hitting on her right off the bat? My girlfriend, who is not familiar with hockey/the canes/Trip Tracy on any level, was repulsed when Trip blatantly sexually harassed Chantel on air. I know Trip has been around forever, and we seem to put up with his cheesy antics, but this was way overboard. It is hard to introduce someone to the game and MY team when first thing she hears is Tripp Tracy making a pass at the new girl on air. I was mildly embarrassed that this team that I have supported since day one, employs such an unprofessional person. Needless to say, I don't think my girlfriend will be watching anymore games on TV. Hopefully I can get her hooked by taking her to a few games...
  4. I have always been a huge advocate for Joni but he has a lot more trade value. AND I feel McBain and Joni are very similar in style of play and ability, yet Joni cost $3,000,000 more (and is older and is injury prone.) Thus, there is no need for both. And, in fear of seeming argumentative, I don't think either of them is our BEST defense man. Faulk and Harrison can hold their own, both offensively and defensively, and are possibly the two greatest values in the NHL right now. Money aside, they are the most complete and effective defense men in my opinion.
  5. I too am very concerned about these guys (Boychuk and Dalpe.) Don't get me wrong I would love for both of them to break out and become scoring machines at the NHL level, but I have a hard time thinking history won't repeat itself. Neither player has been effective playing up. Both seem to be undersized and out muscled by NHL foe. I hope there is something there that I have yet to see or that JR has a move coming up to bring in a proven scorer in this dash to the playoffs type season. Also having McBain on the sidelines watching does not seem like the most effective thing to do IMO. What do you guys think? Use him or Pitkanen in a trade to get where we need to be offensively? Bring in a Whitney or Stillman type vet? I am more or less thinking out loud but I also think we are on piece away from being an elite team. If only #15 were healthy... I would have a lot more peace of mind.
  6. Jussi in place of Dalpe or Boychuk, if you are going by the Depth Chart. Gomez is a center. Jussi is a winger. Dalpe and Boychuck are AHL'ers. Neither has proven themselves playing up. This is a short season and we don't have time to "see if they come around." Is Gomez THE answer? Probably not. But he is a proven NHL vet who has shown more offensive upside in the NHL than Dalpe and Boychuk combined. Jussi produces goals at wing. That's just my .02 on this situation.
  7. Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie Multiple teams considering options on both. LA, STL, TOR, FLA among those kicking tires on Redden, ANA and CAR among those considering Gomez Not quite sure this is who we're looking for, but I would be ok with it if it gets Jussi out of the 3rd line center spot.
  8. Part 1 1) Who scores the first goal of the season? Semin 2) Who scores the first assist (primary assist only if there are 2)? Staal 12 3) Who takes the first penalty of the season? Pitkanen 4) What will that penalty be for? Hooking 5) Who scores the first PP goal? Staal 12 6) Who has the first fighting major of the season? Westgarth Part 2 1) What will the Canes record be on and including Feb 12th?(after the first 12 games) 8-3-1 2) How many games will our back up goalie have played by and including Feb 12th? 3 1pt
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