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  1. Mein Gott!! Dass ist exactly what the Canes would need right now!! Bring in the Great Pumpkin Head OJ!! That way we can make sure that we draft first next year. Not to mention his negative effect on the team , cancer is his name . Hey this is starting to sound really good Wonder what Calgary would want for him ? I´m not sure Staal alone would be enough. Maybe if we add Pitkänen and Ward there , we might have a deal !! YES!!! This i like!
  2. I have to say that i am a bit dissapointed at Jussi. Two penalties , AGAIN, and the other one at a very critical time , in the beginning of the third period. And of course that leads to Czech goal 1 - 1. He had a scoring chance later in the third period , but the goalpost came in the way. In the shootout he just failed. Osala , was ok in this game and did show some of that powerforwardish play that we will see from him in the NHL in the coming years. He is really big and strong , but still he need to learn how to skate better. He is a bit slow. But i think that in couple of years he will be promoted to the official "he was a steal for the Canes in that trade" status. All i can say is: Hopefully mr.Whitney and co. crush those Russians tonight.
  3. Finland - Russia 0 - 5. Yep. Russian goals came from Fedorov , Malkin , Kulemin , Yemelin and Afinogenov. But i have to say that our 3 tier team played really well against this Russian team . The Russian team was almost their best team , so i´m not too dissapointed. Jokinen was good tonight. No goals or points (obviously) for him , but he really played well . He took 2 + 10 minutes of penalties. Osala played well , but took couple of penalties , on which in the second one the Russians made it 2 - 0. Next game we play against the Czechs. They have no chance against us .
  4. Yea... Russia leads 3 - 0. Osala in the penaltybox when Russians made it 2 - 0 , and Jussi in the penalty box when Russians made it 2 - 0 and 3 - 0. Goals scored by Fedorov , Malkin and Kulemin.
  5. Yeah , you know what? I completely forgot the Slovakia game. That might be considered blasbhemy here in Finland. Anyhoo , Finland - Slovakia 5 - 2 , Jussi ; 2 goals. He did better this time. Tomorrow Russia.
  6. Have to hope that Russians won´t make our team look foolish tomorrow. With that first line of Kovalchuk - Datsyuk - Mr. Ovenkebab things can get pretty ugly quite fast. And i have to say that out from the two Canes players that were playing against Belarus , Osala was the better one. Really big , fast and evil. He almost killed one belarussian with a hit and got us one powerplay. Jussi has been a dissapointment so far , but i´m sure he will play better tomorrow. Good night everyone!
  7. If i was you, i would go to St. Petersburg. Much more to see and the city is more "Russian". One day might be a little short trip to take to Pietari though. Vyborg looks like a Finnish town that has been left to rot. Actually Vyborg is a Finnish town. Not very desirable place these days. Russian are finally starting to show some effort in reconstructing the city, but it still has many buildings that are in the same condition as they were after the continuation war. That is mainly because when there was the soviet rule in Russia , there was no interest or money to reconstruct some town other than Moscow. But i have to say again , if you go , go to Pietari. And if you go to Russia... dont take a rental car. Train is much better way to get there.
  8. Do i now have to delete the post that i wrote in Finnish?
  9. No , i am sorry , i don ´t , because they don´t release their articles in their web pages. But i can take a copy of it from the magazine and send it to you if you want it.
  10. Yritäppä Tuomo parannella olkapääsi , että nähdään jatkossakin hulluja taklauksia. Helsingissä olet sitten huippu tikissä!! Parane pian!
  11. I read from the Veikkaaja magazine that they were trying to fix and rehab the shoulder some other way , so they wouldn´t have to go to surgery. That shoulder has been bothering him so many times before , and i dont know how many times you can fix the shoulder before it is beyond repair.I hope that he can recover from this fully. Now that he has finally found a "home" for himself from NC, i dont think that he would be ready to end his career.
  12. [quote name='ebhughes wrote: v1atlantis']What IF he never scores again ? Quick atlantis, take it back! You have obviously jinxed my favorite player! (or maybe its the playing on the second line, who knows?) Ok , i take it back. I didnt think i could jinx him from this far. Damn i´m good He will score two goals tonight.
  13. It would be nice if these two could score like that in NHL. Maybe someday.
  14. OOOOH indeed . Its actually super duper fun. We have here such killer mosquitos that the distance between the eyes of the creatures is about three to four feets. Better believe it! ^^. But at least we don´t have here them slimy nurses who inject alien dna to babies.
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