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  1. NHL: Carolina Hurricanes AHL: OKC ?? NFL:Pittsburgh Steelers NBA: OKC Thunder MLB: Boston Red Sox College: Oklahoma State University Cowboys
  2. Your welcome JLP I yelled my head off as the Cowboys defeated the Jayhawks 85-77
  3. Oh I was waiting for the right time... HA no it looks kinda quiet over here I didnt know if it was cause of the break or what. I was wondering how hard it was going to be watching the Canes but with Direct TV I have FS CR aand will be able to watch a lot of their games. Is their a website to listen to the games on the web also?
  4. Another new guy from Oklahoma. New to the NHL but not so new to the sport of Hockey. Supported the OKC Blazers before they went under. Trying to decide on "My Team" and with watching Staal, Gleason, and Ruutu I chose Carolina. Big sports fan and looking forward to rooting on the Canes!!
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