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  1. Go UB Bulls! Go Buff State Bengals! Go...Nah, they all suck.
  2. I feel honored to accept this award for the worst people in the hockey community, Sabres fans. I knew that once our team was accused of diving midway into the 05-06 season, we would make it. I've urged my fellow Sabres fans to try harder... try harder, and now I know all that hard work has paid off. This is to you Buffalo! We did it! Oh yeah, and the REAL worst are ...sorry.
  3. Wow guys, It was a joke. No one in their right-mind would think that Rory would get into the All Star game. Even with joke-votes. I saw it, and found it hilarious. If that makes me childish, so be it. Loosen up. Now how bout Milan Bartovic?
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