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  1. jorie94

    Skinner Shirt?

    Yeah I checked there, unfortunately only M, XL, and XXL on there...still hopeful one will turn up between now and then!
  2. jorie94

    Skinner Shirt?

    Yeah I went last year and told myself that would be the one and only time because it was so expensive...but I just couldn't resist! I'll have to try that, looks like it's my only option right now. Thanks for the idea!
  3. Looking for a Skinner shirt. Original post here:
  4. jorie94

    Skinner Shirt?

    Does anyone on here have a Skinner shirt they want to sell to me, size small? It would be really great if it was an All-Star one! I'm going to the NHL Awards in Las Vegas this summer and now that he's nominated for Calder I really am trying to find a shirt but cannot. If anyone is interested or can point me in a direction where I could find a Skinner shirt (online!), that would be great. I'm from Chicago, also, so there are no stores nearby that sell any. Thanks for your help!
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