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  1. oh the joy of a summer wedding just a small translation issue with Tuomo's wife's name its actually just Emilia (Emiliansa = his Emilia) but anyways congrats to Tuomo & Emilia
  2. Tomas Fleischmann just got an 18M 4y deal from florida where the hell did Tallon get all this money I'm signing out this is just too nutty even for me evrybody is overpaying everybody
  3. yeah and in my mind he is slightly dirty player...
  4. yeh Leino got seriously overpaid thought his max would be 3M-3,5M but i guess the other deals out there he got overpaid damn would of liked to see him in a canes uniform...
  5. versteeg to florida o.O gues they made room for Leino..
  6. I have high doubts that Niemi will be going to San Jose. In my honest opinion I believe that Niittymäki is a better goalie then Niemi but never has had a very good D in front of him, except maybe in Turin 06 Olympics where he was stellar. I thought Niemi would be going to Edmonton but since they signed Gerber for a 1year contract thats doubtfull. So at this point I think Niemi isn't going to play in the NHL next season unless something drastic happens.
  7. [quote name='v1atlantis wrote: ivyleager'] Calling all Finns on the board. How difficult is it to travel via rented car from Helsinki to St. Petersburg? Train is >5 hrs from the schedules I've seen. I'm looking on several websites and I know that I need entry visa and proper auto documentation which I'd assume to get from the car agency. Also required is a "foreign drivers license" that I can get online. (Sounds dumb, but okay). What has been your experience, assuming y'all drive over the Russian border. EDIT: Looks like we may settle for a day trip to Vyborg, Russia (2 hrs away) instead of St. Petersburg (which would require a sleepover...not driving at night). If i was you, i would go to St. Petersburg. Much more to see and the city is more "Russian". One day might be a little short trip to take to Pietari though. Vyborg looks like a Finnish town that has been left to rot. Actually Vyborg is a Finnish town. Not very desirable place these days. Russian are finally starting to show some effort in reconstructing the city, but it still has many buildings that are in the same condition as they were after the continuation war. That is mainly because when there was the soviet rule in Russia , there was no interest or money to reconstruct some town other than Moscow. But i have to say again , if you go , go to Pietari. And if you go to Russia... dont take a rental car. Train is much better way to get there. I would do what v1atlantis suggested, take the train to St.Petersburg less hassle at the border and there's not much to see in Vyborg in my opinion. Never been to St.Petersburg but it has a lot of cultural sightseeing options like the Royal Palace and as atlantis said a 1 day trip might be bit short to see&experience everything in St.Petersburg.
  8. I'm sorry to inform but Pitkänen is also an "old guy" like Jokinen, Ruutu, Larose, Gleason and Harrison since he is born the same year as Jokinen and Ruutu
  9. thats a quite a large sum of money just for a few days trip. What comes of strange is that the tickets aren't included in the package but have to bought separately. PS: The Hotel booked on the package is the priciest of the all the hotels in Helsinki just saying Luckily i'm Finnish so i might have a chance to see 1 of the games
  10. I would go with C but seems like Jokinen doesn't mind where he plays 2 assist already tonight and if he is nursing an injury I can't see much difference at least not today.
  11. Just read on a Finnish sports site that Oskar Osala has been lifted to the Carolina squad because Eric Cole has gotten ill. Hopefully he gets a good game under him
  12. Hi, New to the boards, just would like to know who are the 5 Finns you are talking about. And why excluding Jokinen from the mix since he is from the same age group as Ruutu and Pitkanen
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