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  1. Well said "jb_online". I like and agree with your dating analogy. I also agree that it is a friendly atmosphere down there. Not just the fans in the arena but all the people in general. Living in New England all my life I must say, regrettably, we are pretty much an unfriendly bunch up here. By the way, you guys have a great arena there. I don't think I have a hatchet to bury. I never disliked the players, fans, or even the ownership. I understood why they moved. Business is business. It was just very difficult watching the team thinking "why couldn't this have been in Hartford?". Really though, it is just another city. I also have been a Cowboy fan all my life. I have never been to Dallas. Heck, I have never seen them play live. If they were to move to another city I would still be a fan. Why not with my hockey team? As I am typing this I am realizing how dumb I may have been all these years. Ironically, my daughter has been a Canes fan all her life. She never knew them in Hartford. She was an infant when they moved down there. She has always enjoyed hockey and played a couple of years herself. Her fav player is Cam Ward. I had the pleasure of bringing her to her first NHL game a few years ago. It was the Canes vs the Bruins up here in Boston. For the record, I despise the Bruins. Being in an arena with all that black and gold made me sick. LOL. The Canes won 5-2 or 6-2, not sure. I really enjoyed watching them lose. Tough loss tonight against those B's, eh?
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