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  1. You guys are talking a lot about forwards... does anybody know anything about the dmen in this draft that aren't named Seth Jones? What are the guys playing styles? Ristolainen, Nurse, Pulock and Zadorov are my top d guys.
  2. I was thinking and I feel like as long as we get into the top 3 we're good. I really do want that top dman in Jones finally, but at the same time it would be nice to have either Mackinnon or Drouin playing with Skinner and Staal on that 2nd line. I mean either way we have a hole to fill. If we do get Jones, then that 2nd line winger spot is left unfilled again. But if we get the top 6 filled then our defence is left incomplete again.
  3. Ya I agree too... Muller certainly knows how to use Poni way more than Maurice did. He helps out our power play with his big body presence which is definitely something we need around here. Also I wouldn't say he " hits" but he is physical especially in front of then net. I just haven't really seen him deliver "hits" when I've seen him play. Who knows though I might have missed some games with some hits from him.
  4. Trust me Skinner was the guy to pick. I have season tickets to the Kitchener Rangers and have seen this kid play every game of his career in Kitchener and awesome player! However he probably will be staying another year in Kitchener but this guy can score wherever on the ice. Looks like a Jordan Eberle Mike Richards mix. Speedy, good hands, determination, good shot.
  5. Trust me draft Jeff Skinner. I'm a kitchener guy and i see every ranger game. This kid can score. If JR can move up by just giving up a second rounder to draft Gudbranson or Fowler then do it but if Gudbranson and Fowler are taking when it comes to pick 7 take Skinner. Will be a great asset for Staal!
  6. I think we should just play with our young guys Pittsburgh did it with all their youth. Last year we got some veteran players in the free agents and look what happened!
  7. I just want this win against montreal. blow hem out 10-2 please! last game at home make it a good game then u can play as bad as u want vs boston just make the home crowd happy and I also just can't stand Montreal
  8. Well I agree Im not sure if he'll get in but you have to realize Bure and Gilmour still could be inducted, Yzerman just got inducted so Gilmour and Bure will have their turns eventually too. I don't think Brind'Amour will be in the hall right away but knowing what he's done for Carolina I think he'll be in eventually.
  9. STS10 ya I agree Pothier didn't play that good in Washington at all! However, he is playing some good hockey right now in Carolina which makes me wonder if we should resign him. Personally I don't think he should be resigned I think he's fooling us. He's going to play good this year and lousy next year. It's not worth the risk knowing he's gonna want around 2 mill a year. Now on with the rest of the team heres a full list of our unrestricted free agents Mike Ryan, Ray Whitney, Tim Conboy, Brian Pothier, Jay Harrison, Manny Legace I didn't list restricted free agents because most of them are AHL'ers. So obviously Ryan and Conboy don't matter and Harrison and Legace should be out for sure. I already told you about Pothier so that leaves us with Whitney. I think if we don't get into top 2 at the draft then draft a d-man and resign Whitney. Only for 2 years though no 3 year deal how bout 2 years 3 mill each, if you can get him for less than do it. Now for the draft I don't want them trading up for Seguin or Hall, I'm not even sure if Seguin will be playing NHL next year. But obviously if we have a top 2 pick then pick Hall or Seguin. If we have any other pick I don't want them giving up anybody to move up in the draft unless it has Samsi or Cole. There's no way in hell that would happen though. I like Cam Fowler so definitely take him if you can. So players we need to get a rid of are like I said Samsi and Cole and also that Picard guy he sucks! and hopefully Brind'more retires if not I guess they'll keep him as a 4th line center but he should retire. Oh and Dwyer don't offer any deals to get a rid of him but if someone wants to give you a draft pick for him then take it. Now for free agents. Frolov and Hamhuis are must sign guys if you can get them and also resign Jokinen and Pitkanen to 4 year deals. and then get that center you need maybe get Cullen back and if not get a guy like Higgins or Halpern. So heres My 2010/2011 Hurricanes line-up if it happens my way Lw- Frolov C- Staal Rw- Jokinen Not sure if Whitney should go first line or Frolov but either or. Lw- Whitney C- Sutter Rw- Ruutu Lw- Boychuck C- Cullen Rw- Bowman, Tlusty, Samson or Osala Doesn't matter but I say Bowman Lw- Larose C- Dwyer Rw- K Stop D- Pitkanen D- Hamhuis D- Gleason D- Fowler D- Carson D- McBain G- Ward- Peters
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