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  1. Thank you! I also LOVE taking pictures at the games...I never put my camera down! I would do anything to be down there right up in all the action with the big photographers! I can't wait for next season!!!
  2. Follow this Link to my Picasa web album to see pictures of the game against Montreal (April 8, 2010): http://picasaweb.google.com/tdeleone13/HurricanesVsCanadiens02?feat=directlinkhttp://picasaweb.google.com/tdeleone13/HurricanesVsCanadiens02?feat=directlink'> Feel free to comment on any of the photos!
  3. Last nights game just wasn't the same without you on the ice. I was glad to hear your surgery went well. Take it slow so your body can heal properly. It will take time, but don't you worry....Us Ruutu Ruutin' Caniacs ain't going anywhere. We'll be right there with you the whole way! <3, Tiffany
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