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  1. Test reply from win 8.1/IE11 Test edit from win 8.1/IE11 Test quote from win 8.1/ IE11 post IE fix Test quote again from win 8.1/IE11 Test edit win 8.1/IE11 Test win 8.1/chrome Test final
  2. Test quote mac/safari Test edit mac/safari Test quote - mac/FF Test edit mac/FF
  3. Ok I think I have something.... If you quote someone its fine...until you go back in and make an edit. If you edit from the beginning of what you posted its fine but if you back space what you originally wrote the quote boxes disappear. It seems to matter where you write something when you quote someone and its definitely shows up with an edit. Test quote - mac/chrome Test Edit - mac/chrome
  4. You can login from the mobile skin. Just tap the little << arrow to expand the menu and you will see "Sign in" as an option.
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