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  1. I just love it! I really liked Corvo since the first days he came to Raleigh, and you can't ever go wrong bringing him back for that price. This guy seems to have gotten really into the team, the franchise, the area, and therefore is a player who really cares, something you can't even buy. On the other hand it's true that Corvo is just another offensive minded D, and we gotta find a fix for that. We already used to dress 7 defensemen, what seems to be a good option to me. Also, Pitkanen is usually more than just a blue line canon, as he became very responsible on both ends of the ice. I don't think this will bring us into trouble, but brings a lot more alternatives and options to Mo. Welcome back Home Joe!
  2. Well, on one hand, I would just love to have Joe Corvo back, I really liked him as a player. But on the other hand, I'm pretty sure that whatever he can bring to this team, we can also get for a much lower price within our system: Babchuk, McBain and Pitkanen should be enough offensive firepower from the blue line. On Scott Walker: I could imagine bringing him back, but only at a more reasonable price as a 4th liner.
  3. First off, I usually expect our 4th line to be our checking line. If he's really ready to play 82 NHL games and deliver is indeed a question still lookin for an answer, but...let's say I'm optimistic^^
  4. Thinkin' about the idea of getting Frolov through free agency, there's also a guy like Ponikarovsky that could be considered as well...peronsally, I like him more than Frolov. However, I don't think we are that short of scoring, necessarily. During a rebuild, we just gotta let the young guns get the minutes and hope for their talent to come up big, and before that happens, there's no reason to spend too much dollars in veteran players. With Whitney possibly returning, we surely got enugh guys on the team that know how things are goin' that can bring their experience to our youth. Anyway, a top winger for Staals line would still be nice, but hope remains that one of our prospects can fill that role some day (e.g. Bowman). On center position, I think we got 3 centers who will take the top 3 lines with Staal, Sutter and Boychuk. Among their lines there's enough to fill up the spots...Whitney, Sammy, Jussi, Bowman, Cole, Ruutu, Rosey, Samson, Kostopoulos, even Dwyer...all guys who will or at least "could" make a jump into the top 9. Without moving some of them away, there's no reason or even possibility to reasonably look out for new Forwards on our roster. On defense, I' pretty sure that Pitkanen, Gleason and McBain are set for the top 4, but the problem I see is that you ususally wouldn't want either Pitkanen or McBain pair with another offensive minded defenseman. We lack a solid stay at home D with physical presence in our top 4, and I'm not sure that Pothier could be that guy. Maybe Carson? Right now, that's what I see: Gleason - Pitkanen McBain - ?? Carson - Picard/Rodney/Babchuk That's the point I mentioned when Alberts was traded away...I think he could have been the guy to fill that role. On the other hand, I really love the idea of bringing Seids back, I loved his play and, as a german, I'm a great fan of him. Still, despite he's a blue colored workhorse, he's not the guy that will make a phycial impact. Gladly, we gotta good shot at the draft and could be possibly getting Gudbranson out of it. Maybe he can make a big step and take over that top 4 spot, or challenge it with Carson. Also, I'd like to add that I really do think we kinda HAVE TO bring back Babchuk. He had an amazing season here when he last came back, where he scored more goals than any of our considered power play guns (Corvo and Pitkanen), and that's something to build on. If he's able to even improve his play (especially on the defensive side), he could become an amazing force on the blue line.
  5. tough to say, beside the canes, I've always been a friend of the penguins, so they're part of my favorites. On the other hand, there's so many great teams in the west...the Sharks have a great team (again), I love the great young group of Blackhawks, and with the Canucks there's finally a canadian team back in the race, and they got Erhoff (surely the best German hockey player around right now). Well, thinkin' closely, I think I would mostly love a final like Vancouver vs. Pittsburgh
  6. I am goin' as well, along with a good friend of mine. We'll arrive at Helsinki at Wednesday 6th of Octobre, around afternoon local time. Maybe, we all could meet on this days evening for dinner and a drink or two?^^
  7. I'd definitely love him to be resigned, but anything longer than a 1 year deal wouldn't be reasonable.
  8. Yeah I know, found that to be pretty interesting, and also it's the only Hotel I found where I'm allowed to smoke in my room Well, I hope I'll be able to find a bus that drives in the proper direction at all, as Airports use to be not too small, and I don't understand one single word of finnish nor can I read it^^ So for now: Who else is actually coming? As I saw on lippu.fi, all their tickets are already sold...
  9. Wheee! I got the tickets and booked my flight and hotel, everything is done, and I'll arrive on wednesday 6th at afternoon on Helsinki Airport. Awesome, I'm really excited about this. Now lets see who else of you will be there, so we can go drink a beer after the games @v1atlantis: Do you guys know on which of the airports I'll usually arrive coming from germany and what possibilities I have getting to my Hotel in Katajanokka from there (bus, train, subway)?
  10. I had to think about this a bit and came to the same conclusion. Look at the Oilers and Leafs: Especially with their latest moves they are in a position where they have to add a serious franchise kind of forward. Looking at the draft, where there are Hall and Seguin at the top, both teams WILL keep their picks and go for one of'em, there's no way they would give up on it. The only thing I might see is that one of the teams will get out of its slump, and lets say maybe the Islanders would move into 2nd draft position. That's where I could imagine they could move their pick because they may be looking for a defenseman instead of a scoring winger. Still, our pick maybe too low at the end to land a guy like Fowler, as we continue to gather points. Sadly, I think we'll have to be pleased with whatever 1st round pick we will get in the end, without too many hope to move up whether by trade or through the lottery. But, maybe, we could acquire an additional mid 1st round pick by giving up some of the deep picks we acquired shortly, I think that's the most realistic and still very good scenario.
  11. Hm, I'm not quite as pleased with some of the decisions as some of you guys... Corvo <-> Pothier, Osala, 2nd round pick We didn't get to know if there have been any contract talks with Corvo. If so, and Corvo pointed out he's not goin to sign an extension before July 1st, then I'd say this move is fine. If not, I really wonder what this move leads to. Pothier can't replace Joe Corvo under any circumstances, nor do we have a prospect to do so within the next 1 or 2 years. Osala maybe a career 3rd/4th liner, and a 2nd round pick may not be bad, but also not that great at all. I think JR should have tried to resign Corvo before the deadline instead of giving him away for a questionable return. Alberts <->3rd round Pick I thought Alberts was a solid D that finally brought some more physicality to the team. Also, he was at a reasonable salary and still not too old at all. I don't know why we would give up on him for a 3rd round pick...usually, this pick won't give us any better return than we already had in Alberts. Yelle, Reed <-> McNicoll Ok, I agree on that Yelle was a disposable player beconming UFA at July 1st, so any return we could get was better than nothing...so at the end, it comes down to Reed for McNicoll. In my opinion, that basically means we got an indifferent exchange (for I don't think McNicoll is any kind of imporvement over Reed) and we simply got "nothing" for Yelle. Overall a disposable deal, but at least it saves us a little bit of salary til the end of the season. EDIT: Oh, forgot this 6th round pick. Well, "better than nothing" for Yelle, no more or less. Walker <-> 7nd round pick Well, the only reason I can imagine to do this is because of his actual salary. Walker is a great 4th line guy with great dedication to this franchise. He surely would have resigned this summer at a reasonable salary, and I don't see where a 7nd round pick could really help us any day to come. As said, I think this move only happend for salary reasons and maybe to have something (a 7nd round pick) to sweeten a deal that moves us up in the entry draft. Ward <-> Pogge, 4th rounder Again, I think this is just for salary reasons. We surely got enough depth at goaltending with some very good prospects (Peters, Murphy), so Pogge won't improve us at this position. He may replace Peters in Albany if the latter is goin to backup Ward next season..something I don't agree with personally, as I still think it's better to have a Veteran backup (and don't waste young talent to sit on the bench like Leighton did). Well, that 4th rounder...is some kind of obsolete, yet maybe meant to be thrown in a draft deal to move up. With all this being said, I'd like to add that I do like the deals before the olympic break. The Cullen deal is fine, as we got a young and promising guy in return that could have a long future with this franchise, and a 2nd rounder for the Swede is a decent return that puts us in a great position to move up in the draft. But when it comes to yesterdays trades, I don't see too much positive things in there, adding to that Whitney couldn't be traded, who surely would have given us the best return. Overall grade: D- for March 3rd, C including the pre olympic trades)
  12. Hmmm...11-8-2, makes an overall of 79 points and maybe around 11th or 12th in the conference.
  13. Well then, after planning around a bit, it seems like everything is basically in the box (except of actually acquiring the tickets). If I can get those tickets (which are pretty much expensive), me and a friend will be staying in Helsinki from 06. to 09. of octobre Speaking about finnish metal bands...you should check out "Amorphis"...great Gothic/Death Metal Band in the beginning, the "Tales from a thousand lakes" album is surely a milestone of atmospheric, gothic touched Death metal. Today, they're more likely some kinda progressive metal with still some influences from their old days. But still: I Really like'em. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTK4NY9-S1E (old song from the mid 90ies)
  14. Agree, Peters should be back in the AHL next year. I do see the Leighton story as well, and noone would want the same thing to happen with Peters. Cam is just that type of goalie to play a lot of games, as Mo is the coach to ride with his first goalie a lot as well. In addition, I do think that a veteran Backup is always the best option, as this role is some kind of defined to be someone to rely on, to be solid and calm...that's stuff you'd expect of a veteran, but not of a young and inexperienced rookie. I hope that Manny could be back for next season, as he seems to be a perfect fit.
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