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  1. Living that close and ignoring them for years? Ouch .
  2. It's the defeat in and of itself that has me angry. Nothing more. Up there with my soccer team's 2014 devestating MLS Cup loss, this is one of the worst ones I've ever had to deal with due to the circumstances of what was on the line.
  3. You would think after 10 years of being a member of these boards people would know me by now and none of the Wolves things being a surprise. My profile literally has always stated my hockey history. IHL and AHL are where my hockey love started, Wolves were a 20 minute drive away, making my first hockey team an easy choice. Blackhawks grew jealous of us and naturally all of that bad blood made me hate them. Eventually i decided to start watching the nhl, and the Hurricanes were the obvious first choice. Coming into fall 2005, I already had two North Carolina sports teams in Duke Men/Women and the NFL Panthers who i am an OG fan of. This should hopefully clear all confusion up finally.
  4. How about a written response 😛
  5. For those who were wondering pre-series, in case it's not now clear - Yes, I was the fan the Wolves were on the special mission for, which is why they made it this far to begin with.
  6. 25 years of never watching the Wolves win it (2010 is when the tv channel became available) Explain to me how deep down i can watch the Canes during the rest of this drought without the constant reminder of the injustice their affiliate committed.
  7. As promised pre-series Canes games will no longer be watched until the Wolves finally win a cup post-2010. Crime doesn't pay, it's time the Canes face some consequences for their awful actions.
  8. We are facing each other AHL and NHL have always been treated separately for me, since I've grown up near All-State arena.
  9. Go Wolves! Wolves have a special someone this season they are trying to win for. It has driven them to this point and I really it hope we can complete that journey.
  10. G50

    March Madness

    Duke and Canes same time tomorrow. REALLY NCAA?
  11. G50

    March Madness

    Time for Duke to quit it with the heartstopping endings
  12. All of this happening almost at most is a lot to take in. Especially as the fan who felt the most about all three of these people we lost. Very emotional.
  13. This could really come back to bite them next season. Remember they depend on me being there. Chances are my heart won't really be there, which in turn they play that way. Three losses in the offseason is a lot to bare at once.
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