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  1. Hi everyone, My wife and I have two tickets in Section 112. I share custody of my two kids with my ex-wife, and because she is going to be out of town that weekend we did a swap and I will now have the kids on that day. The kids are 6 and 8 and blossoming Hurricanes' fans. Does anyone have two tickets in or around Section 112 that you were not planning to use and would get rid of them? I had thought about a babysitter but that is a bit much for a preseason game, plus the fact that it would be fun to take the kids. If anyone has two tickets that could be parted with please e-mail me at mwallsesq@gmail.com Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi everyone, Wonder if I could change the subject just for a moment to ask a question about Camp Brindamour. I went to the rookie conditioning camp some weeks ago and really enjoyed that and would like to see some of Camp Brindamour. I work in Greensboro so morning skates during the week are tough. Does anyone know whether they run any sessions on Saturday as well? Any kind of hockey right now would be wonderful, and hoping to catch some of the pre-camp workouts. Thanks, Matt
  3. Hi everyone, My wife and I did the SAS tonight at 6:30. We took 2 of the special priced LL North side seats (last 8 rows of those sections). There were still lots of those special priced tickets available. In fact, there were lots of seats available period. Much more it seems than last year. From where we sat we surveyed the south side LL and the center ice areas. We actually saw seats available on the south side down as low as Row F. From Row F going up about 20 rows in each section there were plenty of seats. There were also plenty of LL seating on the sides. Seats down close to the ice. For all of you going tomorrow, you have lots and lots of great seats to choose from. BTW, if you choose one of the new special price seats (highest 8 rows of the North side upper level) like I did, make sure you know the amount when you get to the ticket window. I had some problems checking out because the computer wanted to charge me regular LL full season ticket price and not the special price. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Great experience.
  4. I am ready, although I don't go until 6:30 tomorrow night. Very excited. I am moving my seat location. Hope there are still some good seats available tomorrow.
  5. My wife and kids made the trek to Raleigh today to see the conditioning camp. I had never done that before. It was fun. Lasted about one hour. Good to get at least a little hockey fix in July.
  6. Can someone please tell me when the NHL schedule for the upcoming season is normally released (assuming no release delay trying to swap Winnepeg for Atlanta). I am trying to get a jump on schedules and some potential road trips. Thanks, Matt
  7. I have 2 2nd row seats for the Charlotte Checkers vs. the Connecticut Whalers this Saturday, 26 February at 7:00. The seats are Section 116, Row C, seats 5 and 6. I obtained these tickets as exchange tickets from vouchers that came with the STH booklet, and these tickets face value is $5 each. Looking at the Checker's website, 2nd row seats sell for $40 each excluding fees. I now have a conflict this Saturday and cannot go. Make me an offer if you are interested. I can be reached at mwalls@centurylink.net Thanks for looking.
  8. I have 3 2nd row seats for the Friday, 18 March game against the New York Islanders. The seats are in Section 107, Row C (which is the 2nd row), seats 5, 6, and 7. I am asking $90 each for the tickets ($270 total). There is no actual face value listed on these tickets as they were exchange tickets. I am a STH and exchanged my unused tickets for these tickets on this game. Unfortunately, I forgot and exchanged other tickets for this game, so the end result is I have 6 2nd row seats for this game and only need 3. The face value on my regular 2nd row seats are $155 each. I have sat in these seats for another game. Great seats. If you are interested please e-mail me at mwalls@centurylink.net Thanks for looking.
  9. Hi everyone, I was listening to the XM NHL station today, and there was a a replay of an interview with JR. He was talking about all of the good young prospects right now, but then made a comment that during the cup run in 2006, they made some trades that left the cupboard (of prospects) bear for a while. I wasn't following the Canes that closely then. Does anyone remember off hand what prospects we gave up, and have any of them panned out in other organizations? Thanks!
  10. My girlfriend and I upgraded from the 12 game plan last year (first year of having tickets) to a 26 game plan this year. My girlfriend and I were at Select A Seat on Thursday and got tickets in Section 124 Row J. While we were there, a little early, the usher also showed us 2 seats that were still available in the 2nd row of 124. We had a brief moment of temporary insanity of buying those full season tickets in the 2nd row, but then we came back down to earth. Well, long story short, the temporary insanity returned yesterday afternoon. I called and the two seats in the 2nd row were still available and I upgraded to them. We are so excited. The kids are excited. 99 days and counting until the puck drops!
  11. I did my first select a seat tonight. I have appreciated everyone's posts this week telling about what sections still looked available and how it was going so I could get an idea of what might be left. So, let me give a last night report. Even though I was in the 6:30 group on the last evening of the SAS, I was still able to get 2 seats in Row J of the Lower Level South Side. I am very excited. Last year I had the 12 game plan in Row Q of Section 110 on the north side. When we decided to move to the South Side we never thought we could get nearly as close as Row J! Can't wait for October. Overall it looked like the upper sections were selling good, but from what I saw over the 1 1/2 hours we were there, not much activity was going on in the lower levels, and certainly not on the South Side.
  12. Hey Everyone, Became a big Hurricane's fan last year. I really got into the team and the players last year and have a pretty good handle on not just the NHL level players but also who is in the AHL that came up and might stick. The one mystery to me right now is Babchuk. I understand that he played for the Hurricanes up to two years ago, and for either money or another reason went to the KHL. What I am curious about is that there is a wide range of reaction to him coming back. Some are happy to have his offense back, while others seem to loathe the guy and are sorry he is back. Just out of curiosity, what did the guy do to have polarized everyone so much?
  13. Hi everyone, Last year I had a 12 game plan. Moved to 26 games this year on the South side. My appointment is 15 July at 6:30. Can someone tell me how this works. When you show up do you go into the arena with a ticket rep and go to a section you want to see what seats are available and select them that way? Or are there lots of people there in the arena area and you just grab any agent you can find and ask about seats? Do you need to bring your postcard invite with you? Thanks, Matt
  14. Hi everyone. I am new to the forum, and had season tickets with the Hurricanes for the first time this year (12 game plan on North side). We plan to get a 26 game plan next year on the South side. On the North side this year, we were in Row Q. We really liked that (closer to the ice than "Q" sounds), but we are hoping to get lower on the South side in either section 125 or 128. Does anyone know if these sections are loaded already with season ticket holders with priority such that we would have to move back, or is it possible we could get closer to the ice than Q? Right now, I would say the closer to the ice the better in terms of what we want. The ticket rep said I would make an appointment to select the seats, but I do not quite understand whether all 26 game holders arrive on a certain day or they actually make an appointment with each holder in order of priority. From reading the posts on this thread, all of you are definitely "seasoned" season ticket holders. Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Thank you, Matt
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