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  1. It funny to be a fan and of course speculate about trade and pick in the draft. I was really interesting about the think that trade #7 for 12 and 16 from Anaheim. But i ask a question to myself: Why Anaheim will make this trade? And i think if Connolly still there, They can do the move. They want a great player and they also want to replace Selanne in a year. But we would want to do this trade if Connolly still there? This guy healtly will be a impact players for many year. Better then Nino or someone else at this moment on the draft. If i'm JR, i don't do the move. Otherwise, what about trading a goaltender? Peter To St-Louis Blues? I don't know yet about the roster possibility in St-Louis, but for sure, they want a goaler they can make the differance next year. I'm sure, Peter will be not enough for having the first round pick, but maybe with a second round pick and/or a roster, JR could have a deal!
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