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  1. Caniac247, the problem with that list is the fact that players develop at different rates. Some come into the NHL and have no problem adjusting, and perform admirably from the get go. Most have a couple seasons they use to adjust to the NHL and then reach their potential. The best example off the top of my head would be Tim Thomas. Late, late draft pick, spent a good portion of his career doing nothing of note. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, he puts up two amazing seasons, at the age of his early 30s. Defensemen, in particular, have a big adjustment period, as the speed of the NHL generally causes these kind of pressure problems. I'd also have to ask you, of the players you listed, which ones do you believe the GM of their respective teams would let go of? The answer is very few, if any at all. Young defensemen that can play at this level are a rare commodity, a concept that JR's never seemed to understand. He has said it himself, he'd rather trade for veteran defensemen than wait for young defensemen to develop.
  2. So it seems like a lot are saying they're fine with letting go of Babchuk if it means D-berg or another FA Top 4 player signs here. My question is: Assume JR pulls the cheap route (and there's no way that could happen <_< ) and doesn't go after another defenseman. He feels completely confident in our farm team and/or Wallin and Kaberle's abilities to perform in the Top 4. Would you feel better with Babchuk playing in the Top 4 or one of the above?
  3. The problem with that logic is bigger doesn't always equal better. The Leafs have consistently been one of the bigger teams in the league (though that may have changed when Sundin left) and while they look a lot better with their recent signings, they've been on the fast track to nowhere. Same thing applies to the Panthers. They had a massive lineup that was just torn apart by the SE division's speedy forwards. They've modified their lineup to become smaller and faster and have since improved.
  4. So then what's wrong with 16 goals, 19 assists and a +20?
  5. I see this merely as a depth signing. JR apparently feels that no matter what happens, someone from our farm team is going to come up and play for us next year. However, as far as depth signings go, he's a pretty good one. He's got some NHL experience and apparently a great character guy.
  6. He needs to improve, especially when pressured, I think we're in agreement with that. However, I just haven't seen it to the extent that you're describing it. If we're talking about someone who collapses under pressure, look no further than JR's other off-season signing, Melichar. That man couldn't keep the puck if his life depended on it. I just haven't seen Babchuk act anywhere close to that level. His play with the puck I'd compare with Kaberle's. When both are bad, they have trouble under pressure, keeping the blueline, etc. When both are playing with confidence, they can handle the puck fine. The difference between the two, of course, is Babchuk's offensive talents compared to Kaberles. And yes, that is a factor in any defenseman's arsenal. It's why defensemen like Mike Green get Norris nominations, because it certainly isn't for their defensive play.
  7. Pitkanen actually played much better when paired with Babchuk than with his previous pairing. His offensive numbers dwindled, but his defensive play greatly improved. And to use a familiar phrase: He's paid to play defense. With Babchuk as his partner, he took less shots, instead choosing to pass to Babchuk who, during the time they were paired together, had a much better chance of getting the shot through. He also pinched less often, because of Babchuk's speed. This hampered his offense, but made sure he was there to play defense when needed.
  8. We had Babchuk in the Top 4 for the last 50 games of the regular season. It's not like putting him in the Top 4 is a brand new idea, he spent most of last season in the Top 4. He spent his time against the OVs, the Crosbys, etc, and it didn't do any noticeable harm. In fact, he and his partner benefited greatly from it, as brought up before. How long does someone have to play in the Top 4 before they're considered a Top 4 defenseman, out of curiosity?
  9. Again, evidence would be nice (or essential, in this case). Yes, Babchuk had attitude issues in the past. There's no denying that. However, that seems to be all anyone brings up when it comes to his attitude. Has there been any evidence of a "bad attitude" since returning to the team? I haven't heard of anything. In fact, the only time I've seen anyone mention Babchuk's attitude is during his "streak" at the end of the season, where they mentioned him feeling more confident in his abilities. To claim we have to let him go because of a "bad attitude" is ignoring a player's abilities and deciding his fate solely on his past. I'm sure most are aware of Corvo's past. Should we condemn him because of that as well? But speaking of evidence, I've provided plenty of evidence to show why Babchuk isn't as poor defensively as some of you claim. I'd like to see evidence to the contrary for once. And before anyone points to the playoffs, I'll show this: ''> ' target="_blank"> [/post] The replay shows it all. Getting down, blocking the passing lane, getting up, getting in position and laying into a shot that's always going to create a rebound.
  10. And this keeps being brought up, but there continues to be no evidence for it. What attitude problem has Babchuk had since returning from Russia? He's got an attitude problem because he thinks JR is lowballing him? That'd be great evidence, except if JR really is only offering 1 million, then he is lowballing Babs and he's got every reason to have an attitude in this situation.
  11. Obviously one of the greats. I'll never forget the 2002 Gold medal game. Sakic just took that game over. Ended with a 4-point night, I believe. Just too bad his career had to end the way it did. What are the chances they sign him to a 1-game contract and have him retire in front of the home crowd?
  12. So out of curiosity, what advantage do you believe these others enforcers would bring that Conboy can't that would justify spending the money to sign them when we've already got Conboy to a 1-way contract next season?
  13. The skill stick takes a lot of getting used to, but it really is a lot better than classic controls. You get a lot more freedom on what you want to do with the puck. Leads for some great stick-handling and great setups for goals.
  14. Well, to be fair, lines and defensive pairings are coaching decisions, not the GMs.
  15. You really want our two slowest defensemen to be on the same pairing? We'd never win an away game. Opposing coaches would just send out their speediest line against that pairing and wait for that red light to start flashing.
  16. That's what I got from an admittedly old source, but it should be essentially the same. I don't believe that applies to any of our players.
  17. They were good numbers for Pyatt at least. Speaking of which, guess who JR was rumored to be in talks with while dealing with LaRose?
  18. The fact that he was able to get Carter for a 5th round pick, and the fact that the 55 point season was an outlier in his play with how he had been playing should have set off a little alarm. You put a 3rd player on a line with two others with as much chemistry as the Sedins, you're going to pick up points.
  19. I'd avoid Paul Mara, if only because history's against him. He's only been a plus player with the Rangers, and with their defensive system, it's hard to tell what part that plays in his recent success. However, the fact that he was a minus (and a major minus) for most of the other teams he played with, I'd be wary against him.
  20. The thing to consider when choosing the players is: This isn't like building an All-Star team. This is building a competitive hockey team. So you're going to need role players like Lucic and J. Staal who, while they don't have the scoring touch of some of the other invites, know their roles and play them well. For that reason as well, you have to be careful about the positioning of the players. Canada is insanely stacked at the center position, so a lot of centers could be moved and play the wing. However, chances are, you'd want someone like Doan to take that spot instead, since the wing is his natural position.
  21. It's because when we want to grab someone terrible, we trade for them. "Well, Tripp, when I first came here, I really thought I could outperform that 5th round pick, but things turned south quickly and I just wasn't up to form. What's that? My rap career's doing great, thanks for asking."
  22. Nash just signed an 8 year extension (7.8 mill) with Columbus. Too bad.
  23. The Staal brothers don't want to play with each other anyway. While they haven't come out and said that (to my knowledge), they've left big enough hints in their interviews to draw that conclusion.
  24. You wouldn't take Marc Staal over Gleason? At the time the whole JJ fiasco was going on, Marc was mentioned as the player we would have taken had we known JJ wouldn't play for Carolina.
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