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  1. I don't believe one-day contracts are awarded unless it's a very special occasion. The best Rutherford could do is offer a league minimum contract (475k) with special performance clauses that would essentially reduce Hedican's contract to nothing.
  2. It's not even that Delhomme's been pressured and he's been throwing the ball just to get rid of it. A good portion of the time, Jake's got all day to throw it, it's typically 1st down, and he just completely misses the defense reading his eyes and waiting for that juicy INT. His contract is going to be the Kaberle-like contract of the Panthers. Can't get rid of him, so everyone has to act like they're ok with having him back there. Except for the fans, of course, who I hope continue to boo the hell out of him everytime he screws up.
  3. I thought he lost 2 fumbles that playoff game. Maybe I'm thinking of the ECU C-USA Championship game. They happened about the same time, with pretty much the same result from a QB. Either way, he threw another 2 INT, then almost threw another one, and was removed from the game. Finally.
  4. So that's 7 INT and 3 lost fumbles in the last game and a half played by Jake? Pretty sure that's right.
  5. Delhomme continues his awesome play, throwing 2 INT so far and it's not even the end of the first half. And we've signed him to a ridiculous contract. Awesome.
  6. [quote name='EricNCSU wrote: captain_jack88']Yeah Wolfpack!! but seriously, next time save some points for next game. Yeah, What a game.. big win, as to be expected against a team with only 36 yards of offense. I wonder how ECU feel's right now since they could have played us instead of losing to West Virginia. I wonder how that game would have turned out. No idea how the game would have turned out, but putting up a lot of points against a crappy team doesn't really mean much. As for the West Virginia loss, I predicted a loss after watching the App State game. West Virginia may have lost Pat White, but the way our secondary was letting up passes, they could have had a high school freshman QB out there and been fine. Oh, and this won't mean much to anyone but ECU fans, but I hate Ben Hartman with a passion. He has to have something on Holtz, because he should not be getting playtime.
  7. Assuming I did everything correct, I should have an avatar.
  8. Isn't the 360 getting a price drop soon?
  9. http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/canes-...to-move-babchuk So JR's got an offer, but he's not happy with the return. Then there's another team that shows interest, but has no offer on the table. And then there's the whole "It's resolved by this week" thing he brought up a month ago when Kaberle was bought out. I predict JR will refuse the offer already out there, the team showing interest won't actually make an offer, and JR will claim the deal fell through.
  10. I think considering this team typically needs every win it gets to make the playoffs, and considering Ward plays better when he plays consistently, there's no reason to break his streak just so our backup can get play time. Like I said, the only time Leighton should play is when Ward's play becomes detrimental to the team or when Ward asks for a break. Other than that, it's Ward's job, no matter what the "norm" is when to use your backup.
  11. I think at the moment, we only have 4, not 5. Cole was one of them you were missing, but I don't see another Carolina draftee on the roster. As for the contracts expiring next year: UFA: Wallin Cullen Walker Whitney Yelle Corvo A. Ward Conboy Harrison Leighton RFA: Rodney Carson Borer C. Ward Peters As for the game, it seemed like it went well, though you could easily tell they were our prospects: Inability to score on the powerplay and inability to keep a 3-1 lead.
  12. Yet in his win column, he had the Sharks, Washington and Anaheim. The caliber of the team shouldn't matter. Look at the Islanders last year for example. 4 times we played them, 2 times we blew them out (and Ward's play wasn't a big factor), the other two times, our goaltending needed to be top notch. The first game against them, they put up 60 shots and it came down to a stopped penalty shot in the final second to win the game. The 3rd time we played them, a 2-0 lead became a 4-2 deficit in a matter of 18 minutes. And it's not that Leighton loses to powerhouse teams, it's the way he loses. The Minnesota game, I distinctly remember being a terrible game for him. His rebound control was godawful that game. And IIRC, one of those Philly games was the blown 5-1 lead. Defense or not, you've got to keep that lead.
  13. An earlier post mentioned playing Ward for 50-55 games, and I know the last time this was discussed, some wanted Leighton to get more games "to prove himself" or saying "The organization's ruined him". Leighton's not some young prospect goaltender. He's almost 30, he's played on multiple teams, showing the same pattern. Fairly successful in the AHL, but he can't transfer that game to the NHL. Ideally, I'd actually have Leighton play less than last year. Of the 19 games he played in, he won less than a 3rd of them. And when this team needed almost every win to make the playoffs last year, it doesn't seem to make sense to increase the amount of games Leighton plays in. If he showed any signs that giving him more playtime would improve his stats, then it might be a little more reasonable, but Leighton played a decent stretch of games for a while and didn't play too well. In fact, when he played sparingly, he seemed to play better (San Jose and the last game against the Devils, for example).
  14. There's no logical reason to play Leighton over Ward. Ward's a better player, he wins a higher percentage of games, etc. The only time Leighton should get play time is when Ward hits a cold streak and his play is detrimental to the team or when Ward says he needs a break. Starting goaltenders in the NHL play about the amount Ward played last year. Now, if we had a competent backup (like a Fernandez or a Clemmenson) then playing Ward less would be acceptable. But since we have Leighton (who hasn't shown any kind of success in the NHL), Ward should play as often as possible.
  15. And VT goes down. Hopefully they'll lose enough to not be ranked by the time ECU faces them. Then when we get stomped, it won't be so bad. Or would the other way around work out better?
  16. That'd be CJ Wilson, and yeah, he's a major cog for the team. Guy's a beast in every sense of the word. I haven't heard anything about the injuries so far, which I suppose is good news. No news is good news and all that.
  17. Wasn't so much that he intentionally put those strings out there, but that he was being cautious. CJ Wilson and Eskridge are a big part of our defense and both got hurt one after the other when we were up by the 20 something lead. Holtz decided not to risk anything in the first game of the season. Not sure who #7 is for App, but he tore up in the 2nd half. App ran the same QB dash over and over again and he'd continue to pick up those 6-7 yard gains. Didn't give me a lot of faith in our defensive depth, but at the end of the day, the mark was made in the right column, so it kind of smooths things over. And yeah, I knew something was wrong when ECU was up by 24. We were playing well, but not that well. Wasn't sure if it was because App hadn't shown up yet or ECU was just that much better than them. Good to see the answer was given without any real damage. It's good to get scored on, teaches those bottom strings what not to do the next time they're out there.
  18. Well, that ECU/App game certainly was exciting. Started out really boring (something like 24-0 ECU a minute into the 2nd quarter), turned into 27-7 by the half. Skip (mistakenly) believes everything's AOK, starts sending out his 2nd-3rd line defensive strings. App scores, builds momentum, eventually comes within 5 points of ECU and the game comes down to the final play. Now, I'm a bigger fan of close games than blowouts (who isn't?), but I'd much rather have a close game throughout than an almost choked lead.
  19. Panthers go 0-4 in the pre-season, with Delhomme leading the way in general terribleness. His total stats throughout the preseason: 23/34 - 67% 284 yards 71 yards a game 12 yards every completed pass 8 yards every attempted pass 4 sacks, 2 fumbles, 1 lost 0 TD, 0 INT
  20. I believe SC also had that offensive pass interference in the endzone. Could have been 20-3.
  21. This is the pairing I'm most worried about. At home, when they're playing against mostly 3rd and 4th lines, it should be alright (though some 3rd lines can get really nasty as well). Unfortunately, this pairing's also going to be the one that sees the most ice time against opposing teams star players when they're playing away from the RBC, and if the scouting report on Alberts is true, we're pitting opponent's speedy forwards against a pairing that's got trouble with exactly that. Worst case scenario, it ends up looking like an NHL09 season. First pairing - +25, 2nd pairing - +7-10, 3rd pairing - -30
  22. I'm pretty sure the 3 million number was coming from D-berg's camp, not Babchuk's. At least, that's what was being thrown around on HF. As far as I can tell, Babchuk's camp hasn't thrown out a number, other than it's got to be more than the 1 million JR offered him.
  23. I could search if you'd like, but apparently the most activity for Babchuk was around draft day, and any link from that far back is dead. I might be able to provide a link to discussions about said draft day rumors, with a dead link (or "Heard it on the radio") to start the topic off, but that's about it. Let me check if I can get Twitter to go that far back, since I know for a fact that was mentioned on there.
  24. You're splitting hairs. The whole point is that JR stated he wasn't going to be on the team, then wants high end prospects for him. No GM is going to give you top end talent if they know you're looking to get rid of the player. The talent you can get becomes lower the more desperate you are to get rid of your trade bait. Other GMs are waiting for JR to become more desperate, JR's refusing to budge from his (supposedly) high demands. The NHL version of chicken.
  25. Paraphrasing, but I believe near the beginning of the offseason, JR stated something to the effect of "He can take the QO or go back to Russia". Certainly sounds like someone he was just dying to have on the team, right? As for the 2nd part, I've already stated the case around JR lowballing Babchuk with the QO. Feel free to dig through the past 30 pages and look it up.
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