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  1. You won't get an argument here. In fact, if you check the topic about the game, many of us felt that Cole's shot today was dangerous and stupid.
  2. Oh well. It was a good game. We'll take out the anger on the Rangers.
  3. This is great. We're putting on great pressure, and stealing pucks at times when we have no business doing so.
  4. Yeah, that'd be nice. But there's a good chance it'll turn out more like "Oh crap, we let a team that's been amazing in OT actually GO to OT".
  5. Call me cautionous, but I'd rather win it in regulation than try and tempt fate in OT.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Buffalo has their own message board, right?
  7. I think we've got a chance. Lavi will get in the locker room, knock some sense into them, and they'll play well in the next 2 periods.
  8. Yeah, taking 2 penalties this earlier doens't bode well. Buffalo takes advantage of stupid mistakes, and if we keep playing like this, it won't be long till we make one.
  9. I'm 90% sure it showed in Pittsburg. So I'm assuming it'll be on there, just not in the same feed as the rest.
  10. http://video.google.com/nhl.html I'm sure it'll be there eventually, but you can't watch it live.
  11. Glad to see a Marshall player here. Should definitely be a great game tomorrow. If I remember correctly, we're both up high in the standings, so this could be a deciding game. Too bad you guys don't stand a chance :wink:
  12. Please. NC State, Duke, UNC? All pale in comparison to East Carolina. Remember, when you head east, you're heading into Pirate country. Well, as far as college football goes. College basketball might be a different story.
  13. Yeah, I'm print journalism as well, but I'm more into the Opinion section rather than the sport. I was born to rant, and the paper is my outlet.
  14. Maybe he should miss practice more often 8)
  15. Hey everyone. Been lurking here for a while, and decided to finally sign up. I'm 18 with a major in journalism and an aching for some Canes hockey.
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