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  1. Rather than a high school uni, it looks like a college one. Which makes sense, considering the big college hockey programs there in Minnesota. I like the look, but I'm a big fan of their logo, so not using it gets a minus.
  2. Can't complain. It's the first legitimate 4th line we've had since The Lawfirm, and if they do what they're expected of them, then it's all good.
  3. That's the whole point. JR's said Babchuk's not making the team from day 1, he's expendable, his talents weren't good enough to make the Canes. But he expects other teams to offer their great prospects and/or top picks for him? If the asking price for Babchuk is as high as it's rumored to be, it's no wonder JR's not been contacted about him for weeks. As for your scenario, it would be "You should be making 40k, your employer is offering 25k. You have another offer of 33k elsewhere, but your old employer refuses to accept your resignation. So you can either take the 25k or sit there and wait for your union to work things out" That's the main reason I said the theory was a stretch. If JR is icing Babchuk, the NHLPA would and should be all over it.
  4. Well, I said the theory about JR was a stretch in the first place. Just another possibility to consider. Since Babs is replacing his agent, he obviously feels his agent is the problem and there's no reason to doubt that at the moment. However, I do have to question a lot of what JR is saying about the whole situation. On the 3rd, he claims that a team contacted him about Babchuk "a couple weeks ago, but has not called back". On the 19th, he claimed "There are teams looking for defensemen. But we're not close to making a trade with anyone." Now, I'm fairly certain the team discussed in the first quote was the Rangers, who according to Tortorella, had a "definite interest" in Babchuk in an interview given during the draft day. Any link to that quote is currently dead in the water (as the draft was in late June), but it's something like "Talks haven't reached a price figure, but there's a definite interest there". Since the Rangers have yet to acquire anyone that would fit the same role as Babchuk, either the asking price was too high (which is the current rumor) or the interest is still there (which would make the quote from JR very strange) The other team that Babchuk had said was interested in his services (Vancouver, during the Russian interview), just recently traded with the Sharks for Christian Ehrhoff. So it seems that they were looking for an offensive defenseman, and Babchuk likely would have been on their radar. Now, the Canucks acquired Ehrhoff (and Lukowich) for two fringe prospects. If JR is looking for a good young prospect for Babchuk, as he has said, and Ehrhoff only garnered fringe prospects, makes me believe JR's asking price may be a little high for a guy he's trashed all summer. As for why Babchuk doesn't sign the QO, suck it up and play for a year, it's because there should be no reason he should have to. This past year could be an aberration, it very well could. However, that doesn't mean he shouldn't be paid fairly for his services of this past year. There's nothing wrong with a player cashing in on a career year. Say you're working at your job (whatever that may be), and you're getting paid to put out 100% efficiency. Then your boss tells you if you work hard next year, you'll earn a raise. So you work your hardest that next year, perform three times the amount of work expected of you, and then approach your boss for that raise. He tells you "Good job, do it again next year and you'll have that raise. Until then, here's the same amount we paid you when you were doing less work." Wouldn't you want to be paid a higher wage, especially if you're unsure that you could repeat that 3x performance? But again, this might just be me. Right now, it's the old agent's fault and this is all just spitballing. We'll see how it works out.
  5. I think you're thinking of Minnesota. Colorado didn't even sell out last season, let alone the past 11 years. To my knowledge, Minnesota's sold out every game ever played at the Xcel Energy Center.
  6. Eh, it was a new development that involved him. Is there a reason it shouldn't discussed? As already said, if the new agent can't get it done, it's because either Babchuk or JR is asking for too much.
  7. Irbe ring a bell? Guy goes from this: To this: Because of a contract dispute with JR. There's a reason JR rarely goes to arbitration. The players know he's got no problem bringing out their dirty laundry, and if JR thinks he's overpaying, he'll correct it, one way or another.
  8. The problem could also be JR. Either asking too much for Babchuk, or (and this is a stretch. Fair warning) simply icing Babchuk. Publicly say you're looking for a trade, but refuse to take any calls involving Babchuk, thus forcing Babs out if he wants to play. Wouldn't be the first time he's done something like this.
  9. Just going off other boards, Carolina's often cited as one of the "success stories" for expanding to non-traditional hockey markets. Usually, it's Carolina, San Jose, and Dallas that are the 3 often picked. And when we do make the playoffs, there's always comments about our crowd. I think we've been noticed around the league.
  10. I don't think there's anything to worry about with Otah. They were just putting a precautionary brace on his knee, despite the announcers making a huge deal about it. I don't understand the love for Goodson. He's played well, yeah, but we've got our two running backs at the moment. He'd be a fine replacement if either one went down, but it's not like he's going to take the job away from either one.
  11. I'd have to think that scheduling WVU over NC State has to do with last year. We absolutely destroyed WVU last year, and unless they correct that, it's going to be a mark against them. I don't really mind playing State, because even if we do lose to them, it's easy to bring up the time we beat them in basketball I couldn't care less about ECU's basketball team, but apparently, that was a big deal.
  12. Can you even remember what I considered last season? No? I didn't think so. If you don't believe that a lack of scoring from most of our forwards is a concern, or at least a possibility, there's no talking to you. I swear, if we're going to hope that Jokinen reverts back to his rookie season or that Samsonov bounces back and puts up 70 points from the 3rd line, you've also got to consider that the opposite might happen. It's simple fact that this team doesn't have the same firepower that it's had in the past, and while it's defensive play is also greater than it has been in the past, it's yet to be seen if this team can find that balance needed to succeed. Sure, you can look at last season, but if we're going to try to take the division (let alone the conference) as I see predicted in the other topic, last season's just not going to be good enough, is it?
  13. Yeah, NC State or West Virgina. Such a tough decision. Besides, we play UNC the week after. Can't take all our "rivals" out at the beginning of the season. And are App students really that worried about the ECU game? It's just the opposite here. Everything I've heard is we're just hoping to keep the game close.
  14. Like I said, these are just concerns of mine. Never said anything about them coming true, just that it's a possibility to consider. As for the goalscoring, I really don't see Walker as being much of a scoring threat. He'll likely play the 4th line for most of the season, he probably won't get any powerplay time. He's essentially taken over Conboy's role as the enforcer, which is fine, considering Walker's age and injury-history.
  15. Despite all the hate being thrown at Babchuk, he did score 16 goals and won a lot of games for us down the stretch. Aaron Ward and Alberts aren't going to replace that kind of offense. I don't see Corvo getting 14 goals this upcoming year either, nor Pitkanen picking up nearly as many points as last year, especially if we're going to try and move the PP away from relying on the pointmen. Cole and Brindamour are the X-factors. If they both can produce, so be it, we're fine. If either one fails to live up to expectations, we're in trouble. The same applies to Jokinen. I know everyone's ecstatic over his performance in the playoffs, and it was a sight to behold, but there's someone like that every year in the playoffs. They don't do much in the regular season, suddenly become a beast in the playoffs, then fade back into nothingness the next season. Pisani's a name everyone should be familiar with. Without getting too negative (and throwing this topic too offcourse), a lot of our players had career years last year.
  16. Walker playing the PK? I can't remember Walker ever playing the PK. I think it'd be much more likely to see TKO play the PK, since he did that in Montreal. If Brindamour's healthy enough to play the PK, I see it as Brindamour-TKO and Cullen-LaRose. If not, Yelle-TKO and Cullen-LaRose.
  17. While we have definitely taken a hit in the goalscoring category from the Cup year (and even from last year), there's hope that the increased defensive and physical play will offset that. That's a slippery slope, however, as one can find themselves too defensively minded and too physically based that they sacrifice goal-scoring for it (see: The Panthers the past couple years) What JR looks like he's trying to do is find a balance that will work for the team while under his limited cap. I'm admittedly concerned about the balance we've got at the moment, since the offense did take a hit from last season, and we really didn't have a surplus of that in the first place (2nd to last in GF for Eastern playoff teams). However, as already stated, since JR focused on the defense first this off-season, we really didn't have the cap space available to improve the offense. Thus, we need to use the limited cap space remaining on trying to improve the defensive play to a point where the lost offense will be offset (as the Rangers did last season). The balance does worry me, however, as we were literally 10 goals away from missing the playoffs. The Panthers allowed 5 more goals than the Canes and scored 5 less to wind up in the 9th spot. Here's hoping that this increased physical play can open up enough room for the players that can score to at least keep that 10 goal difference.
  18. Can't complain about this deal. Cheap, solid center with plenty of experience. I'm happier about the fact we let our prospects spend time in the minors than the actual signing though.
  19. They got second last year with Theodore in net.
  20. Having your hand touch the ground isn't considered being "down". Players use their hand for balance all the time. And since that was the only body part on the ground at the time the ball came loose, it was a fumble. They looked it over, reviewed it, and made the right call. Made the 2nd quarter unbelievably long as well. The 1st quarter was fine, pretty much what you expected from two run-first teams. The clock doesn't stop often, because everyone's running and there's no incomplete passes. Then the 2nd quarter came around and there's a commercial break every other play. It shouldn't take an hour to finish a 15-minute quarter.
  21. That's a high expectation for Ward, considering he hasn't hit over 15 points since leaving the Canes. 60 points as a ceiling for Pitkanen's a little high as well. That's just on the defense.
  22. Well, at least we know how to go out in a blaze of glory. Good thing we'll likely never see the 90% of the players that played 90% of the game. It does worry me that when the Giants had their starters out and the Panthers had their starters out (see: first half of the first quarter), Delhomme spends his time fumbling the ball while getting sacked and the Giants just tore through our defense with their running game.
  23. Eh, I'm not as optimistic as the rest, it appears (Big shocker, right? ) While I do believe we'll make the playoffs and the race for the SE will be closer than it was last year, the Capitals have shown it doesn't matter who they have in net. As long as they have OV doing his thing, they're going to be successful. Unless Staal plays the entire season like he plays the 2nd half of every season, it'll be Washington's division again.
  24. Too bad Kaiton got the call wrong. It was LaRose to Staal. I guess it makes up for Forslund and Tripp mistaking Gleason for Seidenberg during the Jokinen goal in the same game though.
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