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  1. Yeah, unless Brodeur or Luongo completely tank the first half of this upcoming season, they're going to be the top two there. Aside from that, there's no guarantee Ward would be the 3rd goalie. Fleury winning the Cup no doubt helped his chances. If Ward was picked, he'd only get playing time when the Canadians find themselves in a desperate situation. His "clutch" factor far outweighs the other two, at least in the view of the general hockey world.
  2. I really don't think Leighton was "ruined" by anything this organization did. The last time he played anywhere near the 19 games he played this past season was the 34 games he played for Chicago, and he put up pretty much the same stats. Leighton's a backup and that's pretty much all he's going to be. He could start on a team that's in desperate need for goaltending (Colorado), but he's never going to be one that a team is going to want to hold onto. I don't see the problem with the amount of games Ward played last season. It's about on par for a starting goaltender, and his stats weren't negatively effected by the amount he played. And considering he won 57% of the games he played, while Leighton only won 31% and this team needed every win to make the playoffs, having Ward play less games seems counter-intuitive.
  3. And uh...no surprise, but the guy covers the MLB/Tennis and he's trying to do hockey rankings.
  4. Actually, Hartford's loosened their grip over Whaler stuff. Stores can now sell the jersey.
  5. I can't really argue with his ranking. Every team above us (with maybe the exception of the Devils) are a better team than we are. I have some complaints about those below us (Nashville as a 1st overall contender, really?), but the actual ranking, I don't see anything wrong. His comment about us is nothing new. Anytime someone who hasn't watched the team enough to form a coherent opinion about them needs to do so will typically go after the uniform, the logo, or bring up the Whalers somehow.
  6. Leighton wasn't great, but he wasn't terrible either. He won a crucial game against the Sharks, and performed really well in the last game of the season, especially considering he hadn't played a full game in months before that. If Murphy progresses as planned, he might get the backup role. If not, we've still got Peters, I believe. Might be better to have Murphy take over the fulltime starting goaltending in the AHL and have Peters as the backup.
  7. The "attitude" that doesn't exist? What's killed JR's chance of getting anything for Babchuk is JR's bashing of Babchuk to the media. If he had simply played it off as "The two parties can't reach an agreement and we are now putting his rights on the trading block", the whole process would have been done and over by now. This is what confuses me about JR's handling of the whole situation. He had to have known that publicly lashing out against Babchuk and his agent would kill Babs's value on the market. Yet he claims he wants to trade Babchuk for a "fair value". Well, there's now two values for Babchuk out there. The 16-goal scoring, 25-year old defenseman, and the "Tickets for a plane to Russia", disaster in his own end failure of a defenseman. Which one do you think would have given us more of a return?
  8. I can't take credit for it. It's been around since the news broke.
  9. Well, better post this before all the facts are released and everyone's exonerated off all charges:
  10. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tyebanks2 That's the song in question. That's not the same one I'm thinking of. The one I'm thinking of is just a repeat of "What's the name of your team? Carolina Hurricanes" and it's got a female singer. Might be the same artist, but a different version of the song.
  11. Well, assuming Kane plays hockey sober (and that's a big assumption), he seems like a pretty laid back kid in his interviews. Of course, some of the nicest people I know are some of the angriest drunks I've seen. I'd still be more inclined to believe his cousin was the one at fault and Kane was caught in the crossfire though.
  12. Well, I don't know Kane or his cousin well enough to know how they'd act wasted. But yeah, depending on how much of a struggle the cabbie put up and how drunk either person was, I could easily see this happening.
  13. Anything's better than: "What's the name of your team?! Carolina Hurricanes!"
  14. I don't see anything odd. Two guys, coming back from a nightclub at 5 AM. Alcohol's obviously involved (which is probably one of the misdemeanors given to Kane), and people do stupid things when they're wasted. They probably took a cab, got to their location, asked for change, cabbie didn't have any. One or both takes the $15 back, the cabbie puts up a struggle, gets assaulted by one or both.
  15. I guess it depends on how you look at it. If A. Ward is going to play the style of play we hope he does, he's going to miss games. It comes with the territory, and at his age, it's all the more likely. He missed 34 games over the past two seasons, if he misses another 17 this upcoming one, that's the best we could hope for. The same applies to Ruutu and Cole. They'll miss anywhere from 5 to 10 games, just because of their style of play. Brindamour played a lot of games, but in no way was healthy for most of the year. Walker played 41 last season, 58 the year before. He's become injury-prone, but he'll be playing mostly the 4th line, so it may not happen as often. Whitney's got an interesting pattern of either playing close to an entire season or missing 10-15 games. I bet on the latter. As for Cullen, all it takes is a nice hit to the side of the head to mess him up now, and with him playing more minutes and Pronger in the conference now, I'm not brimming with confidence as to his ability to stay healthy. Pitkanen, I have a hunch. He was too big of a factor on the team last year for opposing teams to ignore. He's a marked man and will be treated as such.
  16. Because a lot of our key cogs are veteran players and/or have a history with injuries. And while our depth may be fine if it's one or two players for a couple games, it starts to get a little hazy if we lose too many at once or some for long periods. I expect the following to miss a decent amount of games to injury: A. Ward Ruutu Brindamour Walker Whitney Cole Pitkanen Cullen Now, 4 of our Top 6 is there and 2 of our Top 4 is there. If they spread their injuries out (like they have a choice), then we might be ok, but if it starts to pile on like it did a couple seasons ago, we could be in trouble.
  17. I suppose in that same vein, NHL.com's doing their 30 teams in 30 days and today (Thursday) is Carolina's day. They do a "State of the Union" (basically, a recap of the offseason, preview for the upcoming season), a look at our prospect pool and our draft recap. And if it's anything like the previous teams, they'll also have Cane highlights focusing on big events or star players.
  18. 1. Boston 2. Philly 3. Washingtoin 4. Pittsburgh 5. NYR 6. Carolina 7. Devils 8. Montreal 9. Atlanta 10. Ottawa 11. Tampa Bay 12. Florida 13. Buffalo 14. Toronto 15. Islanders Boston remains the team to beat. Assuming Thomas to can even come close to repeating his performance from last year, of course. Philly's addition of Pronger will help their defensive game, and I have a feeling Emery's going to come out and prove a lot of people wrong. Washington will again by the victor of the SE, though I'm hoping the race will be closer than it was last year. OV = division Pittsburgh will be a few points behind Philly, mostly due to injuries and MAF's inconsistency NYR keeps that spot assuming Gaborik plays at least 50 games for them. Lundqvist will continue his stellar play. Injuries to aging players and a lack of speed and scoring on the blueline will keep us down, but we'll sneak in late in the season Devils haven't improved and actually lost a lot of their top 6, but Marty being Marty and Parise progressing gets them in The 8th spot's a coin flip, mostly depending on injuries, chemistry, breakout seasons, etc. I put Montreal there, because Boston and Montreal always match up, but Atlanta's finally got a legit top line and if Lehtonen stays relatively healthy, they'll make a push. Ottawa could make it, depending on the Heatley situation. And Tampa Bay won't be anything like last year, when they were crushed by injury. Florida will be Florida, either choking down the stretch or only making a push once they're too far out. Losing J-bo will hurt. A lot. Buffalo hasn't done anything, but Vanek and Miller keep them above Toronto, who have defense and that it. The Islanders will get another Top 5 pick, adding to their rebuilding process.
  19. I think we should all be given admin powers so we can all see everything we've said about each other Clearly, no secrets is the best thing for this board.
  20. I never said replace him, I'm just not happy to have him around. It's easy to say that it's only one game, but that was quite possibly the worst time to have a bad game. And to know that he can perform THAT poorly in such an important game, it doesn't do a lot to inspire confidence in him. Like I said, as long as he doesn't lose the game for us, I'm fine with him. I've got enough faith in our running game that I can ignore having Delhomme back there. But as soon as he starts bearing any sort of responsibility (his pass attempts suddenly jumping from the low 20s to 34, for instance), I'm worried about the outcome of the game.
  21. N&O reported it was an ankle injury, but who really knows. It does seem that it's a short-term injury, but those tend to lead to longer term injuries down the line. Favorite should do alright. Beason said he's already got some things down and just needs to focus a little more. Obviously, he's not going to replace Maake, but if he performs well enough, it won't be as big of a loss as it could be. I'm really excited about Captain, after reading his article in the N&O. It's not easy to keep up with Smith, so to have him practicing and succeeding against him bodes well for the rookie.
  22. He'll be on TSN consistently, so Roy will have his rings permanently afixed to his ears
  23. Our first drive, we did really well. We ran the ball and we scored on it. Williams ran for 31-yards, Stewart scored, everything was going great. Arizona responses on their drive, then both teams punt the ball away. Then Delhomme waits too long to pass, fumbles the ball, Arizona scores after starting on our own 13. The next drive, we get a gift of a pass interference call, gets us 13 yards away from paydirt. Interception. There goes that plan. In the 2nd half, he threw interceptions on consecutive drives. Any chance of a comeback was promptly thwarted by Delhomme. Arizona scored 27 of their 33 points off Delhomme turnovers. Delhomme went 17 for 34, 205 yards, with 1 TD, 5 interceptions and a fumble. Because he kept digging us deeper and deeper into a hole, we had to continue to go back to him in hopes to perform a comeback. His one job was to manage the game, let Williams and Stewart do their thing, the thing that they had been doing to get us into the playoffs in the first place. He failed. Plain and simple.
  24. More of the fact that he signed for that little when we had him for more than double that amount. I bet he performs great there too, just to spite us <_<
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