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  1. Yeah, he really managed that game well against the Cardinals <_<
  2. The only real competition would be Tennessee, and Williams and Stewart outperformed Johnson and White last year. Though, I'd still trade either of ours for Johnson given the chance.
  3. Beason was injured as well. But it's alright. Double Trouble will overcome.
  4. If he comes out of camp and shows he can't handle it, then he should be playing on the 4th line. Until that happens though, he should be playing the 3rd line, and there'd be no reason to grab anyone else to replace him in that position until he proves he can't handle it. As for his speed, obviously, it's not what it was even a couple seasons ago. However, if we're expecting him to be a defensive forward, speed's not a big factor. Madden (another perennial Selke nominee) isn't exactly speed personified. If we can get Brindamour to use his lack of speed to his advantage, by hanging back, play a little closer to the blueline, etc, then he'll be a fine player for at least another year.
  5. I can justify it. It's real simple. In the 28 games after being sent home from the Western roadtrip, he put up 22 points and was a +7, playing 3rd line minutes at even strength. Does that seem anywhere near the same Brindamour that was a -30 up to that point? Meanwhile, since you want to focus on how the TEAM played, the TEAM went 18-6-2 since that roadtrip, with Brindamour in the lineup. The TEAM went to the ECF, with Brindamour in the lineup. He's still got plenty in the tank, if those final 28 games of the season are any indication. Putting him on the 4th line would be a waste of talent.
  6. Lies. I know all and see all. I am the puppetmaster *insert evil laugh here*
  7. Not consciously influenced yours. This just happens to be one of the rare occasions where the majority of the board and I find common ground. Brindamour was terrible in the beginning of the year, better after the roadtrip, and will provide an adequate 3rd line center assuming he keeps the play from the 2nd half of the year.
  8. I think some are over-exaggerating how ineffective Brindamour was last season or how much he has to overcome this upcoming season. Last season, he didn't have a good start, I don't think there's denying that. But after the Western roadswing, where the team sent him home and let him heal, he came back and played solid hockey for the remainder of the year. Even after all the early season drama, he put up 51 points, the majority coming on the 3rd line.
  9. If it's alright, I'd like to remove the numbers from my name. Wouldn't make much difference, since everyone calls me IceFrog anyway.
  10. http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index...showtopic=20171 That should tell you all you need to know about the importance of faceoffs. Replacing Brindamour's faceoff ability isn't going to be easy, and if it's not done by someone who's almost as adept at them as he is (such as Malhotra), we'll be scoring a lot less than last year and giving up more.
  11. Only if Brindamour can't play on the 3rd line. I think he's given the organization enough to have a say in which line he feels he can play at.
  12. Ryan's a good choice. He did well in the games he played last season, and it would keep some of our more highly touted prospects in the AHL. The only problem I could see is that if he plays with K-stop and Walker, his speed couldn't be used to the fullest. The kid's got some serious wheels on him, if I remember correctly.
  13. The problem with that is it leaves a gap at the 1st line winger. I just don't see us picking up that sort of player. We don't have the cap space to sign one, and anything we trade will either leave a gap at another position or we'll trade away our future. It's much easier to pick up or call up a 4th line center than it is to grab a 1st line winger. I was thinking we'd keep the lines pretty much the same as last year. Cole-Staal-Ruutu, Whitney-Cullen-LaRose, Samsonov-Brindamour-Jokinen, K-stop-?-Walker. They worked out last year, no need to fix something that isn't broke
  14. It's gotta depend on how he performs in camp and what he says he can do. His play in the beginning of last year really hurt the team, so I would think (and hope) that he's completely honest with himself and the team about what he can and can't do. As for faceoffs, Staal's the main concern there. The organization has put off emphasizing that with him, using the "He's young" excuse. Well, now he's older and needs to step up.
  15. Well, I think that depends on where you plan on sticking Jokinen. You wanted him at center, others might want him to stay at wing. Basically, Staal, Ruutu, Whitney, Cullen and Cole are going to be in the Top 6 for sure. K-stop, Walker, Samsonov and Brindamour are going to be in the bottom six for sure. LaRose and Jokinen could switch back and forth, depending on how they perform.
  16. That's what I'm thinking. If Brindamour's not acting very captainish at the moment, if Staal's taking over those duties, it might be easier to move Brindamour to the 4th line.
  17. I'd have to wonder how much say Brindamour has in the lockerroom. I mean, last year really had to take a toll on him. It's hard to talk about defensive awareness when you're in the -20's. Wonder how vocal Staal was at these times, or did our other veteran (Whitney) step up and say what needed to be said?
  18. Yeah, I'd really like all our AHLers (with maybe the exception of a defenseman) to stay in the AHL, get another year to develop. We're losing a lot of contracts next year, so they can make the jump then.
  19. The only time we're asking for evidence of his off ice issues is when they're brought up like facts. For all anyone knows, this could all just stem from Anton's refusal to report a couple years ago. Still an off-ice issue, but there's no actual evidence of a "bad attitude" this year. And I would have thought this board would learn not to judge someone on their past, considering how many reclamation projects the Canes have grabbed. And uh...to try and move away from this topic (again), anyone heard anything about Malhotra? We need a 4th line center, and he's a great centerman. Only problem is, he's much better than 4th line minutes, and JR already said he doesn't want Brindamour playing the 4th line (or something to that effect).
  20. Inspiration for a new signature. I'll get a little more creative when I have the time.
  21. I love this board sometimes. I step out and the feeding frenzy finds a new target.
  22. "No Lead Is Safe" Hearkens back to the playoffs, and depending on how we do this year, it could work both ways.
  23. He was actually #3 in scoring, but that's beside the point. On the basis of the entire NHL, he's about in the right spot. He's certainly not better than any of those above him. Maybe better than Saku and Olli now, but they have history on their side.
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