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  1. Well, to take the topic to another angle, the Flyers are apparently in talks with Todd Bertuzzi. That'd be the least surprising signing in the history of the NHL
  2. So wait, you can guess at that and it's fine, but I guess that his performance against the Devils might have been different if he hadn't burned them recently, and you decide to make a case out of it? Of course it's a guess. It's a hypothetical situation, there's nothing to do but guess. Did I say anything to the contrary? And the evidence I have from my side, as I stated, was the 40 games where he WAS overlooked and burned multiple teams 16 times over. And I'd have to say that the only one publicly badmouthing Babchuk is JR, the one who ultimately decides who stays on the roster. There's no evidence that anyone else in the organization dislikes him. In fact, I can go as far as finding quotes that say the exact opposite. Praising his skills, etc.
  3. Babs did demand his way out. He asked to be traded once it became obvious Rutherford wasn't going to budge from his lowball offer. And I wouldn't put down guess work and "what might have happened" when all I see is "Babs has a bad attitude" and "No one in the organization liked him" with zero evidence to back it up.
  4. Babs had the misfortune of playing a team he had burned really recently in the first round. The two previous games against the Devils, he scored 4 goals. Obviously, they weren't going to let that happen in the playoffs. So they made sure he couldn't burn them again. Guarantee you, if he hadn't been successful against the Devils so recently, he would have been overlooked in favor of Corvo, like he was in the last 40 or so games of the regular season.
  5. I expect our powerplay to have a different setup this upcoming season. Near the end of last year, our PP essentially consisted of "Find Babchuk/Corvo and let them fire away", which worked out great before other teams caught on. Once they realized all they had to do was cover the pointmen and Staal would spend all 2 minutes trying a wraparound, our PP% dropped like a rock. The only problem I can see at the moment is, no matter what strategy we use on the PP, we'll likely have to play a forward on the point on one of our powerplay units, likely Cullen.
  6. To be fair, it wasn't bickering until someone decided to take snide personal shots.
  7. I really wouldn't mind Babchuk being signed. We freed up some cap space after buying out Kaberle, would it really hurt to offer Babs just slightly more than the million? 1 year for 1.3-1.4. He'd be a much better option than Wallin on that bottom pairing, and our PP wouldn't take as big of a hit.
  8. I wouldn't worry about how Tavares feels. Despite their management problems, the Islanders have a young, up and coming team. They're kind of like the Kings, in that they need to get everything situated and on the same path, but they've got a bright future. Still, always fun to make jokes. Anyone want to take a guess which Islander forward had the highest cap hit for them this past year? Alexei Yashin, the guy they bought out in June of 2007. If that doesn't say something about their management...
  9. So Vancouver, Carolina and Detroit are completely out of the running for Neidermeyer then. R. Neids would be a great 4th line center. He'd play really well on a physical, 4th line.
  10. There's no telling what chemistry Maxim would have here. You can't grab someone in the hopes that they'll have chemistry with certain players. That's what Tampa did last year. Didn't quite work out as planned. As for Tanguay, he's apparently limited his options to Phoenix, Tampa or Florida. Basically, whichever team willing to throw the most money at him. Something we can't afford to do.
  11. It's hard to tell with Maxim. He's obviously a skilled player, but I'm hearing mixed reports about his play last year. The majority of Buffalo fans are saying he was being misused, playing the checking line with Mair for most of the time this past season. Ruff's version of the doghouse, essentially. Others are saying that Max simply isn't that good, and that he got his offensive production because he was able to face bottom-pairing defenseman while Drury and Briere were the focus of the top defensemen. Don't know which one's true, probably a little of both.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0AiN8vrn9Y''>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0AiN8vrn9Y' target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0AiN8vrn9Y[/post] Couldn't resist.
  13. Because the Bruins were injured and mentally unprepared, as I said earlier. That gave us a 3-1 lead in the series. Bruins come back, for whatever reason you choose to believe, tie the series. The "We want it more" theory won us Game 7. It does mean they weren't prepared, since the Penguins obviously were prepared, since they had no trouble executing, despite playing in a situation similar to ours. And we're back full circle Is there really anything else to say about Ruutu's signing? We're all happy that he's returned (that I could see), some find him slightly overpaid, some don't. Unless something else comes up about the signing (I heard it was signed in blood), there's not much else to talk about.
  14. It's the off-season, there's not much else to do. Pure talent would have won the series, no matter what happened. The Penguins were simply a better team than us this past year. The fact that we got swept was where the question of "Ok, why did that happen?" comes in. And yeah, I believe the fact that they made it to the SCF the year before made them better prepared for a long SCF run than the Canes, who hadn't made the playoffs in a while. A team that consistently makes the playoffs has a better idea of what's required to win in the playoffs than a team that misses the playoffs consistently. Practice makes perfect and all that. It's not a 100% true kind of thing, but I wouldn't bet against it.
  15. Training, typically. Practice, no doubt, helps as well. As was stated earlier, Pittsburgh played essentially the same amount of games that we had up to that point in the playoffs. They also spent the last few months of the regular season playing those same type of games, trying to earn a playoff spot. So why, other than pure talent, did they seem so much better than we were? The only reason I can come up with is they made it to the SCF the year before, they were ready for the long haul. The majority of our team had missed the playoffs for years, or hadn't been to the playoffs at all, and thus, weren't quite as prepared as Pittsburgh was.
  16. I agreed with JR from the get go. This was my post: And yeah, I'd say the Bruins weren't prepared for us. They had an easy 1st round, we had a much tougher 1st round. They stomped us in Game 1, maybe figured it be a similar series to the Montreal one. Then we come back in Game 2, 3, 4. Clearly, they weren't the same team that led the Eastern Conference. Like I said, your reasoning is your own, but I don't see how you can claim that the Bruins we faced early in that series was the same one that we faced in the regular season. And of course, which team outwills the other is going to win you a series. That's why I believe the Canes won Game 7. We wanted it more.
  17. The difference is, I read too much into the Babchuk thing. This time, the wrong information was given to me As for the whole Boston thing, that's a whole different story. Something odd happened in that series, I don't think anyone would argue that. Not many times are you going to find a 6th seed up 3-1 over a 1st seed. Why that happened, it's up to interpretation. Could be a similar combination as to why we couldn't beat the Penguins. We were injured and mentally drained. They were injured and mentally unprepared.
  18. The quote, although not exactly JR's words, was exactly that context. Then when the actual quote was revealed, I expressed relief that JR didn't use that context. Not really hard to understand.
  19. The actual quote came later in the topic, in which JR mentioned other factors (such as the players being mentally drained). But I didn't say anyone used injuries as an excuse, just that I don't like it when injuries ARE used as an excuse.
  20. Like I said, unprepared and drained. Honestly, after reading what the Bruins had, I don't think the injuries to Ruutu or almost anyone else who had them could be used as a reasoning for the loss. Without those injuries to the Bruins, I doubt we even make it far enough to worry about how drained we were against the Penguins.
  21. But if you're drained by that point in the playoffs, would that not mean you were unprepared for the grinding style the playoffs require? I suppose since they did spend a good portion of the second half of the season playing that playoff-style hockey, it's understandable, but that just means they were unprepared to play early in the year and put themselves in that position where that style of play was required to even make the playoffs.
  22. Ah, that makes much more sense then. After all the *edit* we gave Buffalo fans for their complaints about injuries in 06, I wouldn't want those same kind of excuses to be used here. Mentally drained or mentally unprepared is a much better reasoning.
  23. The problem is, most of those players AREN'T overpayed. They're being payed the amount that they're worth, with maybe the exception of DiPietro, who's worth that much when healthy. He's just never been healthy. And while the contacts do limit the amount you can pay to the rest of your team, it's not nearly as bad as you're making it sound. Washington was able to pay Ovechkin and still pay Semin and Backstrom and Fedorov and everyone else they had when they ran away with the division. If you pay by the icetime, then it doesn't matter if you're only paying a small amount for players that get a little amount of icetime. As long as the one you're paying a large amount to is earning that large amount, the rest of your team is simply stalling until that large amount player gets back on the ice.
  24. I believe he was called Wardo during his time in Boston.
  25. I don't see where you're going with that. You'd be better off comparing those contracts to Staal than to Ruutu. At least that way, the talent level is closer. Ruutu's nowhere near the level of any of those players.
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