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  1. No team's going to beat next year's Canes, they're on a mission from God.
  2. You really can't compare Whitney to Pronger and Scottie N though. Whitney's a nice complementary player, an above average player that kills on the powerplay. Pronger and Scott are franchise defensemen, and thus, would be rated higher. I mean, you really can't trust EA's ratings anyway. Steve Mason has one good year and is already rated higher than Ward.
  3. No idea why the gloves are black Might have something to do with Whitney's age.
  4. http://www.cynamite.de/_misc/galleries/det...rder=&aid=0 Player ratings for NHL10. Started on the Canes, and just go from there. Or, if you don't care about the nitty-gritty and simply want the overalls: Babchuk - 79 (DFD) (Yeah, still...) Brindamour - 82 (grinder) Cole - 81 (PWF) Corvo - 81 (OFD) Cullen - 80 (grinder) (EA just gave up trying to figure him out) Eaves - 77 (grinder) Gleason - 80 (DFD) (more to everyone's liking?) Helminen - 72 (sniper) Jokinen - 80 (dangler) Kaberle - 74 (OFD) LaRose - 77 (grinder) (And still a center ) Pitkanen - 81 (OFD) Ruutu - 83 (sniper) Samsonov - 80 (sniper) Seidenberg - 77 (DFD) Staal - 89 (playmaker) (yes, the year he gets the lowest assist total since his rookie year) Walker - 75 (grinder) Wallin - 77 (DFD) Whitney - 82 (playmaker) Couldn't find Ward or Leighton. If they just take the averages of our forwards and defense, both should be about 79 overall, which simply doesn't seem right.
  5. I wasn't the biggest Eaves fan out there, but he deserves better than being bought out. Of course, that means the trade was A. Ward for a 4th rounder. Thumbs up, JR
  6. And the Bruins promptly put Eaves on waivers, for the purpose of buying him out. Ouch.
  7. But Pittsburgh was also more prepared for those multiple 7 game series, because they had made it to the Finals the previous year. A good majority of their players had experienced the strain multiple series take the previous year. The majority of our players hadn't made it to the playoffs in years, and for some, it was their first playoff experience.
  8. Interesting. I really don't think the health of our players effected that series (unless Ward did have that possible back injury). It was more of "We just played two 7 game series, and our players weren't prepared for that".
  9. You got a link to that? I find it really hard to believe he would single out a player like that.
  10. Wow, nice job. The hits thing may be a little subjective, as each arena measures what could be considered a hit differently, but I don't believe the RBC is too biased toward the home team in that department (unlike NYR, LA or Dallas). But those stats do seem to show, as you said, he could become a 30/60 guy if he found some more balance in his game. Of course, Staal also produced much more in away games than at home, but I would have to think a lot of that has to do with a good portion of our home games coming under Laviolette, who Staal (for whatever reason) gave up on.
  11. We could throw out an offer to Lashoff. He probably wouldn't fix our Top 4 problem, but I wouldn't mind throwing an offer at him. He's young, still got some potential. And MA Bergeron and Ossi Van*insert"a"s and "n"s here* are still available.
  12. Maybe you need to be a little clearer in your messages Anyone think the "Ruuing" might be getting to him? I've brought this up before, but it's something interesting to look at. His goal totals and point totals at home are much lower than his away goal and point totals, which is the opposite of what one would assume, since the home team gets the favorable matchups. It'd be interesting to see Ruutu's hit totals at home compared to away games, because it's possible he's hindering his offensive game in favor of hits at home simply to please the home crowd.
  13. And where did anyone state that he's not an impact player? Or that everything comes from stat sheets? If you remember correctly, I'm one of the bigger LaRose supporters around here. You really think I'm going to get hung up on stats? Like I said, a little less floating, a little more hitting, staying healthy, and potting a couple more goals. Not too hard. Staal improving improves the entire team. The team literally goes as he and Ward goes. He plays better, the team plays better as a whole. If Ruutu and Staal are linemates next year (and there's no reason to think they won't be), it'll only add to that effect. He'll pot a couple more goals, get some more assists, and hopefully see how hard Staal's working and be less likely to float.
  14. 30/60 would be nice, though I was thinking more along the lines of defensive play. Might just be me, but I noticed, especially in the playoffs, that Ruutu's got a bad habit of floating when he believes the play's away from him. More intensity in his game couldn't hurt.
  15. As I stated originally, a slight overpayment, and he'll have to improve rather than regress to earn that last year, but overall, it's all good.
  16. Physicality and yadda, yadda, yadda. Even if he does rack up 200 hits for the remainder of his contract, it's not worth 4.4 million. He'd have to improve on last year to earn that amount, which very well may happen, though I'd be willing to bet it'd have more to do with a Staal improvement than a Ruutu one.
  17. I don't question his health. He's only had 1 bad year and that was 3 or 4 years ago. I'm worried he's not going to produce nearly the same as he did last year. Rather than being a 25/50 guy, I really think he's just going to average out as a 20/40 guy, and that's not worth the amount we're paying him.
  18. Well, take it as you will, but word from Islander fans is their organization is being very hush-hush over the whole DiPi situation. He was supposedly spotted in a restaurant, still hunched over while walking. The word "career-ending" has been thrown around here and there but nothing of any substance.
  19. He has had 3 knee surgeries in his career though. He's not "injury-prone", in the same way that Gaborik or Havlat are, but injuries are a concern.
  20. A bit of an overpayment, but as long as he stays healthy, it'll work out.
  21. But it'd be 4.6 from last year's cap. Probably should have made that a little clearer. My bad. I don't think Kaberle has a NTC, though the concept is brought up enough times that I'm not 100%. I thought Luke touched on this a while back. I'll look for the article.
  22. You know very well HF comes from your previous insinuations. They're dead weight, high $ contracts on the Rags, because the amount they're being paid doesn't match with the production on the ice. Doesn't mean they're terrible players, just that the Rags paid way too much for what they were getting. And while Redden would still be a dead weight contract (Seriously, what was Sather thinking?), Rozival's contract is simply combining the dead weight we already have into one contract. Kabs is dead weight, Babchuk is dead weight, and Eaves is...well, let's just say he's not doing much on the 4th line. That's 4.6 right there. Rozival's a Top 4 defenseman, a year removed from 13 goals and a few years removed from being a +35. Easily acquired without giving up a pick/prospect, something this team can't afford to do. As for Babchuk, either JR or his agent are weighing options. In fact, his agent said as much in a recent interview (and yes, this I took from HF): http://www.sovsport.ru/gazeta/article-item/338336''>http://www.sovsport.ru/gazeta/article-item/338336' target="_blank">http://www.sovsport.ru/gazeta/article-item/338336[/post]
  23. And it's ridiculous because? It fills our needs and theirs. And please, don't assume everything comes from HF. I've got a Ranger fan as a roommate and we've been trying to work out something between the two of us ever since Sather showed interest in Babs. Says getting Babchuk is about the only thing Sather can do to regain any amount of faith he has in him.
  24. Zherdev's about as close to a 1st line winger as is available at the moment. He's certainly no Gaborik, Frolov, etc., but he's young and he can score at even-strength. Think of him as a younger, better Samsonov. And while inconsistency is an issue, it's no more an issue than the rest of our team. Rozival and Redden have to be added to the deal, because I believe Sather has come out and said he's only moving Zherdev if he can include one of those two with him. And once you add their contracts, some finagling has to be done with what's going back to accept their contracts. Sort of a "We'll take your trash if you take ours" kind of deal. We'll take Rozival if you take Kaberle. The Rangers just added a lot of good, young prospects to their team, so it might be possible to have them add a prospect/pick to even it up. EDIT: Not to mention, Rozival's contract actually works out better for us. He makes a lot this year, but 3 million the next and 2 million the year after. And he's a Top 4 defenseman, though not an ideal one.
  25. Well, if we are moving Ruutu, there's something that can be done. I think a deal with the Rangers might work out. They've got the 1st line winger we need (Zherdev) They're trying to move one of their overpaid defensemen (Redden or Rozival) They've expressed interest in Babchuk If we could work a combination of Eaves, Babchuk, Ruutu, or Kaberle for Zherdev and Redden/Rozival so that the salary's work out for both teams, I'd be ok with that.
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