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  1. The same thing is said of Alberts. To take a couple quotes from the Philly fans: Sounds to me like he's got just as much trouble under pressure as Babchuk has. It's like I said before, this guy is Babchuk in every way, except he trades in Babchuk's shot for physical play. Which is favorable, if he turns out as planned.
  2. It'll be a physical pairing, but won't have the speed to hit anyone.
  3. Not sure how I feel about this. He's physical, I don't think there's any arguing that. But he sacrifices a lot of speed and mobility for physicality. Depending on who he's paired with, it could work out, but as far as speed goes, he's Babchuk that sacrifices the shot for physicality.
  4. Consider yourself lucky. There's a home game on my birthday, but it's against Buffalo. And the day before, they play Pittsburgh@Pittsburgh. Back-end of a B2B against a less than desirable fanbase. Yay <_<
  5. 16 B2Bs? Why does this team always seem to get the higher numbers like that? That's not even taking into account the month of November, from the 11th till the end of November, we've got a game every other day, except the 27th and 28th are back-to-back, followed by the 30th. There's no rest there whatsoever. EDIT: And I just realized why. That Olympic break really puts pressure on the teams, doesn't it?
  6. The only evidence I can find of him winning a fight. Not that it matters. Fighting isn't about winning or losing, it's about changing momentum.
  7. TKO also works, though if doesn't really fit his fighting reputation.
  8. Big news on the game, I'll just post it here: Love a lot of that news. Cannot wait for the game now.
  9. Clearly means Eaves is on the way out. 3rd/4th line player that kills penalties? LaRose could fit that possibility as well, but Eaves has more value around the league.
  10. Obviously not. PK doesn't really seem to be involved in the team. In fact, and I stated this when it first happened, the return of Babchuk had PK's writing all over it. Obviously, he wasn't happy that he was spending money on a player we weren't using and "convinced" JR to let him play in the States. The fact that JR's gone all pissy about the situation when Babchuk's contract ran out only supported my theory.
  11. Honestly, I think a bridge between the fanbase and the higher ups would be an interesting concept. Create a position who's job it is to go around, get the opinions of the fanbase on possible moves, free agents, etc, sort through everything ("This is going in the 'Not in a Million Years' pile"), and once that's done, present some ideas to the GM/owner. Obviously, whoever's in this position will have to have knowledge of what can and can't be done, as far as team limitations, so the proposals to the GM/owner will be realistic. Not only does it get the fanbase more hands-on with the organization (and thus, a more vested interest in how the team does), but it might also provide new ideas for JR/PK. As the saying goes: Two heads are better than one.
  12. Since the word "hot streak" was used for Babchuk's 4 months of solid play, could the same not be said for Carolina's two months of play to push them into the playoffs? It's easy to forget that this team was going nowhere fast at mid-February, and if not for certain players stepping up and a favorable schedule, we could have just as easily been on the outside looking in again. I, for one, don't want to have to rely on a favorable schedule to give us the playoff push, especially when the teams that we stomped to get those points aren't going to be so easy this year. The Lightning are really starting to put things together, and as long as Atlanta has Kovalchuk, they're a threat. I won't even touch on the injury excuse. After hearing it over and over again from Buffalo fans in 06, I'm surprised any Canes fan would think to use that as a reason. As for Babchuk, where ever he goes, I'll keep tabs on him. I keep tabs on a lot of players in the league, whether they're ex-Canes or players I'd like JR to go after. It makes it easier to discuss off-season moves in topics like this.
  13. I think our talent in Albany is overrated by some here. On offense, we've got a mess of future 3rd/4th liners with one or two Top 6 players, and on defense, McBain's the only one I could see playing as a legit Top 4 defenseman, and he's still a year or two away from making the team.
  14. Because clearly, that's what was said. Those were the exact words, no exaggeration on your part whatsoever. It's real simple. This team, as it's already been said, overachieved when they made it to the ECF. That's fine, always nice to see the occasional deep run, no matter how they come about. However I'm assuming that everyone, like me, wants those kind of runs to become a little more consistent. Well, therein lies the problem. Bringing back the same people except those who have played themselves out of your price range (which are promptly replaced with spare parts) isn't going to help that consistency issue.
  15. I honestly think once Ruutu's signed, JR's done. He can make claims about trading all he wants, but it won't be the first time he'll use the excuse "The asking price was too high" or some other canned answer. He's got way too much confidence in Kabs/Wallin/our AHL defensemen, and I wouldn't be surprised if we started the season with one of them in our top 4. He's already said that Rodney will have to "play himself off the team" and that "one or two of McBain, Carson, and Rodney could end up playing here this season". Which is fine, assuming they play on the 3rd pairing. That means, however, that Kabs or Wallin will be playing in the Top 4, and that's a significant downgrade in our defense from last year.
  16. Well, I don't know about the last one, but the first two have been fixed, if their latest video is any indication.
  17. Afinogenov's a risk. All reports I've heard have been that he's simply on Ruff's **** list and that's why his play has deteriorated so much. However, even when he was playing at his best, he was a one-dimensional player. He was fast and could score, but that's about it. His defensive habits revolve around cherry-picking, and I'm not sure that's someone we'd want on the team. If he could learn to play some defense, he'd be a great pickup though. I'd love to grab Tanguay, but I'd have to think he's out of our price range. He was injured for most of last season, but he put up 41 points in the 50 games he did play. Someone's going to overpay for him, and I don't think it'll be us. As for the rest: 1. There's absolutely no way we'll trade Ruutu, Eaves and Kabs for Recchi and Ward. It doesn't work for either side. We'd be trading two young forwards with high potential, both signed to multi-year contracts for an older rental player that's already said he's going to finish out his career in Boston. 2. No one wants Kabs. You would think the fact he was passed over twice in waivers last year would send out a red flag, but in case it wasn't obvious: We're stuck with him. Stop including him in trade proposals.
  18. You want to complain about the Canes not giving recognition to the Whalers, complain to the source. The city of Hartford owns all rights to the Whale and they refuse to give those rights over to anyone.
  19. I think Ward-o might work, except it could also be construed as the same goalie chant that's used to get into the head of a goalie. I'd rather not risk any chance that might cause Ward's distraction. And yeah, Slapshot's got a lot of great quotes, not many can be said in the family-friendly environment of the RBC Center.
  20. http://www.newsobserver.com/796/story/1113140.html Sorry to keep bringing it up in parts, but obviously any research I'm doing right now is muddled by the news stories about this past draft. It's hard to find anything from even just a couple years ago. He's had a couple more quotes similar to that, just having trouble finding them.
  21. I believe Bergeron's still out there, and he's played some Top 4 time as well.
  22. Except the JJ fiasco has clearly affected JR's drafting style, which is what Luke was saying there. There's also this: http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/11294/hurricanes2009_draft_preview/' target="_blank">http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/1129..._draft_preview/[/post]
  23. Mara signed with Montreal. The herd's starting to thin. If JR wants that elusive Top 4 defenseman, he better wake up.
  24. http://www.coppernblue.com/2009/5/23/884986/jim-rutherford-who-needs' target="_blank">http://www.coppernblue.com/2009/5/23/88498...rford-who-needs[/post] There's a quote from a DeCock article that says pretty much that. You can also look at Rutherford's drafting history and it becomes obvious. He's drafted 115 players, 66 forwards, 37 defensemen, and 12 goalies. However, as the above link states, after Johnson, he hasn't drafted a defenseman higher than the 105th overall.
  25. If JR's got the money to re-sign D-berg, why only offer Babchuk his QO? Not to mention, Seidenberg and Babchuk are on the same level in terms of talent, at the best. Almost everything D-berg has done, Babchuk has done better. Seidenberg put up less points, played worse defensively, and took twice as many penalties, all while getting more even-strength and PP time than Babchuk. The only difference between the two would be D-berg is more physical, and I'd say the fact that Babchuk led our defensemen in +/- while Seidenberg had the worst +/- of our defensemen should say something about physical not always being a sign of defensive ability. The same applies to Seidenberg for both these comments. He's never played in the Top 4 during his stint with the Flyers and the Yotes. And last time I checked, no one's rushing out trying to sign D-berg as well. He made the comment after trading away JJ. I'm pretty sure he made a similar comment before this draft, but I'll check after classes. It's why he typically avoids defensemen in the first round.
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