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  1. ''> ' target="_blank"> [/post] so wait, is the video lying? start watching at 00:30, avery gets held the ENTIRE way to ladd, ladd skates towards avery also. it isnt until avery actually hits ladd that a reff even touches ladd. was lad in a full nelson by the end of everything? yes, but again the reff did not even touch him until after that first punch landed. and ladd was skating over about to fight avery, if the reffs hadnt touched either of them they would have fought
  2. "The Hit" click the picture to zoom, it wouldnt let me post it directly in the forums head to head orr's shoulders are even lower than cullens
  3. oh and i just thought of this, about orr leaving his feet those pictures you took show he doesnt even lift one foot until after the collision has happened and they started to seperate, notice picture 4 and then 5
  4. its sadly true, ward scored on lundy over like 10 times during the season. if you saw the replay of the last rangers game on espn of staal deflecting the puck with his stick, think that happening once a week lol
  5. i agree with you on this, i even started a thread on the rangers forum right after the hit and fight with orr and while mostly everyone over there feels the way ive said in my posts they also agree that the NHL will not hang its refs out to dry and a suspension WILL come to orr whether they determine the hit was clean or dirty. as for avery, i have a feeling he is going to get a game suspension because he already has gotten a fine in respect to the "blake cancer incident" which he is currently in the middle of a lawsuit suing for damages from the toronto journalist that reported the story(because it never happened).
  6. the official NHL reffs also called a hand pass while you were in your own defensive zone, just because they are official does that make them right?
  7. you know what? marcel hossa is our best shootout guy and he is a 4th liner that doesnt score points, jagr throughout his career has never been good at shootouts. when the game is on the line in a shootout im going to send out the guy that has a better shootout record to try and win in the shootout. but how did this even get on the topic of jagr?
  8. he had a ref holding him the entire way to ladd
  9. and as long as it stays respectful the thread shouldnt be locked, just because you dont want to talk about it doesnt mean everyone else doesnt. if you dont want to read/post in the thread anymore you arnt being forced to.
  10. so the camera is following the guy without the puck? again logic is lacking
  11. so all 180 lbs of avery is able to drag a ref and throw punches like wrapped up by a ref but all 6'2" 200 lbs of ladd isnt able to move his arms when a ref is "wrapping" him up. again the logic just doesnt seem there.
  12. if that youtube video i posted in the first post of the thread worked, the time i posted shows the best look, it is at ice level and you can watch him going into the hit. honestly in my opinion the arms go in chest/shoulder hight and then the one arm follows through to the right and above of cullens head, i know there is no way you guys can agree with that because one of your players got hurt and there is no way you can believe me because it was my team doing the "headhunting". as i said before, when you go into a hit that hard and on one leg you have no balance and the natural reaction is to throw your arms out to change your center of mass and regain balance.
  13. yes he did because he got goaded by his own tricks but if what avery does makes him a puss, how does ladd doing the same thing not have the same consiquences?
  14. i honestly find it amazing you can look at a picture of that low resolution and say that for sure his hands are making contact with his head you can see his hands in the middle of a white blob, guess what is white too? ice!
  15. well i dont know about the feed you got but the msg that is linked on the first page first post shows him lifting his leg, i just dont know how you, having played hockey could say going into a hit and lifting one leg could help you in the hit, if he was going to jump into cullen why would he lift one leg to "lift his body"? all im asking is to be sensable, if you really have played hockey it just seems to me it would be self-evident that lifting you leg would be the LAST thing you would want to do during a hit, you say how you want to be on the "high" side of the hit or your going to come out with a lot of pain, one of the first things they teach you when hitting is keep your feet planted or your going to end up on your butt. the charging calls where you see guys leaving their feet watch their stance they come in very low like a lineman in football and then leave their feet, going to one foot and then pushing up just seems like it would achieve the opposite effect.
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