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  1. So, I cancelled my cable bc pretty much every show out there can be purchased a la carte via iTunes,netflix, hulu, etc. I was thinking I would be able to watch games online this year via Gamecenter. Then, I realized that most Canes games won't be on there bc of blackouts. Does anyone know any way around this? I do not want to pay for the whole cable package? Does anyone know of a way to get around the blackout or how to pay for and receive FS Carolinas without having to get the full cable package? Any experience you guys may have with this would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Im with you on that. I'll settle for a preseason game..... hell, I'll even settle for training camp.
  3. Glad he is back. Joe is a fun player to watch. I mean, another shutdown defensemen like Gleason would have been perfect, but I will certainly settle for Corvo. Our defense is finally starting to look up. We may have a decent power play this year.
  4. We take whichever one of these guys is still left at #7 and in this order if more than one is still available. Gormley, Connolly, El Nino, Skinner
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