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  1. That win last night was how we are and should win multiple games this season. Stifling defensive shut downs.
  2. I was disappointed in his game. He didn't show much except for 1 good hit. I'm also questioning what exactly McGinn brings to the 2nd line. Maybe it's the 3rd line. I'm not sure.
  3. That commercial reminds me of a girl I used to date in Mebane.
  4. Ok so let's put a guy who is learning the ropes on our top line and give him 1st line defensive responsibilities along with Aho. What could go wrong?
  5. Necas is not a top line player. Would be a disaster IMO.
  6. On that note, Gauthier should be delivering them if he wants to stay in the NHL. Very lackluster thus far.
  7. Extend everyone at this point!!! Extenaions for everyone!!!
  8. Get an Apple TV or Roku and you're all set.
  9. No, I get it. I looked at the requirements against and all you need is 13 mbps. Maybe even 7 with a great wireless router for Ytv to work. I happen to live in Chattam county but am in the more populated area so this rule doesn't apply to me. I'm wondering what speeds one can get out there between Pittsboro and Siler City or even farther out.
  10. 50 shots on goal allowed. Something tells me this FLA team is pretty solid.
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