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  1. Well guys. I literally do not know what to expect come UFA.
  2. Just me or do you think Peace is better than Dougie all aspects considered?
  3. He is what almost 70? I think he is in IDGAF mode. I mean *edit*. Isn't he already a billionaire?
  4. So what are the chances Ward is coming back? Why do I have a feeling he is coming back?
  5. I have a bad feeling about the goal tending situation.
  6. I asked Slavin what is going to happen with the goal tending. He didn't want to worry about it.
  7. Why is this so far fetched? We are one of the few teams that needs a numerou uno, we have the defense, and we have the cap. I'm inclined to beleive if he comes here we are propelled into Stanley cup contention.
  8. I think the big difference this year was goal tending. A big starter is testing UFA and we just made it to the ECF with a super young team and our AHL team just won it all. 10m be dammed. I would go after Brob and he is probably is considering us.
  9. I will try to post a picture with my little one and Slavin for y'all tomorrow. Really excited about meeting him.
  10. 9m a year for 8 years for Skinner? Yikes!
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