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  1. Thanks for the tip. Next time I want parenting advice I will ask you for it.
  2. What about those with little kids who needs to bring diapers and what not?
  3. I think this is a Dundon marketing ploy. Holding out until right before TC then sign him.
  4. I think he will.give it 1 more season. With the Canes of course.
  5. Are we a better team than last season with the changes made. Thoughts?
  6. If that is what we are getting then I am down for having a 4th line enforcer.
  7. I'm thinking a nice tramp stamp of the Hurricanes logo. Or maybe a Scott Darling was here on the lower back?
  8. Suck me sideways. Didn't see this one coming.
  9. Ferland signs with Cannucks for 3.5 at years.
  10. Now that is slapping the D out and saying IDGAF.
  11. I think we will match. But if we don't that would be so stupid of a move that it would force me to go look for a new team because there wouldn't be any hope.
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