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  1. More so because of Slavin and Pesce. He is our 3rd best dman IMO.
  2. No they only helped us to win a cup. You're crazy.
  3. Ever? LOL. Doug Weight and Mark Reechi say hello.
  4. I am.more concerned about Trochet and secondary scoring. Trochet has been non existant outside of game 1. Nino nowhere to be seen either. If we go deep, we need others outside of Aho, Svech, and TT to score.
  5. Alright what gives. Is having the ability to dictate lines allowing the Rangers to take it to us unlike the first 2 games? Or are we just seeing desperation play?
  6. Both of these players production dropped dramatically upon leaving Carolina.
  7. He should be 0laying as a physical dominating presence. That's what he was drafted for. He is anything but that. I have seen an insignificant player.
  8. Did you guys and gals think they were any good or just a by product of an elite passing center?
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