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  1. The only legit elite goalie thia org has was Burke IMO.
  2. Did we just screw ourselves over by not going for a goalie? Holtby, Fkeury, Lundqvist. All on the market.... were on the .market.
  3. What the hell happened to Nino? Did he not stay in shape? Like why was he so bad this post season?
  4. Are we going to go for a goalie thus off season?
  5. Ok. At least it wasn't a D man lol.
  6. Ok but we picked a midget dman yeah?
  7. Was that goalie we all wanted available?
  8. Ok then I vote no for a goalie at the 13th overall pick. Outside of Ward, this team has struck out on drafting goalies by a wide margin.
  9. Don't we already have an elite Russian goalie in the KHL in the ranks?
  10. I'm sad. I watched Forslund since I was in the 8th grade. I am now 36.
  11. I'm 50-50. If you're a high end Center in your prime and have linemate/elite scorer and prolific play maker known as Chad LaRose for multiple seasons. It probably takes its toll.
  12. I look forward to all the Chicago fans that will now be able to take a short drive down the highway to catch a home Hurricanes game.
  13. Doesn't matter. This is a mistake. Charlotte is the largest city in NC and the team now no longer has a presence there.
  14. Yeah *edit*. I know I wasn't the only one freaking out.
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