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  1. This is the best I have seen Reimer play. He looks very calm and stable between the pipes. I have spoken.
  2. What's the deal with Nino?
  3. Who uses that word? Obsequious. U fancy.
  4. Truth be told, If we don't score more goals than them we are going to lose this game. Just an observation. I have spoken.
  5. Would you look at that. Would you just look at that??!!!
  6. I don't get it. I get called out for not posting in here for weeks. Then I post a few of my thoughts and made a mockery of? What gives? I have spoken.
  7. If we do make a trade. I am of the opinion that a trade should be made that would make the team better. Just my 2 cents. I have spoken.
  8. Well guys and gals. This is inspiring. One of the best games we have played all year. I have spoken.
  9. Where is marley girl at? Everytime we play Chiacgo all I can think of is Darling and his crazy twitter sister. Thank goodness that era is over with.
  10. He is 6 foot 6. I am sold on that alone. I have spoken.
  11. I hope so. I would rather go for Greenway. That is the kind of guy we need.
  12. I am really upset that Huala is out indefinitely. He will be missed. I have spoken.
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