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  1. Every country is doing lock downs but us. I say lock down for 21 days starting now before people's savings are depleted then they decide to do a lock down.
  2. You guys know a good joke to make during this Corona virus thing? An inside joke! What a great audience.
  3. Ok try this one on for size. This has been the longest that anything has lasted that was made in China.
  4. Ad the country warms up, I think this virus will go away. The scary thing aside from deaths is economic collapse.
  5. I think it comes down to whether China is covering this up or not. If current stats are accurate then this isn't an enormous fatality rate. If they are covering it up and the deaths Re in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, then things get much scarier.
  6. I just hope this is all done before tick season. Corona and Lyme sounds terrible.
  7. Yeah.... I am ******. I wonder if this is a situation come May it is like ok boys playoff time.
  8. Never engage a Great Dane in the open field.
  9. https://images.app.goo.gl/6V7BcbojTN7FnV2t6
  10. LEADERSHIP Putting your money where your mouth is.
  11. I knew this was a trap game.
  12. This is a trap game. We better show up!
  13. I came into the game late but it looked like Trochet played with a physical edge. Did I just see 1 play where he did or did anyone else notice?
  14. Finally. I had a bad feeling with the final 3 minutes of the 3rd then going into OT. Glad we for the W.
  15. I'm not mad. Just very disappointed.
  16. I have stayed positive this entire season up until the TDL. I thought we made some good moves or so I thought. I was upset we didn't go for a goalie but that's another story. It's evident to me that this team doesn't have it. It's obvious. I am 85% confident there will be no playoffs for us this year. This acquisitions have left a lot to be desired.
  17. This season is over with.
  18. In and out in and out.
  19. Ned is being left out to dry. Not sustain pressure.
  20. This dude better not be Skinner 2.0. That was just bad.
  21. Sounds like a great trade then. What was the point of this one?
  22. Are you saying if we didn't trade for all 3 of the players we acquired in some capacity we wouldn't have been able to afford Lehner? I disagree with you. Goal tending is your best defense and we did nothing. Thought I was responding to CFF and not AWAC.
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