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  1. At this point I would be fine unloading him for a 3rd rnd pick if it meant keeping Fleury.
  2. 11 M a year for Marner plus a 61M upfront payout. This is a crippling contract. I'm not sure he is worth 11M.
  3. Man. Hockey needs to start. The Panthere are horrible. Cringe worthy to watch.
  4. I think it will be a cap dump. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Yeah. Pul has been in discussions due to chemistry with Aho. I fully expect the Faulk trade to be a cap unload and a 2nd will come our way. Anything more and I would be surprised. We all know deep down that Faulk is a low end 4th dman at best and anyone who disagrees with this is living in denial.
  6. So Suzuki had a big game. 5 points to be exact. We are so stacked in the ranks.
  7. He took a pay bump coming here when you factor in currency and cost of living. The guy has a little one and this area is top notch for raising little ones so I am sure that factored into his decision as well. Let's not try to fluff this. As of right now, this is the most marketable the team has ever been. I would wager to say we are more popular now than when we won the cup. This place is becoming a destination for players when they say what is happening here and want to be part of it. From my understanding, Jake was expected to be a top 2 dman in Toronto and was criticized heavily for it. Here he will be behind Slavin, Hamilton, and Pesce. God forbid we trade any of those 3. Faulk will be the guy on the way out unless something super fancy happens with waivers. This has shaped up to be the best off season that I have ever seen and I have been with this team since Greensboro. I'm excited to see what our PP can now do since we now have a blue liner that can actually make passes
  8. Giving the C to.Martinook would be a very solid move. Haven't though about it. But either him or Slavin. I don't think Aho is ready yet.
  9. I think this is the fix to our PP. From my understanding this guy is a play maker. Think a defensemen version of Doug Weight.
  10. well this is like the first time ever we have been over the cap. Feels different.
  11. We are over the cap.now. we have to make a trade right?
  12. I sure do miss those Marley drug commercials.
  13. Yeah, why not just announce retirement? Leads me to beleive he is unsure or pull a Fisher.
  14. I'm still confused as to what in the hell happened.
  15. I think we are 2 years out from seeing him. The goalie that is. I think playing in the KHL as a goalie is better than the AHL in terms of development.
  16. Lake I get it. It's a struggle every day to be the most liked and most knowledgeable poster on these boards. Trust me when I say that it is a struggle everyday for me knowing that others think so highly of myself. Here's to hoping for a great and successful 2019-2020 season.
  17. I'm still wondering why you switched gears. I stated the team couldn't make the playoffs at the current salary at the start of the season. They then made changes and got Nino which I stated. You then switch gears and reference another post where we were all ****** based on the team going down the tubes during a rough patch right around the 10 game left mark. You're doing all you can to save face because you got owned earlier where I referenced the Nino acquisition.
  18. Congrats on having the time to dig up old posts on these forums. I will now go back to watching TV with my wife.
  19. And we didn't. We want out and got Nino which propelled us.
  20. We don't know what Dzingle and Huala will bring. What I do know is we are missing s 40 point gritty power forward and a 50 point guy. IMO our forward group is weaker than last years.
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