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  1. We have already won guys. This young team experiences a game 7. This will do wonders for the experience and development of this team win or lose.
  2. Thinking a SCF is highly probable.... The big guns have fallen. This has 2006 written all over it. Let's win G7.
  3. He made that look easy. Like my dad always said: "That was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway."
  4. Failing to convert on these PPs is going to cost us.
  5. We are missing too many of our top 9. I don't think we have had a legit scoring chance so far. Not much sustained pressure either.
  6. You will not be drinking alone tonight my friend. I went overboard today and bought like 15 different kinds of citrus IPAs and 2x IPAs. Trying not to get too messed up though. Having people over early tomorrow for easter.
  7. Let the beers flows. Hopefully you ladies and gentlemen are enjoying your Cosmo's, Zimas, and Smirnoff ices. Here is to a win tonight!
  8. Caps fans complaining that they are playing poorly. If you ask me, they've being shut down.
  9. There is no I in team. But there is an I in pie. Meat pie actually Meat spells team backwards. You guys get the point.
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