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  1. Suck me sideways. Didn't see this one coming.
  2. Ferland signs with Cannucks for 3.5 at years.
  3. Now that is slapping the D out and saying IDGAF.
  4. I think we will match. But if we don't that would be so stupid of a move that it would force me to go look for a new team because there wouldn't be any hope.
  5. If we don't match then I am over with this team.
  6. You guys don't get it do you? Some of you do though. Bottom line: TD and DW were low balling Aho and not offering him fair market value. So Aho took matters into his own hands in order to achieve fair market value. Good for him and shame on management for being cheap skates and potentially losing a 1C and their best player for peanuts.
  7. We're giving that Ruseian prospect time to develop. He is the long and end game when it comes to goal tending.
  8. I'm glad we signed Mzarek. He honestly seemed to like it here. At least that was my impression. I say we go with a 1A/1B combo with Reimer.
  9. I'm done with this team if we accept a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for Aho.
  10. So we've done nothing so far. Do we like our team?
  11. Owner is too busy spending money on Canadian football leagues that are super profitable.
  12. I'm very worried about them finding a numero uno.
  13. Velluci gone. I think it's a good thing to see one progress and out of our organization.
  14. Good move for Huala. Won't matter if we get crap goal tending.
  15. Well guys. I literally do not know what to expect come UFA.
  16. Just me or do you think Peace is better than Dougie all aspects considered?
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