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  1. Good call. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/canucks-alex-edler-suspended-3-games-for-illegal-check-1.1991264
  2. He plays for Vancouver. I think that is punishment enough.
  3. Yeah. Just watching the game against the Sweds. Edler hit him knee to knee. Staal went down right away and could not put any weight on his leg. Edler got 5 and a game. Staal left the game.
  4. His last two years for the Penguins he was 1st and 2nd line. One year both Crosby and Malkin were out while Staal did not play until the Winter Classic. The Penguins only had all 3 for 2 games. The next year Crosby was out most of the season and when he was in the line up he was on the 3rd line.
  5. If you mean big area in need of improvement then yes. Though it looks more like the system than the personnel. If you mean big area in need of improvement then yes. Though it looks more like the system than the personnel.
  6. Over payment, but it is only one year. Though if this is what he was asking for I can see why it took so long for him to be signed. There are so many questions about his work ethic and how he is in the locker room for many teams to take that much of a cap hit for him.
  7. That was not the point of that. If it was taken that way, well that was not my intention. I watch hockey and only hockey. I called it silly because I feel that it slow and find it hard to watch. Nothing about me being better than anyone else was meant. Pretty sure that was directed at me.
  8. Ah don't worry the worst moves in the history of the franchise all happened in its old home. Nothing will ever be as bad Francis/Samuelsson/Jennings to Pittsburgh, Pronger to St. Louis and Jean-Sebastien Giguere to Calgary.
  9. He was already getting those minutes is my logic. He was often on the first PP unit and obviously PK. They would put him on the ice in the final minute of the game with the lead most of the time but to try to extend the game as well was not unheard of. If you look at the number of minutes for forwards in 09-10(the last year the Penguins had all 3 in the line up)Jordan was 44th in ice time for forwards. 26th for centers. There were 4 teams with multiple centers ahead of him(the penguins were one), so that means he played more than the 1st line centers of 7 teams. That also means he was getting more ice time than the 2nd liners of 23 teams. So the ice time is not really debatable, now the quality of those minutes and his line mates that is another story.
  10. Don't worry, I think we got back more than what was given away. Like I have said, I was never a fan of Jordan even if I was first in line to see the cup when he had it here. I even wore my Malkin jersey. So maybe I am playing his skills down a little, but at the same time I think many here are just going on what Pierre McGwire has been saying since Jordan was a rookie. Even since then he has had a few chance to try to crack the top 2 lines and they moved Malkin to wing for him but it never seemed to work out. Maybe they should have kept Malkin at center and tried Jordan at wing like his rookie year and best goal scoring year as well. Do I think it that was a bigger factor as to why it did not work out over it being Jordans skill set? Yeah, I do but maybe there is a reason the coaching staff did that, that I nor anyone else knows about. Will he be as bad as I am making him out to be? Possibly, but it will probably be some where between what I am saying and what the expectations from some here are.
  11. Do you really see him getting much more ice time though? Yeah he was the "third line center" but he was getting the third most minute of any forward on the team when Crosby is healthy. So that means playing more than any of the top 6 wingers. In fact using 09-10 season as it was the last time both Crosby, Staal and Malkin played full seasons, Jordan had 19:23 ice time/g while his big brother as the #1 here was at 20:42. This season with an expended role he was at 20:03 while big brother was at 21:32. Many of those are penalty killing but he is probably going to be put in that role on this team as well and that is not going to help him put up goals. Take away his fluke rookie season and he has 6. That is one less than that rookie season. Yet he still has a reputation because of that one year of being a shorty scoring machine. In 10-11 he played in a scoring role in all but 2 games, his first one back, the Winter Classic and the next one where Crosby was put out for good. Then Malkin went out and he was the number 1 guy. He got a ppg of .71 which would have been good for 58 points. Playing with him James Neal got 1 goal as a Penguin. With malkin he was a 40 goal guy.
  12. I have a few posts on the Toronto, Philly, Montreal and I guess now this one. Nothing near the amount I am on the Penguins one. I mean I do only like one team.
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