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  1. Numbers don't lie. Since January 1st the Canes went 20/12/10. Our current team has the talent to make a playoff run. Yes, adding some extra talent is really what this team needs to make the team whole again. I'm a believer in young players mixed with some solid veterans is the key. Look at the 05-06 team. There were some big names and some young players who are now the Canes’ and/or other teams big players. Ray Whitney (UFA) would be a great player to bring back. Yeah he’s 40, but he led the Yotes with 77 points and would be that bring balance for guys like Staal and Skinner. Look back at Skinner’s rookie season when he was paired with Erik Cole compared to the hot headed sophomore of this last season. A player like Whitney would make everyone of our guys better. There’s so much talk of our draft, and rightfully so since we have some great draft spots. But we need to talk more than about Nash. We need two experienced players up front and at least one to balance out the defense. That true even if they’re going to keep Allen and Spacek.
  2. This whole thing makes me nervous. It already seems that a "crack down" on penalties is in effect. If the plan is to take it up a notch, then we may be in for a rash of even more bad penalties called. I don't like all the baseball references, but the series option may be something to consider. Maybe playing the division rivals more games a year in back-to-back series will be more appealing to fans. I don't know how realigning the divisions will make things more "fair". A salary cap allows the opportunity to be fair. It's up to the owners and GMs to spend the money on players and coaching to level out the playing field. I'm all about making the greatest game even better, but at what cost? If the end state is more money, then a lockout or strike will only set the league back with attracting new fans. I think hockey is on the up swing and got some strong national attention. They've got to ride the momentum and rope in these new potential fans.
  3. Nash would be great. Let's bring back Whitney. He's an UFA and we need some veterans on both sides.
  4. It's ashame this has turned into business and numbers. Ray was a bit part of the teams surge for the last half of the season and is a great leader on and off the ice. He wants to stay in Carolina....and Jim wants to keep Ray. If not then he would have been gone before the trade deadline. Jim...get off your high horse and sign Ray Whitney. We need him on the ice! Ray...Cut the crap and make a deal. You're an awesome player, but you want to stay in Raleigh and your 38 so you'll have to swallow your pride a bit and take a pay cut. I don't want to watch next year without our Ray!
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