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  1. Okay, wife is feeling ill and may not be able to attend. I know I will lose out on the open bar for my daughter, but is there an age minimum for the Casino Night? No where on the web, ticketmaster, or printed tickets does it have an age minimum..... Anyone?
  2. We recently ordered from NHL.com and received duplicates on two jerseys. We have two Womens Black 3rd Jerseys. One is size small other is XXL. These are customized with SKINNER 53. Name and numbers are sewn on (not heat pressed). Cost on nhl.com would be $129.99 plus shipping. Asking for $85.00 each. We are STH and can meet you at a game or send with minimal shipping charge. Go Canes. Eric Email efeldman1@nc.rr.com
  3. He makes $2MM a year... Not sure he would be worth it!
  4. On waivers.... Not sure what his contract is, but used to follow him and he may be a good pickup. What does everyone think?
  5. So the company we ordered from over the summer duplicated an order for the large sized folding chairs. End result is I have an extra 30 of these things.... Usually they sell for $35, but due to the error they cut us a break. I have these for $25.00 each including tax. Please email me if interested. We are STH and can meet you at a game for delivery. Shipping is available if ordering 6 at a time. We will charge cost for shipping. GO CANES - efeldman@nc.rr.com Each comes with a Logo'ed Carrying Case. http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/6/3/2/4/1/5/webimg/403928395_o.jpg
  6. CanesFamily

    Let it snow

    Just started here about a half hour ago. We should get 3-5" by tomorrow morning. So much for getting up and heading to the STH Skate. Not the best idea to have it the day after Christmas anyway! Good luck in the Outer Banks!
  7. REDUCED We cannot attend the game on Saturday Feb 19th against the Devils. Face value $75 each, asking $50 each plus will throw in the general parking pass for that game. Five seats are together. Email us at efeldman1@nc.rr.com if interested. Thanks and GO CANES. Eric
  8. Went to the STH party tonight. Lines were bearable and everyone was moved through quickly. Longest line of the night seemed to be the Skinner table. Almost felt bad for O'Sullivan (was at Skinner's table) as everyone was blowing by him to speak to Skinner. The 7:45pm talk was with Tripp and Coach Mo. Good dialogue and Q&A from the attendees. Nothing earth-shattering, but Coach did have some funny things to say about the goal that should not have been a goal and him wanting the players to crash the net and shoot the puck more. Had a good time. Good to see the players - they were all very friendly and seemed to have fun themselves.
  9. Last night was too quiet without you around. We all hope you are feeling okay. Rest up and we will see you soon enough... So should we get used to calling you "Little Big Mike"? Regards, Eric, Cassie, Jessica, Lauren and Rachel....
  10. We found these and ordered the minimum so our kids could have them. I have about 18 extras if anyone else wants to buy some. They are $15.00 each including tax. Can ship them if needed. Will quote based on weight and quantity. They come with Hurricanes stickers on them and very cheap batteries (should be replaced - requires 2 C batteries). GO CANES! Eric Eric@ncpromos.com
  11. Best of luck Mike. We will all be keeping you in our thoughts and wish you a QUICK recovery. Please let me know if there are tryouts for a temporary horn blowing replacement. A man can dream... and my family says I am full of hot air! Best wishes. Eric
  12. Thank you all for your interest. We will be at the game Saturday (Tailgating in East parking lot). If interested we will bring the chairs to the game. GO CANES Eric
  13. Hey everyone. Thank you for your interest. We are getting low on the folding chairs and want to be sure we have everyone's order put aside for the season. Please email us at eric@ncpromos.com to confirm how many of the larger size "big Boy" chairs you need. We will be at all the home games and can meet you prior to a game if convenient. Pricing is $35.00 per chair (includes tax) and comes in a white carrying case with the Hurricanes logo on the outside. GO CANES!
  14. A GREAT picture of our new, younger hockey team getting ready for the next game....
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